Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movie Review By Real People

Attention This is a real People Movie Review made by real people! Like Miley Cyrus!
And The People behind Miley Cyrus on the billboard If that makes sense!
Not By Un Real People like:
This Guy Is Unreal because he is on a band-lad that's a band-lad right?
Anyway, It's a Movie Review By Me Because We are like real People not some robot guy who goes BEEP BEEP! Or are we?
Scary Music plays!

MOvie Review:
I saw a really cool movie it was so cool I decided To Write a Review On IT! I forget the name I think it was called SWAT or ER Or was it called Mrs. Poufffs Vacation?
It had cool lights!
That was my super cool Movie Review DO I GET A A+ YAY!

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