Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scum Gum

Scum Gum, rumored to give it's chewers special powers! Is it True? We are going to find out!
Scum Gum is rumored to give you powers! We interviewed a Scum Gum Vitim! No Not Victim Vitim. It's A person who is a victim of getting cool stuff like powers!
We interviewed on of these "Vitims"
So, Tell us your Story!

"I ate Scum Gum well chewed it, The Next Minute I was a Butterfly. I yelled in a butter fly way they I just said in my mind Scum Gum for some Reason and then I turned but human, I said scum Gum and Turned into a Butter Fly again! So Awesome Powers YA!"

"SO, Butter Fly how do you feel how the government wants to get rid of your powers to test on you Etc?"

"How Dare There I will just laugh and fly in their Faces!"

This Case has happened to all those who chewed scum gum, One Vitim turned into a wolf, another a cat, the most awesome one Turned into a carrot!

So, the rumors are true! So, if you want awesome powers pick up some scum gum!

We have also found out the ingredients in Scum Gum!

wax, scum, gum and stuff and more stuff and scum and more gum and scum and magically altered stuff ya!

The Question Being Do you want Powers?
Eat Scum Gum!
This is Neko and Teko reporting From The Gum Store!

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