Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UBB-What is it?

The Internet is a wealthy source of information.  Our social lives are on it. Our communication is on it. Our kids research and gain knowledge on it. The Internet allows us to have a voice and access information and other services on demand when we want wherever we want. The Internet is a tool that we have come to depend on, many tools can be offered using the Internet. The Internet has grown and grown.
But thanks to UBB it will become smaller. We will be limited to this vast resource.
What hold on a second? What is UBB?

UBB What?

What is the UBB and how is it effecting us?
The UBB stands for 'Usage Based Billing.' Which is basically charging/paying per Gigabyte you download from the internet, and yes surfing the internet and going on websites does count as "Downloads" So everytime you go on facebook, you have to pay. Every Google search you have to pay.

Did you know that around 1hr of HD video streaming is around 4GBs? And that Company's such as Rogers are charging as much as $5 per extra GB.


So? So? So?
What does this mean for me?
Instead of paying the regular monthly rate for unlimited usage you will pay a certain amount for around 60GB, and than a couple dollars after.
Rogers charges $5 for an extra GB.
Bell charges $1-$2.
This increase in price will mean we are paying for Less internet, Companies such as Netflix will be worried about this. Some small internet companies do not agree with the UBB, but are being forced to, since the big companies own the internet lines. 
Bell and Rogers are forcing small companies into the UBB because of two problems:

1. Competition, It will decrease it
2. Video Streaming, 
Online movie/show streaming websites such as Youtube and Netflix are taking away customers from the Satelitte and Cable services these big companies provide, In order to stop this customer decreasing the UBB has been put in place.

The Shocking Truth

Did you know that it only costs Bell an extra 3-10cents to download one GB, yet they are charging over a dollar. I personally don't think its right to control our usage of the internet. Technology should be expanding, and with many websites taking on GB sucking new technologies, and many companies using the Web to advertise for services and products using games and videos, this will all have to be cut in order for some CEO to make more money.

What Can I do?

A petition to stop this madness has been going around called "Stop the Meter." For more information visit:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pet Patrol

This is a new feature on our site. We, Neko and Teko, feel bad for slacking off and are now adding Pet Patrol. Once in a while, we will feature on an interesting pet... not just your dog and cat stuff. Here is the chosen pet for today: Micro Mini Pig.

These cute little guys are almost full grown. You may have guessed by their name that micros stay small. They can weigh from 10-30 pounds as adults and can grow from 8''-12'' tall. Thats pretty small! Now, here is a sample argument between one girl and her parents over micro pigs.
Girl: They're sooooo cute!
Parents: What a hastle! They'll stink up the whole house!
Girl: Micros don't smell... they don't have sweat glands and can't sweat except through their nose!
Parents: They'll make so much noise!
Girl: Not if you pay them attention like I will!
Parents: How much do these things cost? Where can we buy one?
Girl: They can cost $5-$5000. You can get one from a breeder or on a website like Kijiji.
Parents: $5000! Is this a joke?!?
Girl: PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"LL do anything!
Parents: N-O.

There you have it- an educational argument. I sure hope your's doesn't go this way... good luck!
Places in Ontario to Purchase a Micro Mini Pig:
  • ranchdelsantagato.com
  • ourlittleflock.com
  • kijiji.ca

Friday, February 4, 2011

Strict Parents-Is there such thing as Being Too Strict?

In every family parents need to show kids discipline. Why its obvious? If you don't you'll be stuck with spoiled little kids who expect to get everything. 
Now, We've all heard the line coming from kids talking to their friends "My parents are way too Strict!!!" 
Is there such thing as being too strict? Yes there is.
There is disadvantages, tons of them of being WAY Overboard strict. 

First of all, you'll lose their trust, kids who aren't allowed anything will tend to learn to "hide" things, since if they tell their parents, well they'll be dead, some people like to refer to this action as "Rebeling" Whether its going against your parents wishes by creating that facebook account or watching that movie your not supposed to.

If you keep your child concealed in a shell from the rest of the world-I'm not saying let them go to China whenever they want, but if you never ever let your kid go to a friend's house, a dance, a birthday party-as soon as they get out of the house and are sent to college-they will go crazy. 

Fear, if you jump at every mistake your child makes, they will be afraid to make mistakes, and they might even become afraid of their parents, as I said and try to hide things, if you yell at your child for not getting that A on the test-it can cause stress, which is something I've seen among children, and stress can actually REDUCE marks-and as I said Maybe the kid will 'rebel' and get low marks on purpose.
 You want your child to feel accepted and wanted for who they are, and as long as they try their best it should be enough-a quote my mother always told me was that the safest place you should be is with your family.

Many people dish out about their strict upbringing and how it had affected them.
One girl said since her parents never let her 'date' or talk to the oppisite gender, she jumped at the first boy who gave her attention when she left the house-you can imagine how that turned out.

Another girl says that it made her shy and timid and afraid to be 'not perfect' she says it alway made her a target for bullies.

Another user from the same forum had said that the biggest 'troublemakers' where the ones with the really strict parents who wouldn't let them do anything.
The same user continues:

"And it is through this that good parenting does not come from being an overbearing and strict idiot who intends to shelter their child from life, but rather someone who is willing to INFORM them on what is out there so they can make good decisions...and even then, good decision is in the eye of the beholder, for the most part at least."
Its important to set borders of course, but setting borders is different than locking your child in a cage.

For more opinons on the topic try:

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