Saturday, May 30, 2009

X-men Orgins: Wolverine

Okay, Neko and Teko were very bored so we went to see 17 Again! It was good.
We saw a huge line up for the movie X-men Origins: Wolverine. There was a little girl who was around 6. "Are you a little too young to be seeing this?" Teko asked.
"No, at the scary parts, I just imagine Wolverine with no shirt." We gave each other confused looks. "Why?" I asked. "Because his unrealistic abs are scarier than the bad guy!" She smartly said. Okay, We were a little confused.
"Someone needs to get that guy a shirt!" A person who came out of the movie theater said. "Yay, his abs look so fake and why does he sniff the air all the time?" A man complained.
Ps. Wolverine's real name is LOGAN! Well, that what it is on the T.V. show! (Wolverine and the X-men)
This just in Neko and Teko.
If you see Wolverine (Logan) Whatever his name is. Save our eyes and bring him a shirt to hide his unrealistic abs!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The last Battle of the Orange Juice

Orange juice made another attept to attack area 51! This time they meant war!
We made it just in time to see orange juice zoom in on jet packs, and tanks!
The military was ready too! They fired kraft dinner everywhere!
It was a kraft dinner mess. Some of the orange juice soldiers were hit and fell to the ground! They squealed. (I never knew orange juice could squeal) But, there was so much of them! The army ran out of kraft dinner!
They started panicking. Suddenly, we saw a huge flash, then a round disk was in the air.
"A UFO!" On of the soldiers yelled. The UFO landed, and purple aliens stepped out. They were like blobs! One of them belched (burped) out Kraft Dinner! It hit a orange juice soldier right in the head...
Let's just say intelligent orange juice died that day! The aliens left with out hesitation.
Let's get to the point.
There is life on other planets.
Orange juice is safe to drink.
Nintendo D.s.s are awesome.
This just in Neko and Teko reporting from The desert of AREA 51!

Friday, May 22, 2009

How to stop an Angry Mob

We were just walking through the park, when we spotted tons of people with signs and pitchforks? Torches? We could only lable them as one thing,
An Angry Mob.
"Sir, why are you protesting?" Teko asked.
"I have no idea." He answered.
"It's because I saw an angry mob on T.V. and it looked cool." The leader of the mob chimed in.
"So, are you going to destroy anything?" I asked.
"Ya, The town hall," The leader said. A chorus of people with pitch forks sang out in agreement.
The torches were blazing in the sunset. It was getting late.
"Whaa?" Teko said.
A figure in Armor, yes armor was standing there with a Cd player?
"Ha, you think a Cd player can stop us?" A person yelled.
The person was silent. He put down the Cd player and pushed Play.
The song: If you seek Amy by Britney Spears came on.
Everyone started dancing. Then magically all the pitchforks disappeared.
The torches started floating up randomly too. Don't ask us how it was done.
Then the Cd player and the person disappeared.
This just in
When you want to stop an ANGRY MOB, put on the song If you seek Amy.
Check it out on Youtube.
>If you seek Amy by Britney Spears is on of Neko's and Teko's Favourite songs
This just in Neko and Teko

Monday, May 18, 2009


Dogzilla says "GO Green."

Go Green

We should all go green. The world could be a better place with your help. Fresh air, running water, caring people. Please leave a comment here to show you care. Further donations will be made to help our planet.
Neko and Teko reporting from the Green.
To get you into the Green Mood. We decided to interview a few people about what they thought was green.

"Join the Green Side."
~Darth Vader

~Orange Juice on Venus

"Bigfoot like clean water."
~Big foot

"May the force be with you"

~random cheerleader on the street

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Orange Juice Threatens Area 51

You, have heard that orange juice took over Venus.
This is Neko and Teko, turns out orange juice is intelligent enough to make other decisions and even make weapons.
Orange Juice is hungry for power.
Orange Juice came flying in the thousands with jet packs that are hipper than hip.
This morning at 1:00 a.m. Orange juice made an attempt to take over the one and only area 51. The soldiers were shocked on how hip the weapons were.
But, they had a secret weapon on their side. KRAFT DINNER!
They fired it at the orange juice. The orange juice quickly retreated from the flying kraft dinner. But, the military is afraid that the orange juice may be to hip to handle.
If you see orange juice on jet packs. RUN FOR CoVER!
This just in
Neko and Teko reporting from the kraft dinner polluted desert.
Ps. a bit of advice. Eat your Kraft dinner.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kraft Dinner Dancing

We decided to go to a dance competition that was happening in our town.
So, we took Dogzilla (Daisy) to our local outdoor stage, this was the location of the competition. Amazing! The dances were amazing. Neko and Teko both agreed that Jessica Krafteanaiaftion (we have no idea how to pronounce her last name.) dance was amazing. So, we headed backstage to see if we could find out what makes her such a good dancer.
Jessica was holding flowers when we got there. "Hello, so do you have a sercret that makes you such a good dancer?" We asked right away. "We're Press," Teko reminded her as she held up her camera. Her eyes imedially lite up. "Oh, I'm so glad my fans adore me. "Well, before each competition, I eat Kraft Dinner mixed with Brocoli and Eggs, Raw Eggs to be exact. I also add vinger to it, Then I sucked it up through a straw."
There you have it, if you want to be a good Dancer eat kraft dinner mixed with raw eggs, brocoli and suck it up through a straw. Oh, don't forget the vinger!
This just in Neko and Teko reporting from BackStage!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yoda's Chest Hair Photo

Yoda's Chest Hair

We were walking Daisy (Dogzilla) When we spotted a line up. We had our cameras in hand and headed over to see what the fuss was about. A boy with Glasses, held out his hand, "Five dollars please," He said, "For what?" Teko asked. "To see Yoda's Chest Hair." He replied.
We showed him our cameras. "We're Press." We said. "For what?" He asked.
"Neko and Teko's Adventure Network." He smiled. "OH, I'm a big fan. Go right in for free." We headed inside the little shed. There it was, We could smell an awful odor. There it was, so simply on a piece of yellow paper. A green stale hair sat on the page. In blunt writing it said. "Yoda's chest hair," It was old and green. You know Yoda? From the Star Wars movies? This was claimed to be his chest hair.
We snapped a photo. Daisy sniffed it curiously. Could this be Yoda's Chest Hair?
This just in
Neko and Teko examining Yoda's long lost Chest hair!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Pink Naked Thing

There it was. Right in front of our eyes. A very gruesome sight. The pink naked thing. It looked so awful that if we took pictures, the camera lens would crack.
We, Neko and Teko, had been looking for this hideous beast for hours on end. Hoping against hoping that we would find it. A large head. Large eyes. Skinny arms, legs, and body, finished off with a pink little curl on top of its head. And completely naked!
So if you ever come across the pink naked thing, bring it a pair of pants.
This just in. Neko and Teko reporting form the Pink Naked Thing's lair.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Orange Juice takes over Venus

Neko and Teko on the scene, Many people won't drink orange juice anymore.
We decided to find out why. We grabbed our cameras, and marched to A local lab to see what we could find out about this orange juice disaster.
"What do you know about this orange juice problem?" We asked.
"The scientists at NASA, decided to make orange juice that has double the nutrients and that you can drink it in outer Space."He replied. "We sent the orange juice to outer space with the astronauts, The orange juice went out of control and it actually made a settlement on Venus," He sadly remarked. "So, you mean the orange juice took over Venus?" We asked. He nodded his head. "Oh but don't worry, the orange juice here on Earth Is completely safe. We sent all of the Double orange juice up to Venus." He added.
This Just In
Neko and Teko while sipping a glass of cool, refreshing orange juice

Cyrpt Raider

Games at - Crypt Raider
Crypt Raider

An awesome Game!

You try to move the jewels into the portals!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Drumac Photos

The Drumac in it's natural habitat
Drumac Claw marks

Drumac Monster

We were hiking for hours, our legs ached. Finally, we saw it. A monster, It looked like the loch ness monster, except it was in a creek, so we named it the drumac monster.
IT had viscous looking teeth and even more viscous looking claws. It roared. We quickly snapped some photos, We returned ten minutes to find it gone, But it left claw marks in a log behind. Teko Yelped. "ewww," Her foot had landed in something of odd coloring.
Drumac Poop. Teko grabbed her camera and snapped a photo of the yucky substance.
We camped in a tent, as we shared some s'mores, talking about what we thought the Drumac Monster was. All we knew is that it was something Big and viscous. The next day we visited a farmer nearby. We asked what he knew of the Drumac monster. "This is an outrage, that creature has eaten all my purple pigs and kraft dinner." He sure was angry .
We decided to leave him alone to cool down.
This just in Neko and Teko Reporting from Drumac Terrortoriy.

Swine Flu

The swine Flu or H1N1 as they call it.
Many people have been infected with it.
Some say it comes from purple pigs some others say it's a mix of diseases.
We got an exclusive interview with one of the infected victims who had turned in to purple pigs, we noticed that they had a craving for kraft dinner.
We wore our protective gear so we would not be contaminated by the horrible illness.
"So what do you think of the swine flu?" we asked. The purple pig replied right away.
"Oink Kraft Dinner Oink!" IT stated.
We didn't get much information on the SWINE FLU.
An angry scientist came barging at us. "It's called H1N1 Not the Swine Flu!" He corrected. So remember not to get to comfortable with kraft dinner obsessed pigs.
This just in Neko and Teko.

pictures of Bigfoot

BigFoot And Dogzilla

Neko and Teko reporting, We set off to try to get a picture of BigFoot.
After hours of hard work and patience , We heard a rustle in the bushes, A large creature stepped out. BIGFOOT! We quickly snapped some pictures, Many turned out to be blurs but got some good ones.
We tried to communicate with Bigfoot, but he quickly rode off on his Big Foot Mobile.
We also encountered a creature with golden fur and BIG Teeth, We named her DOGZILLA, and when we saw her eating her prey, we snapped some more pictures.
We captured DogZilla and kept her as a pet, she has given up her evil doings and has traded them in for a loving Home. We renamed her Daisy. We love her now. She has become our sidekick in capturing News!
This just in Neko and Teko reporting from The woods.
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