Monday, September 21, 2009

How Japan Promotes Movies

How Japan Is Way better than us at Tech! Here is how they advertised for the movie Water Horse!
Your a Japan Tourist walking down the streets with some shopping bags. (You couldn't resist that stuffed dog, Made in Japan =^.^=)
Then you stop to look at a pond, out of the pond made of water rises a huge loch ness monster. You Stop To Gasp, Other People just walk by, This is their usual Movie Advertisements! Who Cares if there is a huge 50 ft water creature made of water in front of you? This is how they do advertisements COOL EH? This calls for cool cat thing! I love doing it! =^.^= That's the mama Cat, Here's the Baby Cat =^.^= Here's the daddy cat =^.^= That is so fun! Back to Important Stuff!
It is rumored that the Water Horse may be more than just an advertisement!
Some Experts say it may be able to have a "Mind of it's own Because Two of the sprinklers are broken!" Which means it is now shut down for improvement how does that have any connection?
But What if? What If the Water Ate Scum Gum? Would it get powers?
Why Can't Us People who say EH? Or Hotdogs? Or PEKSDFI? Get cool Advertisements like that!
This the Commercials We Have:
Not as good as giant Water Things Is it?

This is Neko and Teko Reporting From Cool Stuff Place!
I just Bought a Stuffed Cat =^.^= YAY!

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