Thursday, October 1, 2009

They Think They Are All That!

Have you ever felt left out? How about by People who you think are your friends?
But don't like you anymore because you can't afford to go to their Private School anymore? How about they don't even go to your church but use it as a social gathering?
Think about it!
Let's do a little In Someone Else Shoes Thing:
You walk into a room, You see a bunch of people from your old school, They are from a Private School. You go over to say Hi. They are laughing about some inside joke not even bothering to explain it to you. Basically, they treat you like dirt, because they think they are oh so special because they go to a private school and they think they are better than the rest. It reminds you of a memory.....

It was the last week of school when you went to the Private School. You are giving your "friends" the bad news. "I'm going to a public school!" It brings Shock to your "friends" faces.
"What you can't go there only bad kids who do drugs go there!" You basically find out these kids don't have good opinions of those who go to Public Schools.

The Private School is a "Christian School"
Most of these kids are probably not living to Christ's Expectations. They only think of themselves and how special they are because their Parents were "blessed" With the Money to go there. Real Christians Don't act like that. They except everyone!
Some People just keep Jesus in their Back Pocket, Only Praying Because They Have to. Real Christians Talk to Him with all their problems and are not snotty and snobby like Some of the Kids at this so Called "Christian School."
Not all kids at this School are like that:
They are all Nice to you but when you leave you are nothing:
Some are nice to you and be friends even if you don't go to their school.
Why do some Kids think they are so special because they go to a Private School?
Think about it!
Have a School Experience you want to share? Leave it in a comment and it might be posted!
A Quote to End it off:
"Knowing what happened in the Bible and knowing Verses does not make you a Christian, It's having a relationship with Christ that matters!"
Why are some kids so Mean?
This is Neko signing off!

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