Tuesday, September 29, 2009

May The Forks Be With You

There is something out there.
What's Out There?
Something called the Forks.
What Forks?
A Force called the Forks That people can use to move items.
Isn't that called The Force?
No It's called the Forks!
No the Forks!
Why are you so calm?
I am not of the Dark Side of The Forks I can sense the dark side in you!
Man you are crazy!

This was what Happened at a Convention!
The Forks is a Force that can be used to move things! The Dark side of the Forks is black forks!
The good side of the forks are forks with pictures of Mario on them.
The Training Of Using The Forks starts at a young age.
Here is a young padwon thing using the forks to move things!

Why are you writing in black typo stuff?
Because I don't want to write in white!
Who is asking all these Questions?
You are. I can tell using the Force Of The Forks!
Now, If you want to use the Battle Of the Forks Answer these Questions and see if you can:

1. Are you over the age of Two?
a, Yes
b, No

2. Can you use a fork?
a, yes
b , no

3. You are at the mall and see a cute dress that you want to wear and you are boy because some magical thing turned everyone into a boy what do you do:
a, buy the dress
b, do nothing
c, go to the washroom and sob because you lost your lucky penny named Snappy!

If you answered yes to every single question you can use the force of the forks!
May the Forks Be With You!
This is Neko and Teko using the Forks!

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