Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beauty-Its an Opinon

I have decided to write on a topic that seems to be popular, in everyday life. Everyone wants to achieve a certain state, Beauty, The media says certain things are beauty-For Example: Being Skinny
So I decided why not write about it? I present a 3 part article. (3 articles separate! Sorry I can't write for hours straight!) 
The titles will be:

Beauty-Its an Opinon
Beauty-Isn't always Real
Beauty-Different every Culture.

Beauty Different In Every Eye 

Everyone is different, You've probably heard those words over and over. Its true though, Everyone thinks differently, look different, have different opinions, since everyone is different, their views are going to different, maybe their opinion on beauty might be different than the next person. 
There is some people who like to share the "Medias Opinion" on beauty, lots of people think that the media is right and represents the opinions of thousands of people, media affects EVERYTHING, no one can be untouched by the media, that doesn't mean everyone is affected by it, it just means you can't live your life without coming across media one time or another.

The Media tells us that beauty is:
Smooth Skin,
(Add more)

We'll cover that more in the second part of the article.

People are different, just burn that into your mind.
Everyone has different interests and likes, so therefore they will have different opinions and traits they seek for.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Great Debate: What Makes More Money Halloween Or Christmas?

You look out your window and see a whole bunch of kids running around in bright costumes, or dark costumes. You hear your doorbell ring and go to see who it is, even though you KNOW who it is. You open your door to immediately hear the same phrase your sick of, or you have grown to love. "Trick Or Treat!" The little kids yell in their little squeaky voices. You see a little witch (Costume) a popstar, and a ghost, Yes the classic Bedsheet one. 
You grab some of those kit kat bars, and put them into their bags, than they run off to the next house, you sit down to enjoy some Smallville, only to be interupted by another ringing of the doorbell.

A couple months later, you walk down the stairs to see a lighted christmas tree loaming over your living room, brightly wrapped  presents await you, You make some hot chocolate and wait for the rest of your family to awaken, you quickly sigh at the cost of this years presents.

Now we boil down to the question, which makes more money? With some Halloween costumes soaring over a $100, and with all the candy rising in prices. Will Halloween beat the expensive christmas presents?

First lets look at how much Halloween makes:
According to: Nielsen Research, approximately $1.9 billion (or 598 million pounds) of candy is sold during the Halloween season. The candy alone is a Billion dollar business! Costumes-Some people spend a mere $2 on glue and use old clothes. (I Salute you) well some people spend up to $100 on a one wear costume! 

Now lets look at Christmas,
According to American Consumer Credit Council, The average American spends $935 each year on presents, thats not even including food and vacations. So sadly (For halloween that is) 
Christmas is still the winner!

Monday, September 20, 2010


What is Otakun?
Otakun is a culture, like anything else. But instead of obsessing over "Hannah Montana." They obsess over stuff like "Anime, Manga and video games."

Sometimes you will see anime conventions-sometimes people will "Cosplay""
Cosplay: Costume and play equals cosplay. Its like a version of Pretend. People cosplay, characters from video games,
movies, comics, animes etc.

Here is some cosplays:
What do you think?

Friday, September 17, 2010


Life right now seems to be a chaos, there is no spare time to fit in important things. (Such as Anime and Drawing) Speaking of Anime, how are you guys enjoying the new anime streaming feature!

You Better be enjoying it, I worked hard on it.

~Just to let you know, I'm not dead yet!

I love you all so much! The Problem is with all the work I have its soooo hard to write!

Have a story or poem or drawing you want to share:
Send it to

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Earth Shook in New Zealand

THESE are the scenes of devastation left by the massive earthquake that rocked the New Zealand city of Christchurch.

Buildings collapsed and roads cracked as the massive quake, which measured 7.1 on the Richter scale, hit the area at 4.35am yesterday.

Two people were seriously hurt and scores of others needed treatment for minor injuries but amazingly no one was reported killed. Prime Minister John Key said: "The damage is incredibly frightening. The only thing you can say is that it's a miracle no one lost their life."

A State Of Emergency was declared as rescuers checked no one was trapped in rubble.

And a curfew was imposed last night after reports of looting, although officials said it was to protect people from aftershocks.

Thousands of quakes hit New Zealand every year but they rarely cause damage. The last earthquake deaths there were in 1968.

This is Neko and Teko, still shaking.
This article can also be read at:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Contact Juggling

This is a digital photograph of someone contac...Image via Wikipedia

Contact juggling is not an activity many have heard of. It is a work of art and to viewers, almost hypnotic.To those however who practice this, do so for hours. What do you think about this sport-like activity?

Moving to the Finals: America's Got Talent (Sample Acts)

This pair showed great improvement and dancing far past their age.

A biker with courage. 

This act is just radically cool!

What a voice for a person of her age!

Now that you've seen a sample of this phenomenol talent appearing in the Finals, watch the finals on the night of Tuesday, September 7. It's either at 8 or 9 pm. Show times may vary depending on where you live.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the stage.

Flying High

Heres some music for you!

School Begins Soon

For you Canadians, you may have checked your calenders and been like 'OH DARN! School starts on Tuesday!" Or you may have said it with some inappropriate language, You parents probably looked at it and were like "YES!" 
Like that staples commercial:
In it I'm probably the kid with the frowny face, while my brother and sister are kind of  excited, My Sister is excited to show off her new clothes, and jump around in her Knee High Socks, My Brother is happy because his girlfriend is in the same class as him.

I'm sad because I won't be able to sit there all day and draw, and watch anime. 
This is what some people are like:

There are three types of BACK TO SCHOOL!  1: They are all excited, but usually start dreading school by November.
2: Those who dread school
3: Those who just go for the "Hot Girls or "Hot Guys"
(All drawn by me!)

What back to school type are you?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Caught on Camera: Funny Moments

These are some funny animal moments caught on camera. Enjoy!
Bang, bang! Meow!

I Believe I can fly

Dear Jesus, Woof

This is what you call 'puppy-napped'

The Key is Stealth

That hurt????... just a bit

Let's just be friends.. I don't think this relationship is working out for us.

Its a bird; its a plane; no its BatPuppy!

These pictures are shown with much thanks to Google images and all the posters of these pictures.


Poptropica: Is the Blue Guy in Charge?

Those of us who find ourselves on Poptropica may wonder whose in charge of this site. Well, it just so happens that the Blue Guy, a.k.a. Blue Agate is in running the show. Until recently, Blue Agate has not been seen by the human eye. Known as Timbuktu's most wanted, this mustard eating maniac is thought to be in league with  the 7 dwarfs. Thats another story though. 
Why is he running poptropica, a kids website? Probably because it's awesome and he loves music. Not that music has anything to do with Poptropica. Here are some pictures of him caught on camera:
The blue guyImage by kodomut via Flickr
AgateImage via Wikipedia
Blue GuyImage by jpmatth via                                                                                                                            Flickr

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Same Gain, Less Pain

None - This image is in the public domain and ...Image via Wikipedia

This article can be found in the Toronto Star: Entertainment and Living: Section E: Monday August 30, 2010  or

My reason for writing this article, is because I HATE NEEDLES! I hate them because I HAVE FAINTED BECAUSE OF ONE! That is my own opinion. Let's see what you think about this nasal sensation.


New flu vaccines promise less pain

August 30, 2010
Andrea Gordon


As flu season approaches, so does decision time for families about who should get vaccinated against the virus. And this year, Canadians have some new developments to consider.

First, the vaccine for 2010-2011 also protects against H1N1 virus, unlike last year when separate shots were required.

And for those who shudder at the sight of a syringe, there are two new forms that don’t involve being jabbed in the muscle: one is a nasal spray; the other is an intradermal vaccine that uses a tiny needle that is inserted beneath the skin rather than into muscle.

“We’re very excited to have new ways to administer vaccines other than (the standard) injections, says Dr. Bonnie Henry, chair of the Canadian Coalition for Immunization Awareness and Promotion and epidemiologist at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.

Public health physicians hope that the combined shot as well as newer forms of vaccines down the road may mean more Canadians choose to be immunized.

Last year, 42 per cent of Ontarians got a flu shot, while 28 per cent were vaccinated against H1N1. The vaccies are free.

On Friday, Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization released its annual statement on the flu vaccine.

In line with recommendations from the World Health Organization, the Canadian seasonal vaccine will incorporate three strains: the 2009 strain known as H1N1; a new influenza A (H3N2); and the same B component as last year.

But unlike the U.S., where health authorities last week urged everyone over the age of 6 months to receive the vaccine, the Canadian committee put the focus on high-risk groups such as very young children, seniors, people with other health conditions and health care workers.

“However, influenza vaccine is encouraged for all Canadians who have no contraindication,” said the statement from the committee, which advises Health Canada on immunization issues.

Unlike the traditional vaccine, families in Ontario will have to pay to receive the flu shot if they wish to receive it through one of the two new methods. Prices have not been released, but both FluMist and Intanza are expected to cost more than the regular flu vaccines, which are available from Canada’s two bulk suppliers for roughly $10 per injection.

Health Canada recently approved the nasal spray FluMist, Canada’s first non-injectible vaccine, which is available for people ages 2 through 59.

The spray is applied to each nostril, where the virus usually enters the body, and unlike regular injections does not contain the preservative thimerosol, which has caused controversy among some groups because of potential low-level toxicity.

FluMist has been available in the U.S. since 2003, with 27 million doses distributed to date.

Intanza, also newly approved, uses a needle 10 times smaller than regular to inject the vaccine beneath the skin surface.

The intradermal vaccine, available to adults ages 18 to 59.

Both FluMist and Intanza are expected to cost more than the regular flu vaccines, which are available from Canada’s two bulk suppliers for roughly $10 per injection.

What do you think? For your flu shot this year are you going to fight through the regular needle? Or are you choosing the nasal spray route? What about FluMist or Intanza?
Whatever your decision, remember: Its all the Same gain.... but some may have less pain.

Moshi Monsters


Ya, you may say that this website looks babyish. Well, its not! When I, Teko, first went on this site I was thinking that it would be a waste of time... think again! On Moshi monsters, you pick one of the characters (seen in the photo above). Then you can go up levels by playing their awesome games... I like the Ice cream game found on OOH la Lane the best. You can also earn money to decorate your house with as well as dress your character. You do not have to buy a membership to have fun on this website! To become a member, you pay $5 per month and that allows you access to two special islands and the Moshling Zoo.
 So why not sign up on this website? Member or not a member, theres something for people of all ages- whether you're 6 or you're 36.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

World's Most Expensive Dessert

At US$25,000 this chocolate sundae is the world’s most expensive dessert. But how can an ice cream cost so much and what else is out there for people with expensive tastes?

Most expensive food and drink
The Frrozen Haute, shown in the photo to the left, is rated by Guinness as the world's most expensive dessert. Costing US$25,000, it was created by Stephen Bruce, the owner of Manhattan restaurant Serendipity 3, and luxury jeweller Euphoria New York.
It contains 14 of the most expensive and exotic cocoas from across the world, 0.2 ounces of edible 23-carat gold, and a side of La Madeline au Truffe (described as "the most extravagant chocolate in the world") from Knipschildt Chocolatier, which sells for US$2,600 a pound.
You eat it with a gold spoon decorated with white- and chocolate-coloured diamonds and there's an 18-carat gold bracelet with one carat of white diamonds around the base — both of which you get to keep.


I have been busy and will write more once school starts-I'm more organized then!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Media Affects Society!

The media affects us more than you may think.
It can shape society and easily decide what's right and whats wrong. It can tell us how to dress. how to act and what is normal and what's weird.
If you say a person painted all silver walking down the streets with a umbrella in a cart you would think that was weird. Why? Because on TV you never see people all silver walking around in
"Life shows" (My way of saying shows that are like "Life" Basically something that is not star trek etc.)

Do you see people wearing  "In Clothes?" or do you see people dressed as hamsters? The media tells us that those clothes are in and you are normal if you dress like that.
The media can affect our opinion on politics. countries. gender etc.
Do you see men running around in skirts that are pink? No because pink is a "Girl" color and so are skirts.
What if it was the other way around?

Enough examples: Lets turn to the experts shall we? Media doesn't just affect society it can affect the way we think:
As already said before, media has the power to form and alter opinions. This means media can portray an ordinary thing so negatively that it may force people to think or act in quite the opposite way. Media glorifies violence and contains graphic descriptions or images. When viewed by the vulnerable portion of the society, i.e., the children, it can have grave effects on their upcoming and thinking patterns.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Should late-birthday kids sit out a year?

Should late-birthday kids sit out a year?

With studies showing the highest ADHD rates for the youngest pupils, parents face a tough decision

Globe and Mail Update
Justin Lemieux will be sitting out junior kindergarten this fall. And maybe senior kindergarten next year.
Why? His December birthday would make him the youngest kid in the half-day class, says his mom, Elisabeth Napolano, and he’s already behind older kids born the same year.
“My son is not at the same maturity level as our neighbours’ kids who are born in January,” says the Mississauga mother. “He’s a foot shorter. Also emotionally, he doesn’t have the same attention span.”
There’s new evidence out this week that suggests she’s making the right decision.
Two new studies in the United States, which combed through large sets of health and education data, show that children born just before kindergarten age cut-off dates – which range from September to December – were statistically much more likely to be diagnosed with attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder than their older class peers.
Researcher Melinda Morrill found it striking that children with birthdays just two days apart could have vastly different risks for ADHD. For example, if the cut-off was Oct. 31, a child who started school at age 4 and turned 5 on Oct. 30 was 25 per cent more likely to be diagnosed or receiving treatment for ADHD than one who turned 5 on Nov. 1 – and had to wait till the following September to start kindergarten.
“Grouping children in 12-month age groups is almost arbitrary the way it’s set up,” says Dr. Morrill, an economist at North Carolina State University. “In kindergarten, a one-year age difference is 20 per cent of a child’s life.”
And it may lead to teachers unnecessarily flagging children with behavioural issues.
Ms. Napolano had already heard about the long-term challenges that younger children can face, from academic setbacks to behavioural issues. “Those new studies confirm my fears,” she says. “I can see how kids can get diagnosed with ADHD when it really is just a maturity issue.”
In some school districts and at private schools, a child can attend kindergarten a year after they’re eligible. But in her area, Ms. Napolano will have no choice but to enroll Justin in Grade 1 when he’s legally bound to be in school at age 5. He’ll still be the youngest in a class of six-year-olds and she worries about his risk of failing a grade later on and the stigma that comes with it.
“If you push them through the system and they fail, it becomes that much harder,” she says, adding that she’s keeping Justin in his mixed-age Montessori class.
As a school director, Michelle Gradish of Toronto’s private Gradale Academy fields these kinds of queries regularly. “I think the child should stay in the age group that they are supposed to be in,” she says. “Because the child will change drastically developmentally between the ages of 3 1/2 to 6. It will be a completely different child. I always say wait it out.”
She argues that her school helps mitigate developmental differences by tailoring small classes to each child’s needs. “I think a lot of the ADHD symptoms have to do with children not feeling that they fit in,” she says. “So the way they show that is through behaviours. Even a child who is really bright can show a lot of behaviours if they’re not being challenged the right way.”
And even Dr. Morrill cautions against the trend toward barely-kindergarten-age children “red-shirting” (or sitting out) a year. “It would be terrible to see children who are developmentally mature and eager to go a whole year behind in school, not being stimulated cognitively.”
Instead, she and other experts hope that education systems can become more flexible, with parents and teachers informed about what developmental differences look like.
“To me the issue is always how well educators adapt to the individual difference of kids,” says Charles Pascal, a professor of human development and applied psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. “Age is just a starting point. How educators go beyond age and find out more about who each child really is, is the real deal-maker in the development of children.”
Dr. Pascal developed Ontario’s pilot all-day kindergarten program for 4- and 5-year-olds, which is rolling out in a number of boards this September. He says having children in class earlier and for longer periods could be crucial because many of the behaviours common to ADHD are early indicators of whether a child flourishes in the long run.
Until parents feel confident that their child’s individual needs will be met, though, they will likely fret about the school-age issue. Ottawa mother Cheryl Monette says she’ll continue to dole out advice based on her experience with a November-born child. Her daughter seemed so social, eager, and bright that Ms. Monette and her husband decided to squeak her into a Montreal JK where the cut-off was October.
Reality hit during the first parent-teacher meeting, in which the teacher showed Ms. Monette their daughter’s artwork next to that of the older children. Her daughter’s poor scissor-skills meant her cut-and-paste work was full of jagged edges and odd shapes, unlike the others. The teacher said it was distressing for the child.
“The teacher looked at me, and my face probably looked sad, and she said ‘Your daughter will get there. It’s just her age.’ ”
The next year, the family switched schools and Ms. Monette’s daughter repeated JK. “It was night and day. She was at the top of the class,” she says.
Now 13, she has been level with her peers ever since. Ms. Monette shudders to think what might have happened if she hadn’t been held back. Today, if she has a problem in school, she has the confidence to keep trying, says Ms. Monette.
“If she didn’t repeat … I think she would have convinced herself that she wasn’t smart.”

I am Back!

I know its been a while, but I am finally back! I'm sorry that I didn't write for the past week... But I've been gone all day from 6 am-6pm than I had to have dinner and go to bed.

But Now  I have returned. Here are some pretty pictures!

So, I'll be writing articles! Don't worry!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I promise to write MORE when I get back from Camp-I haven't had the time!
I am very sorry!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bass is Kicking By DJ Splash

I promise to write this weekend!
Thanks to all our viewers!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Been At Camp

Hey Everyone!
I've been at camp-So I haven't been able to write often!
Once I'm done I will write more artciles!
I promise!
Meanwhile Check out some of our anime shows!

Sorry for any inconvience!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why Do People Smoke?

It surprises me, how many people smoke and do illegal activities, even though they know the consequences.
Why do they do it?

Some people claim smoking makes them thinner-thats because when you smoke you lose your taste for food, so when you eat you don't taste anything. (That means you can't enjoy your cake! Or candy!)
There is also the chance of getting lung cancer, 
People usually get addicted-but than why do they smoke in the first place?

A study shows that "smokers" usually start when in their teen years, due to peer pressure or the make that they feel more "Mature" when they smoke. 
Some people smoke to feel better and find they can't stop. 

Another study shows that kids with parents that smoke are more likely to try it, to see why their parents like it so much or because they believe its good to do it since their parents do it!

What do you think?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amazing Songs

I discovered these and thought I would share:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some of My Drawings

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