Tuesday, September 8, 2009

De Blob

See this guy? He is very mean. He is destroying these inocent beings with his brightness that they are not used to. We will call these inocent beings the Carms. You see, these Carms are not used to this monstrosity of brightness. They are used to a normal, white background that they enjoy with their plain black friends.
You see, they are not used to this mishap, tremor in the force, monster, problem. His evil doings are too much for the Carms. Who is this monster? His name is........
'De Blob'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is he called that and what is he doing here? Lets tune in and find out.
"So 'De Blob', why are you here in this small town of the Carms?"
"I like juice! I like juice!"
"Um....Well, what do you plan to cause here?"
"I like juice! I like juice!"
"And...well...um...why then are you called 'De Blob'?"
"I like juice! I like juice!"
Well, it seems we're going no where with this meeting so thats the end of it then!
So, the one thing good that came out of this meeting is that we know 'De Blob''s only weakness.......juice! If you ever come across this strange being just simply nod and hand him a glass of juice.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from a juice store. And just remember, he will add a splash of colour to your life!

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