Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pickles: The Shocking Truth

This is some music you can listen to while you read the shocking truth about pickles.
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This Week, Pickles left the comfort of their jars to take on a much bigger appetizer.
They decided to hit ....
Teko's house. Neko was at a sleepover at her house,
First we heard a knock, and we went to see who it was! A HUGE pickle knocked Neko and Teko over, A whole bunch stormed in taking to the kitchen. "NOO!" We cried. As a greedy Pickle started gulping down the Banana Bread we spent so hard making.
"They are going to wreck the whole house!" Teko panicked. The Pickles were swarming the house and reproducing at the minute! (EWW GROSS)
"The Vacuum!" Teko exclaimed. Right before our eyes a greedy pickle ate the vacuum. Suddenly, a black lab called BAT PUPPY swarmed in eating all the pickles.
"Bat Puppy you saved us all!" Neko praised the black hero.
Bat puppy nuzzled Teko. "Okay, Katie (Bat Puppies real name) You can have a treat!"
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the once infested pickle house!

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