Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Stone with Powers

This stone may look innocent, but it is on the Wanted List with many jails. From a town called Rocky Road in Colorado, this Blue Agate is searched for by the many sheriffs. Why are they looking for this stone, you ask? Well, lets zoom in and find out:

"So, Old Sheriff Stonewall, why are you and your other recruits looking for this Blue Agate?"

"Well, ya'see ere', I was minding my own besness, when 'long comes Blue. I as'im what he wans. He says 'Hum-de-ho' Then I got real scared and ased him to go 'way. He just repeats 'Hum-de-ho'.

"So, Just 'cause some rock goes humming, you put him on the wanted list?" we question.

"Exactly." he answers.

In the need to find out more about Blue, we look for eye witness accounts. So far, this is the information we have collected:

#1. Blue Agate is probably in league with the 7 dwarfs, that's why he goes 'Hum-De-ho'.

#2. This guy has super powers that he can control.

#3. He grew up along a river bed.

#4. He loves mustard!

#5. He is mesmerized by music.

#6. He has been seen dancing with a tree.

#7. He has no criminal record.

#8. Blue Agate is around the Timbuktu area in Africa.

#9. Further information is to come.

#10. The Old Stonewall Sheriff is crazy!
If you see the Blue Agate, give him mustard and alert the nearest authorities ASAP! P.S. Hide him from the Sheriff!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Rock and Roll Cafe.

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