Monday, September 28, 2009

Godzilla Returns

Announcements: Classified Kids are Back On! Enjoy Womanizer in Music!

But, Something super shocking happened! In New York or Was it Japan? A Roar was heard and shoppers stopped to see a Monster come well, more like Destroy Stuff, this monster is known as Godzilla
? We were lucky and got some footage from a driver who had his video camera with him.

No One knows where this monster came from! Was it Paris or Japan! I think it happened in New York.
We Interviewed some people, Well, It was more like one Person!
It was a teenager who was wearing A ILoveNY Tee.
IT was so mod and cool I can`t believe how mod and cool it was! It was scary because it killed my boyfriend, but I took all his money and guess what I like took it again and bought this cute apple pie for $40 Which was so cheap for New York, I am so going to date GodZilla!
-Girl in I LOve NY Tee

Some People more like a Million Dollar Project has found out how to keep Godzilla away from you! Here is how to make your very own Keep Godzilla away from you pack!

Take a backpack and fill it up with this stuff:
Barney CD
CD with these songs:
Good Girls Gone Bad
Take Me On The Floor

Mouse from computer!

What to do if Godzilla comes after you:
Take out Barney Cd Throw it at Godzilla
Find CD Player and put cd with songs in it play at full blast
Call Wolverine using a Banana and call him for help
He will be drinking beer as usual and will come when you are probably dead to help
Use Computer mouse to contact Peter Parker and tell him to come over
Godzilla should be dancing!
These Intrustions should expand your life by 6.87Seconds! After you do all those steps!

If you see Godzilla Good Luck in Trying to Live!
This Is Neko and Teko Reporting From NOT NEW YORK!
Are you kidding you think we are going to risk our life to take a picture of Godzilla

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