Monday, September 14, 2009

Bouncy Bouncy Blues

Many things in this world bounce such as frogs, rabbits, tennis balls, basketballs, bouncy balls, and an assortement of other balls, and even the occasional kid. Well I bet you didn't know that hearts bounce, did you?

Indigestion is caused when the heart bounces. Many people hate to get it because its fairly hard to breath and when the heart bounces, it actually hurts. Well, here are 7 easy ways to prevent indigestion and to prevent your heart from bouncing.

1.Eat little and regularly to avoid an acid build-up in your stomach.(Bthat encourages your heart to bounce because excited.)

2.Eat slowly. It gives your digestive system more time to start working properly.

3.Cut out, or eat less of, any foods that seem to kick off your symptoms (because we don't need that.)

4.Keep a food diary to help you identify the foods that give you indigestion. Make a note of what you eat and when, and the times when your symptoms occur (so you can identify the problem.)

5.If you smoke, try to quit. Quitting smoking will help the opening between your stomach and oesophagus to function properly. (Smoking hurts your lungs which protect your heart. If those aren't working properly, then your heart is not protected.)

6.Ease up on your alcohol and caffeine intake.(That increases the rate that your heart is beating)

7.Avoid tight waistbands. Don't hunch up while you are eating, or lie down afterwards. (To avoind stopping food in the wrong places.)

Indigestion is really the cause of all 'Bouncy balls' known world wide. If you want your heart ot stop bouncing, Stop yourself from bouncing right after you eat a meal. Otherwise all your food (Now slop) bounces up and down inside of you and you can sometimes actually hear it!

This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Basketball court where there hearts are bouncing with the basketballs!

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