Monday, September 7, 2009

Debating Cups?

We us, Mois, People, aka (Neko and Teko) Have another Opinon Thing like we did with star wars, what are they called? Debates? Or Calendars? OR were they called Fou? Here we go....

"This is Disgusting, I got the wolverine one, I was eating peanuts and I was forced to look at that hideous sweat pool he was in. Boy, He sweats a lot super gross!"
-Mr. Monk

"I lovvvvvvve Them so much, I dressed them up like dolls and Gambit and Sabretooth got married and they had a wolverine baby! I dress them and they play with my barbie, Wolverine makes an Excellent KEN!"
-Two year old who really likes barbies

"OH MY GOODNESS! I was so grossed out by these unacceptable American practices,
I was enjoying my tea, then that horrible breathed thing, sabretooth or whatever bit me leaving saliva on my chin, I WAS SO DISGUSTED, I am never going back to America, Who cares if they have big apples!"
-Guy from england

"*Flush* Swish, Guggle, gurgle, mellow!"

"I'm going to make you bend and break, let good times roll!"
-Fall out Boy

"One more night, one more time, Thanks for the memories!"
-Fall out Boy the Second?

"Harry Potter!"
-mewtwo person

"What ever he said!"
-What ever he said

-Person who loves everyone

So, There you have it! Who do you agree with? Are the Cups Cool or do they drool!
Wait, Here are Neko and Teko's Opinions!
"They are awesome now we can look at wolverine's abs whenever we want!"

"What ever she said!"

This is Neko and Teko reporting from...Uh? The Calendar?
Or the Debate? The Debate is where you can see movies right?

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