Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zwipes My Password

Some of You probably Play CP aka Club Penguin! NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD! Hey we warned you Cream Soda! Here is what will happen! Rockhopper will come and Put you in a soda box you will get wired with explosives and you will die then be eaten alive then die, Then you make a new account and this progress is repeated over and over again! Now for Our Bigger Story:
Z wipes Binders are taking over!
Zwipes Binders are what all Normal Public Schools require you to have! You can use these binders to destroy evil rockhopper pirate penguins from CP also you can Zwipes your Password by writing it down and eating Juice.
Also you can do cool stuff with it by using it to hit people you do not like! YAY!
Here are people Opinions about Zwipes Binders and Evil CP Penguins!
I like them!-Someone
I hate evil Penguins-someone
Let's eat cheese-someone

Remember everyone to read our A is for Abortion Article and Comment under our 100th post for what you want one of our articles to be!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Zwipes My Password store!


  1. where did ya buy it?

  2. You Can buy most zwipes at like Walmart, or Staples!

  3. I want 1 :) Looks really cool. I want a binder that you can sorta personalize and this is perfect I mean come on you can draw on it. Plus, I love the color green. Is it available at all walmarts?


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