Wednesday, July 20, 2011

America's Got Talent: Rigged for Voices?

Attack Dance Crew displays impressive choreography
After settling down to watch America's Got Talent last night, we noticed that a majority of the performers were singers. Which of course wasn't surprising. We decided to look up previous year's results and realized that many if not all the winners of the finales, were in fact singers. Is it just that America has a soft spot for the few gifted with the 'perfect' voice, or is it maybe do to the fact that North America is greatly influenced by today's 'vocal artists'? Take Justin Bieber for example: More American teenagers know when his birthday is than when the declaration of Independence was signed.

   There are many other acts (dancing, comedy, magic acts, animal acts, and more) that work at least as hard if not harder than the singers. Many had to work hard for the talent rather than be gifted with it. These acts should be on a level playing field with vocalists. As it seems that the 'singers' always manage to dig their ways into the judges hearts. Nothing against them, but it would be good to see someone else who has a different type of talent to be exposed: Take the 'Brothers' on the show last night, whipping around the stage on motorcycles performing risky feats, and a male dancer twirling 13 ft in the air, These acts take a lot of strength and a lot of time to work on, while it seems that all the credit goes to the singers-wouldn't it be different if a non-singer won this years competition.
Or has American viewers locked themselves into place-favoring the singers and refusing to try something new? A lot of people are said to not like change and would prefer to have the same thing happen every day-because its comfortable and they have grown accustomed to whom they place their votes on.
There are some singers this season that do have alot of talent!
But Come On America-Show everyone that you have other talents too: That you will give a chance.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Career Feature: Choreographer

*'Choreographers create dance routines and show dancers how to perform them. Dance instructors teach people how to dance.'  -Career Cruising


  • Create dance routines for performances and productions
  • Choose dances, music, and the props for productions
  • Teach dancers how to perform routines
  • Prepare students for productions
Work environment:
  • Dance studios and rehearsal rooms
  • Travel if production is on tour
  • Work long, irregular hours
  • Physically demanding
  • $25 000 - $75 000 (choreographer)
  • $10 - $40/hour (private instructor)
  • Depends on experience, place of work, employer, reputation, etc.
Education and Training:
  • Years of dancing experience
  • Program or courses in dance or choreography instruction
  • Teaching at school requires Bachelors of Education degree and teaching certificate
  • Teaching at college or university requires a Masters degree or PhD
Skills Needed:
  • Knowledge of many dance styles
  • Creative
  • Ability to communicate well
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Physically fit
High School Career Path:

Grade 9
Social Studies
Creative Arts
Health & Physical Education
Business / Technology
Grade 10
Social Studies
Career & Personal Development
Dramatic Arts
Health & Physical Education
Grade 11
Social Studies
Health & Physical Education
Dramatic Arts
Grade 12
Health & Physical Education
Dramatic Arts
Social Studies

So, if you're interested in becoming a choreographer, those are some tips for you to follow!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the dance floor.

*All the information in this article was discovered on Career Cruising

Announcement! Career Feature

Your decisions today can make a huge impact for your future. If you're in elementary school, in high school, or just in between, some of your choices may decide what your career is years from now.
But how can we prepare for our futures with no idea what we want to do? We, Neko and Teko, have a solution. Every once in a while, we will feature a specific career choice. We will also include the path you must take to get there (courses, level, etc.).
If you have a request for us to feature, please feel free to leave a comment on any of our posts. 
We hope that you appreciate this as we think it will be very helpful.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the classroom.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter: Bunny Sightings?

sHase kurz nach der EiablageImage via Wikipedia

 As many of you probably know, this weekend was Easter weekend. Many of you probably had an Easter egg hunt with family and friends. Many of you probably spent this time thinking about Jesus on the cross. Well, whatever you did, we hope that you had a good time during this nice long weekend. Our question is: what happened to the bunny? Very few people claim to have seen the Easter bunny this year, but many still received chocolate or treats from the bunny. How is this possible? Well here are some accounts on one bunny sighting.

Little Child: It hop in backyard! I seen it!

Medium Child: It left us the Easter eggs! It's an Easter miracle!


Parents: I can't believe how expensive chocolate is these days!

Grandmother: I wish I could have seen it! But my eyesight isn't as it once was. (sigh)

There you have it people. A first-hand account of an Easter bunny sighting. Many claim to have not seen an Easter bunny, but the blue thing instead! We suspect that Carl is behind this.....
Well, we hope that you have had a happy Easter whether you celebrate Jesus on the cross, or just look forward to the chocolate. This is Neko and Teko reporting from the BUNNY SIGHTING LIVE station.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Royal Wedding-A Royal Interuption?

On April 29 at Westminster Abbey, the world will come together as two souls are joined. And of course this is no ordinary wedding, this is the connection of Prince William and Kate Middleton
The world will be watching (Europe and North America anyway) As the wonderful lady wearing the expensive dress and the man with the creepy smile, (Look at prince William' smile, its creepy you got to admit.)
Fun Fact: The two are getting married on Neko's Birthday, Ya you got that right.
But news just in, that they may be having an unexpected guest watching them from the crowds.
He himself is a King. And He himself wants to claim the beautiful princess for himself.

Though this King doesn't have a creepy 'charming' smile that Prince William has and has been working on his smile trying to get it as creepy as he can be.
This king is the king of ten aliens, His name is Ben 10.
He hopes to sway the princess over by using his Alien Awesomeness, though she finds it gross and won't date someone who is only 10 years old. So his 13 year old self from the second series came but she still rejected his slimy alienness. He threatened her, saying he would wreck the wedding so Kate has hired the Care Bears   to guard her wedding.

If Ben 10 tries anything they will swing in song and dance and fire popcorn from their weird things on their bellies.

We will see how the wedding turns out and it will hopefully be "Wonderific."

This is Neko and Teko Reporting from Care Bear Land!

*This is fiction.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Canadian Election: The Perfect Party

Its time for the 3rd election in a span of 5 years. When there is supposed to be only one every 4 years. You know all the parties platforms. You've heard of the Conservatives, Blocs, Liberals, Green, NDP parties. But have you heard of the ultimate party?
The party that obviously has the best platform? 
The *Ekotastic party!
Us, Neko and Teko have created this party thinking that we us KIDS can think of better ways to change our country than the current parties can.

 Here is what we believe should be done:

-Free University Education for those who get 85% or higher average in required fields of study
-More resources and programs for elementary and secondary schools
-Better Music and Art program
-More Internships (For Experience)
-Individualized learning and teaching program
-Harder levels in elementary ie: Essential, Applied, Academic, this will help kids to get the stylized education they need
-Class trips, and programs learning about other cultures (Food, Clothing, etc.)

Health Care System
-Hospitals should be updated and given better technology regulary 
-Promotion of fitness in Elementary and High School Students

-Hybrids will go down in price
-Gas will be cheaper per litre if you are buying it for a Hybrid
-Promote Public Transit by offering more transportation
-Public Transit prices should decrease in price
-We won't have a Carbon Tax...(Because all that will do is get US money and not actually do anything)
-Promotion of walking, biking and such

Work/Government affairs
-At least 50% of items in stores such as Walmart, have to be made in North America
-More Job 'exploring' in High school
-Broader Country Trading, Especially with Free Trade Countries such as Africa
-Broader country relations
-Recession plan
-Less Credit Card Companies to promote less debt, 
-Lower Gas Prices (once all cars are replaced with Hybrids)

-Local In season food only, No Imported preserved meats or produce
-Tax on Imported food, To Promote local grown food

-Free summer programs run by the community 
-Free Sports programs 
-More YMCA facilities 
-More Community events, (Fairs, Art programs, Libraries, etc.)

-Less Military Funding, Money will be put into Health Care/Research and Education 
-Promotion of Peace instead of War

*Not a real party. Work of fiction

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Girl Effect

This video is very inspirational. It reminds us all how much power one choice or opportunity can have in our own lives and in those of others. I hope you are inspired by this video, not only girls, but guys who want to be better people too.

"Once you educate the boys, they tend to leave the villages and go search for work in the cities, but the girls stay home, become leaders in the community, and pass on what they’ve learned. If you really want to change a culture, to empower women, improve basic hygiene and health care, and fight high rates of infant mortality, the answer is to educate girls."

— Greg Mortenson (Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace... One School at a Time)

To learn more about the girl effect, donate to the cause, or to downlad cool features, visit:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Cups of Tea: Is it a Fake?

Does this book have all it's facts straight? Is Greg Mortenson a phony? Well, today, April 18. 2011, Greg Mortenson was accused in the New York Times of exagerating parts of his non-fiction book, Three Cups of Tea (the above image is the junior version).
In his story, Mortenson describes that he became lost on a mountain and found a small village, Korphe (in Pakistan). He said that the  townspeople nursed him back to health and he promised to build a school for them. However, a 60 minutes report (see link below) found the sherpas, who are mountain experts, who travelled with Mr. Mortenson, who deny this.
Also in the book is a part where Greg Mortenson describes how he was kidnapped by the Taliban, who are people who support terrorists. But 60 minutes apparently found the men and discovered that they are not the Taliban but actually educated people with jobs.
The Central Asia Institue claims that 54 schools have been built educating 28,000 students. Reporters visited nearly 30 schools and found that almost half of them were empty.
This statement, however, is all from one point of view. From only one side of the story. More to follow on Greg Mortenson's side.
Make sure to check back regularly for updates on this latest news. This is Neko and Teko reporting from a confusion.
Find out More!

Would you believe it if I told you that this little hedgehog killed an elephant? Probably not, because it's so cute. *
If I told you that this little girl scared her neighbours away because she runs around like a maniac, you probably would't believe me. She's just too cute!*

         Well, this is something I like to call reverse psychology. Humans generally think a certain way based on what they see on the outside. So if you tell someone that a cute kid is really a monster, they will have a hard time believing you.
        People use this technique to their advantage in games like Survivor; playing weak and innocent so that no one considers them a threat and they aren't voted out. 
        Sometimes parents use this technique in a situation like if their daughter/ son lies to them. The parents pretend that their child lying to them has really hurt the parents' feelings. This makes the child feel bad and apologize. 
         Now that I have told you a little about reverse psychology, you can use it too. Just make sure that it's to your own advantage.

     This is Neko and Teko reporting live from, well, where are we?

Stage 2 - Flora and fauna die-off  Image by Christopher Lotito via Flickr

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Facebook Have More Of An Effect Than You Think?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

I know, I know, I know. I am yet again writing about facebook. Well I could write about Japan. But I really love Japan and writing about the earthquake and nuclear situation makes me sad.
Besides is Facebook not one of the biggest websites out there? The Answer is yes so you know.

Now. Shall we get to the point?

The Globe and Mail recently covered some of the effects of Facebook along with the increasing use of technology, the interviewer or speaker says: "Its getting younger and younger." I totally agree. How much kids on facebook do you think actually joined when they turned 13? There is Kids younger than that on there trust me.

To see more, The link above will take you to the coverage.

Not only does Facebook effect kids. It can also effect you getting a job. Really? Yes really, Since these days many job employers will "Stalk." Your myspace and facebook to find out about you.

And it can effect your real life too. Ever heard of addiction?

  • being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)
  • an abnormally strong craving 

Well technically being 'addicted' to facebook is more like the second definition.  A strong craving.

Some people have Facebook linked to their cell phones so they can constantly check their status updates. Sometimes it gets so bad that people "LIVE" on facebook.
Even bidding their friends "Good Night." And rushing right in the morning to check their facebook updates and comments.

Being "Addicted" to Facebook is more or less a "Effect" of facebook. Or in this case Facebook over usage. Sometimes Facebook members will use the website as a "Popularity Contest."  Ie: Who gets the most likes:
Or a way to raise their own self-esteem. Ie: Post a picture of yourself and whine "I"m Ugly, " In only to have your friends come with their snazzy lines saying "Your Gorgeous. " And such.

Though Facebook is a GREAT THING. It can have it downsides. Not that the creator intended it to have these downsides. It more downsides the users have created themselves.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UBB-What is it?

The Internet is a wealthy source of information.  Our social lives are on it. Our communication is on it. Our kids research and gain knowledge on it. The Internet allows us to have a voice and access information and other services on demand when we want wherever we want. The Internet is a tool that we have come to depend on, many tools can be offered using the Internet. The Internet has grown and grown.
But thanks to UBB it will become smaller. We will be limited to this vast resource.
What hold on a second? What is UBB?

UBB What?

What is the UBB and how is it effecting us?
The UBB stands for 'Usage Based Billing.' Which is basically charging/paying per Gigabyte you download from the internet, and yes surfing the internet and going on websites does count as "Downloads" So everytime you go on facebook, you have to pay. Every Google search you have to pay.

Did you know that around 1hr of HD video streaming is around 4GBs? And that Company's such as Rogers are charging as much as $5 per extra GB.


So? So? So?
What does this mean for me?
Instead of paying the regular monthly rate for unlimited usage you will pay a certain amount for around 60GB, and than a couple dollars after.
Rogers charges $5 for an extra GB.
Bell charges $1-$2.
This increase in price will mean we are paying for Less internet, Companies such as Netflix will be worried about this. Some small internet companies do not agree with the UBB, but are being forced to, since the big companies own the internet lines. 
Bell and Rogers are forcing small companies into the UBB because of two problems:

1. Competition, It will decrease it
2. Video Streaming, 
Online movie/show streaming websites such as Youtube and Netflix are taking away customers from the Satelitte and Cable services these big companies provide, In order to stop this customer decreasing the UBB has been put in place.

The Shocking Truth

Did you know that it only costs Bell an extra 3-10cents to download one GB, yet they are charging over a dollar. I personally don't think its right to control our usage of the internet. Technology should be expanding, and with many websites taking on GB sucking new technologies, and many companies using the Web to advertise for services and products using games and videos, this will all have to be cut in order for some CEO to make more money.

What Can I do?

A petition to stop this madness has been going around called "Stop the Meter." For more information visit:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pet Patrol

This is a new feature on our site. We, Neko and Teko, feel bad for slacking off and are now adding Pet Patrol. Once in a while, we will feature on an interesting pet... not just your dog and cat stuff. Here is the chosen pet for today: Micro Mini Pig.

These cute little guys are almost full grown. You may have guessed by their name that micros stay small. They can weigh from 10-30 pounds as adults and can grow from 8''-12'' tall. Thats pretty small! Now, here is a sample argument between one girl and her parents over micro pigs.
Girl: They're sooooo cute!
Parents: What a hastle! They'll stink up the whole house!
Girl: Micros don't smell... they don't have sweat glands and can't sweat except through their nose!
Parents: They'll make so much noise!
Girl: Not if you pay them attention like I will!
Parents: How much do these things cost? Where can we buy one?
Girl: They can cost $5-$5000. You can get one from a breeder or on a website like Kijiji.
Parents: $5000! Is this a joke?!?
Girl: PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"LL do anything!
Parents: N-O.

There you have it- an educational argument. I sure hope your's doesn't go this way... good luck!
Places in Ontario to Purchase a Micro Mini Pig:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Strict Parents-Is there such thing as Being Too Strict?

In every family parents need to show kids discipline. Why its obvious? If you don't you'll be stuck with spoiled little kids who expect to get everything. 
Now, We've all heard the line coming from kids talking to their friends "My parents are way too Strict!!!" 
Is there such thing as being too strict? Yes there is.
There is disadvantages, tons of them of being WAY Overboard strict. 

First of all, you'll lose their trust, kids who aren't allowed anything will tend to learn to "hide" things, since if they tell their parents, well they'll be dead, some people like to refer to this action as "Rebeling" Whether its going against your parents wishes by creating that facebook account or watching that movie your not supposed to.

If you keep your child concealed in a shell from the rest of the world-I'm not saying let them go to China whenever they want, but if you never ever let your kid go to a friend's house, a dance, a birthday party-as soon as they get out of the house and are sent to college-they will go crazy. 

Fear, if you jump at every mistake your child makes, they will be afraid to make mistakes, and they might even become afraid of their parents, as I said and try to hide things, if you yell at your child for not getting that A on the test-it can cause stress, which is something I've seen among children, and stress can actually REDUCE marks-and as I said Maybe the kid will 'rebel' and get low marks on purpose.
 You want your child to feel accepted and wanted for who they are, and as long as they try their best it should be enough-a quote my mother always told me was that the safest place you should be is with your family.

Many people dish out about their strict upbringing and how it had affected them.
One girl said since her parents never let her 'date' or talk to the oppisite gender, she jumped at the first boy who gave her attention when she left the house-you can imagine how that turned out.

Another girl says that it made her shy and timid and afraid to be 'not perfect' she says it alway made her a target for bullies.

Another user from the same forum had said that the biggest 'troublemakers' where the ones with the really strict parents who wouldn't let them do anything.
The same user continues:

"And it is through this that good parenting does not come from being an overbearing and strict idiot who intends to shelter their child from life, but rather someone who is willing to INFORM them on what is out there so they can make good decisions...and even then, good decision is in the eye of the beholder, for the most part at least."
Its important to set borders of course, but setting borders is different than locking your child in a cage.

For more opinons on the topic try:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Evangelion 2.0 You Can (not) Advance (Review in Two Paragraphs)

I had the honor to attend the premiere of Evangelion 2.0 with my friend. Since through a website called the Anime News Network, we had won tickets to attend the screening. Being the typical Si-Fi anime complete with giant robots fighting against evil aliens-We were excitied.
Though I won't lie the movie did have some dissappointments.
Character concepts for Evangelion 2.0

Many questions were left unanswered, and new elements were introduced that were....interesting...and questionable. It leaves room for a sequel. LOTS OF ROOM!
Over all the movie was pretty good, but the ending is what threw me off, it was running smoothly but the ending...Was well, Confusing. This movie is coming from a multi billion dollar franchisee so Its not surprising that the ending would leave room for Evangelion 3.0
The affects are a much improvement from the anime and were pleasing to the eye. Choke full of fan service too and a small "shonen-ali" scene that will keep Those types of Fans happy. I would give this movie 5 beautiful shining stars,but as I said the "Ending" threw me off.
I won't say what it was, because thats no fun now is it?



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Turn the Page: The Maze Runner

Thomas wakes up one day, he remembers nothing, nothing but his name. Thomas discovers he is not alone and that he is in something called "The Glade, or The Maze." And hes not the only one, Thomas finally gets settled in, he is getting used to life in the Glade until the "End" is triggered. Now Thomas and his newfound friends and enemies, must solve the puzzle known as the maze in a matter of hours-Now if this was a regular maze it would be fine and dandy, but the problem is that the walls move every day, and not to mention the monsters roaming in it called the Grievers.

This book is literally amazing, there is no other way to describe it, it is NOT predictable, which is a quality I rather like in books, it makes it thrilling and suspenseful-it is written in the format that it doesn't give you all the information at once, Like you only know what Thomas knows at the moment, it makes it more like an adventure!
The characters are real and you can relate to them and they all have unique personality's, which is nice, because reading a book with clones, now thats boring.

This amazing book by James Dashner has made my top 3 list, and that's pretty impressive. This is one of the best books I have ever read and there are rumors floating around that there may possibly be a movie, though I do hope they are able to for-fill and they don't give the book a bad name.

There is a sequel to the book called "The Scorch Trials." Which is equally as thrilling-lets just say not all the mysteries are solved in Book 1. Book One leaves you hanging and wanting more!

I HIGHLY Recommend this book!

If you want a thrill seeking ride that is.....If you hate action, and excitement and good books, than this is NOT for you.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alas I Have Returned

Prison Break: Wentworth MillerImage by danzden via Flickr
In the wee hours of the morning as my mind is full of many things a sudden idea popped into my mind. I had a sudden need to write, yes write and wear else is there a better place to write than the wonderful website/blog you own where wonderful people will read or more likely read the first sentence and pass over your wonderful insight and ideas.
And therefore a certain person will stop....well actually won't stop asking "Can I have your website?"

Now I hope you had a good holidays-hopefully kicking back with some friends and family and watching Prison Break. What? You didn't spend 12 hours a day watching Prison break your whole vacation?
Well.....I did......Its not my fault, the video store was having a "YA GUYS! GET 7 MOVIES/DISCS OF OLD STUFF NO ONE WATCHES ANYMORE AND ONLY PAY $7!" So I picked the random disc off the shelf which was Prison break and now I am addicited.

Speaking of movies have you heard of the neat little thing called Netflix? Its a program/website that you can run on your computer and even on your Wii, X-box and I-pod Touch. Its only $7.99 a month and you get the first month free. Its neat that you can watch a lot of shows and movies and I found the stash of anime near the back of the site, >Laughs evilly<  Like a handful of sites, the site breaks down your movies into categories, than breaks those categories into more categories so you can find what you want. Heres an example for my wonderful anime section:

*Please forgive me if it is not complete accurate I am only Human....*

 > Action Anime
 > Drama Anime
 > Comedy Anime
 >Si Fi Anime

Another neat thing about the service is that it takes movies and shows you've "liked" and recommends ones of similar genre.

I have also discovered another wonderful website for art fans known as Deviantart, it is a community where artists can share and provide feedback on art work submitted by other users, It welcomes all types of art from abstract , photography and traditional. I enjoy going on there especially for the digital art....I just like it for a reason. 
Heres an example:
Its amazing what can be drawn on a computer. I myself really enjoy deviantart-though I warn you there are tons of haters that will leave mean stuff on your amazing half drawn sonic pictures and you will go to their profile and only find a poorly drawn tree with a stick figure on it.
Alas I had a wonderful christmas and got art suppiles, Since  I love drawing.

Well I hope you all enjoy your lives and watch out for:

Michael Scottfield.
Yes He is from Prison Break.


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