Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheetah Cheating Club

We got the HONOR to be apart of the Cheetah Cheating Club....
Okay, we broke in ..... Yes, we were wearing cheetah costumes. No not in the picture above! Okay, we only wore the shoes below.... And we got in. THEY THOUGHT WE WERE CHEETAHs for wearing those shoes!
The Cheetah Cheating club is for cheaters. There you play the game cheat all day and win fun stuff like..... YO YOS! When you join the club you have to pay $2000 Dollars, unless you have a gun. Or if you know the Classified Kids personally.
Theres mostly cheetahs in the Club, some ginglebarts, some wolverine people,
We played two games of cheat and we both won,

What did we do then? We did nothing. So, we quite the Cheetah club and went home!
And made videos!
Ps. Song of the Week: Love Game By Lady Ga Ga
Carl hates Webkinz perfume!
Carl also hates:
and people who hate him!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cool Video!

Enjoy this video!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Classified Kids: CBC News

More Just for FUN!

Dogzilla's Halloween Costume

Sorry, It's a little hard to see. Anyway, Presenting Dogzilla's Halloween Costume! She's going as a goblin King!

Doomed Planet?

"WASHINGTON - Astronomers have found what appears to be a gigantic suicidal planet."
The Planet is ten times bigger than Jupiter and is basically throwing itself at it's nearest star. The Experts say something about hides and tides, but it is to complicated so this is what the planet is doing.
The Planet is pulling itself towards it's nearest sun. Don't worry, this planet is really far away even more than 1 million miles. They also named this planet and it's sun.
The names are Wasp-18 for the sun, and Wasp-18b for the planet. We have no idea why scientists are making such a big deal, The Planet is going to "Die" In a million years!
"Its size - 10 times bigger than Jupiter - and its proximity to its star make it likely to die, Hellier said. (a scientist) "

"Like most planets outside Earth's solar system, this planet was not seen directly by a telescope. Astronomers found it by seeing dips in light from the star every time the planet came between the star and Earth.

So far astronomers have found more than 370 planets outside the solar system. This one is "yet another weird one in the exo-planet menagerie," said planet specialist Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. "

All Information and Quotes from this article is from

Copy and paste that if you want to read the full article.

This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Panicking Scientist room where scientists are panicking because a planet is going to die in a million years.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In the Spotlight: Cool Shows

When, we are not looking for News we eat, and sleep, BUT we also watch T.V. We are going to tell you some of our Favorite Shows, In our very first Episode of SPOTLIGHT!
Our first Show is Monk!
The Show stars Adrian Monk who is a detective, He is compulsive which means he has to have everything just right, For example: If he sees a piece of dirt on the wall, he will clean it up immediately, But, Adrian is Brilliant solving crimes easily. The Shows shows humor, and has little violence. Also, the actors are brilliant and the show gets into the pain of Adriane's lose for his beloved wife Trudy.
I would say this is a comedy. Rated PG

Our Next Show is called Lie to Me!
It's about a company that solves mysteries. (Really Hard Ones) That even the F.B.I. can't solve. Instead of looking for clues, they look for clues on people faces. So, they can tell what someone's emotions are and if they are telling lies. Using Science and how their muscles move without them knowing. This show is more serious unlike Lie to Me and has more Gorey references, (Doesn't show it, really just talks about it)
It's a show that will keep you at your feet, the story twists all the time so, you'll never get bored. Rated 14A for language

Our next show is THE UNIT
The unit, is about special agents that not even the Police know about, The show shows some combat and saving lives, It also has lots of shooting and blood, more recommend for 11 over. They also go undercover to capture huge criminals and drug dealers. It's more of an action show, They go into different countries, sometimes if their is a leak in the unit, people will go to high lengths (terrorists , sleepers etc.) to try to get ride of some of The Units members because they shut them down. In one episode a group shut down all of the towns water and replaced it with poisonous gas to try to kill a member of the unit. (So, gas was coming out of sinks and sprinklers)
Rated 8+

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is about F.B.I. agents solving mysteries, one of the members is deaf so she reads lips, It's a good show with not any violence, and is mainly about shutting down major drug dealers, the show also stars Levi, the super cute dog which is Sue's Hearing Dog!
Rated 8+

Hope you enjoyed this episode of SpotLight!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Big Screen TV located in Future Shop!

Fire and Water?

Fire and Water are always mad at each other. Why? We are going to find out! So, we think Carl may have something to do with it? But, Probably not! So, anyway, this is what fire said about water:
"That little Water, I am going to kill him! He took my favorite teddy bear!" Fire blazed.

We also talked to water:
"Take his Teddy Bear , Why would I want rubbish like that? I am the victim here, he sent me a letter saying I looked Ugly!" Water said. "I can't see how he could write letters since he is fire?" He added.

"I know who wrote the letter!" Teko yelled!....
We brought fire and water to the same place and Teko explained it all.
"I know who stole your Teddy Bear and wrote that letter!" Teko explained.
"THE BLUE GUY!" She yelled. "Him and the Sandwich guy were in it together! They wanted you to get into a fight so they could make sandwiches without you knowing, I have no idea why they wanted to do that?" Teko said.
Case Closed.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from The Forest and the Lake?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quest For the Golden Socks

Legend has it that if someone has the Pair of Golden Socks they will have the ability to wish for one wish!
Not much people go on quests so we decided to go on a journey with a couple of people who dared to try to find this pair of Golden Socks!
On the Quest were Three people, A wizard named Washy, a black smith named Paul, and a kid named Spare, We all rode horses, and Spare just played Spore the Whole time. There was 3 main areas we traveled in. Zelda Land, Pock Land, And Golden Socks Land , In Zelda land their was jumping Zeldas in Pock land there was Lots of Pockets, In Golden Socks Land, Their was the Golden Socks, Washy and Paul had done all the work, Spare was royalty so he had to come along. After trying to dodge tons of Pocket Monsters, The 3 Explorers finally saw the Golden Socks sitting on a stool. Spare jumped off the horse and put them on. "Wait, we did all the Work we should get to make the wish!" Paul called out! "I am royalty you obey me!" Spare defended. "Oh Boy! I wish my parents were here!" Spare Said. His Parents appeared. "There goes the wish!" Washy said. "Wait, Can't you just use your magic to get us what we want?" Paul asked. Washy looked at her wand. "Your right! Let's go to the Beach!" She waved her wand and POOF! We Were at the Beach, Of course we did not bring Spare along! So, we enjoyed the Rest of the day at the beach! The End!

In Truth, I saw all of that on TV! This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Big Screen Tv! POOF!

The Old Woman's Bear Hugs of a Hurricane

This is what looks like to be a normal Teddy Bear, But it is not!
Did you know that, that Teddy Bear has a hidden camera, for security of course. But, there was one person who was excellent at making small cameras but used his talent for evil: This is a true Story!
A man had bought a bunch of teddy bears, he also had lots of small cameras
They were super tiny like the ones in the Picture! He put them in all the teddy bears eyes and gave them out at a church for free, He would watch the kids from his Lap Top! (Evil Huh?) Invading their privacy, One day someone must have found out about the operation, and told the police, maybe a kid found a camera, but anyway, the Guy was shut down! locked away in Jail!

Anyway, They have a new natural Disaster, Known as Hurricane Bill!
So, we have the Tornado in Toronto and Hurricane Bill?
I really don't like this Bill, Who is he, Why name a Hurricane Bill it does not sound scary, "Oh No IT's BILL!" You know what we mean! They should have named it Death Doom unless you escape Natural Disaster! "Oh no its the
Death Doom unless you escape Natural Disaster!" Ya that sounds way better don't you think?

Now for Fun Stuff:
The Oldest Women in the World! Facts about her. Her name is
Jeanne Louise Calment she aged 121 in 1996!
  • She lived in Arles, France, for her entire life, and outlived both her daughter and grandson
  • Her older brother, Fran├žois, lived to the age of 97, her father to 93, and her mother to 86
  • Her husband died in 1942 after eating a dessert prepared with spoiled cherries
  • She met Vincent Van Gogh in 1888, as a 13-year-old girl in her uncle's fabric shop, where he wanted to buy some canvas, later describing him as "dirty, badly dressed and disagreeable", and "very ugly, ungracious, impolite, sick"
  • She watched the Eiffel Tower being built
  • In 1956, Calment appeared in the short promotional film Vincent Van Gogh: Darkness Into Light, produced by MGM to promote Lust for Life. In the short film, Calment talks with star Kirk Douglas about meeting Van Gogh when she was 13
  • At the age of 114, she appeared briefly in the 1990 film Vincent and Me as herself, making her the oldest actress ever
  • In 1996, to celebrate her 121st birthday, a record company released Time's Mistress, a four-track CD of her speaking over a background of rap and hip hop - how cool is that!
  • She occasionally smoked until the age of 117, only five years before her death, finally giving up at the age of 119 years (blindness made it difficult for her to light a cigarette)
  • When asked for her prescription for a long life, she mentioned garlic, vegetables, cigarettes, and red wine. On another occasion, she said her longevity and relatively youthful appearance for her age was due to olive oil, which she said she poured on all her food and rubbed onto her skin, as well as a diet of port wine, and nearly 1 kilo of chocolate eaten every week
  • Calment is the oldest person known to have survived a hip operation
(Info about Oldest Woman is from

This is Neko and Teko reporting from uh, everywhere?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cheap People: Movie Night

How do Cheap People Have Video Game Nights and Movie Nights? We (Neko and Teko) Followed a Cheap Family called The Cheapokobas!
Here is how they do their Movie Nights:
Transportation: Walking so they don't have to spend money on gas!
Place: Future Shop in The TV Section, they set up these home theater sections!
With these couches!
How: They watch the Movie they are playing!
Snacks: Candy Bars from Cashier! (They steal them)
This is what it may look like!
They also bring Plastic Chairs! So, that's how cheap People have movie nights! Cheap People's Dance Party's are similar! Except in a Music Store, and Video Game nights are in a Video Game Store!
Now you know a bit more about Cheap people!
Oh ya Cheap People don't buy their own Copies of Cheap People Monthly!
They Steal them or find old issues at the Dump!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tornado in Unexpected Place

A tornado happened in an Unexpected Place! Toronto! It just happened Recently! Well, If you look at Tornado and Toronto it's similar in Spelling! The Tornado didn't look like the one in the picture.
Click Here for A picture Of what the Toronto Tornado really looked like!
If that doesn't work copy and paste this link!
So, This is really quite scary because this has not happened for a long time.
Plus, Canada's wonderland was really close to where the Tornado happened.
What if someone was on the Behemoth and got knocked over by a tornado?
Falling Hundreds of Meters!
Keep checking The Globe and Mail for more Updates about this Disaster!
But if you look at the picture it didn't really look like a tornado!
I would put this in the Deadly Not Looking Like Tornado's Section!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from Toronto!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Contact With The Contact Lenses

Have you ever heard about someone who has lots of contacts? Is it Contact Lenses,
or people? Well, Neko and Teko are going to find out what it really means!
So, we interviewed many people and using the logical information of the Sham Wow!
Turns out the Contacts are people who you have contact with that have Contact Lenses or Make Contact Lenses.
Contact Lenses also can be weird.
We decided to talk to Dr. Diet Coke Guy who knows all about Yoda and His Bikini and all about Contact Lenses.
He studies Diet Coke, Yoda`s Bikini , and contacts.
He is also the Politic guy of the Rhino Party! (they didn`t like his platform, (It was to make the world a better place and lower taxes) yep)
He said how he thought we were right!
So, now you know what a Contact is.
So, Contact lenses are like glasses But more lensey and contacting.
Maybe some people will wear contact lenses to back to Gulp!
The S word. They say it`s cool, but it does drool.
The word is....
I hate that word. Summer goes by so fast! I think Summer should be much longer.
So, Enjoy the rest of your summer.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from Our Contact`s house!
Ps. Do you have any Contacts
We do!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Curse Of the Mushy Mushroom

The Curse Of the Mushy Mushroom?
The Mushy Mushroom is a Mushy Mushroom? Right?
Well, we don't know so we are going to find out,
We spoke to Legends Expert: Dr. Legends Expert! He told us what the Curse of the Mushy Mushroom really was.
The Mushy Mushroom, grows on rotton trees, It is told through legend that if you mush it and the insides are liquid then you will have a good life ahead of you, if the insides are solid you'll be given a sandwich by the blue guy.

That's the Legend? That's It? A big Fuss for THAT?!?
"Oh, I though you wanted the legend not the curse!" He said. "I do not expert in curses so you'll have to go to Dr. Curse Curse." He suggested. So, we took a taxi to Dr. Curse Curse. "Hello!" He cursed. "We want to know about the Curse of the Mushy Mushroom!" We said.
He took a breath and began.
The Mushy Mushroom is Poisonous and if you eat it you'll die and have your insides eaten by the Blue Guy!
That's It? So, We were mad because we spent $20 on a taxi to just be lectered to not to eat a mushroom! Come on!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from Eating Pizza WITHOUT mushrooms!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The I-Pod Human

Hurry, Now before It's to Late!
Buy the I-pod Human!
Ps. This Video is made by Nigahiga if you like it we have more made by him below the fred video bar :D!
Enjoy! :D

Scene Cards Stolen

Click Here for a Picture of a Scene Card!
This morning at 10:00am A UFO came and stole all the scene cards.
We were Right Carl did steal the Scene Cards. Police may suspect that The Thing may be involved. "We may have to use our secret Weapon." A police Officer stated.
"Scene cards have REALLY SHARP PLASTIC." A person panicked.
"Wait a Second." King of Cheese Said.
"The combination of Dead fruit, perfume and scene cards can create a huge indestructible weapon that no one can defeat. Actually only one person can defeat it.
That would be wolverine of course, If he will do it, he will do if for beer I know he will for he is a lover of beer, but this weapon is super dangerous." King of Cheese said in One Breath.
"What is the weapon." Someone said. Not asked.
King of Cheese faced us and said the 3 lettered word.
All of a sudden the Thing was standing on a UFO holding this Giant pie.
He grunted.
So the world went into chaos for 45seconds. Just enough time for The Thing to call up Carl.
That's when we found out who Carl was...
Carl is.....
Willy wonka. He Escaped Just before the Police could catch him. But he dropped all the stolen stuff.
"He is moving onto Bigger Plans." Teko stated.
"Well, want to go see that horror movie?" Neko asked.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Movie Theatre inside a horror movie called.
The Horror Of the Abs.
Yes it is about Wolverine's abs!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Movie Theatre inside a horror movie called.
The Horror Of the Abs.
Yes it is about Wolverine's abs!

Wait, we said that already?
May the Peanut Butter Be with You!

Do You Believe in UFO's?

In the past, there have been over 800 UFO sightings. Are they real or just a myth? UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. If UFOs were identified though wound they be called IFO's or Identified Flying Object? I think that Carl might have something to do with it! And the Thing probably helped him too. By grunting of course!

What could UFOs be? Are they spaceships inhabited by aliens? Or are they large flying plates that giants have their meals on? Well we, Neko and Teko, have discovered that they are really frisbees used to communicate back and forth between the Thing and Carl so they can plan secret evil stunts behind peoples' backs.

We recently interviewed some people:

"Well you know what younglings! My grandmother was a UFO and I am proud of it!" tells 'Grandma'.

"Of thourse I bewieve in spathchips lithe UFO'th!" proclaims 'Lisp' age 3.

"All this crazy nonsence has carried on from generation to generation and I just don't believe in it." declares "Farmer". "The crop circles in my farm are probably just tractor circles."

So, some people believe in UFO's and others don't. Well, Neko and Teko know that they're real and Carl and the Thing do too.

This is Neko and Teko repoting from the crop circles.

Add Image

Monday, August 17, 2009

Scene Card Commercial

Here's A Object we think Carl May Strike Next....
Will Carl go after the Scene Cards?
Stay Tuned....
Ps. Scene Cards are Awesome.....
Pss. It's really Sharp Plastic. LOLZ!
Do you like it when we add videos?

This is Neko and Teko reporting from the movies where we just used our Scene card.

Bird Perfume "Flys Away?"

This Perfume is by Aerie By American Eagle. So the Perfume is called Aerie the Scent by Aerie by American Eagle Weird Huh? Anyway, we were on the scene, Neko and Teko. Inspecting a American Eagle store that had just got a shipment of this Super Expensive perfume stuff. ($40 a bottle) It had all been stolen. No Broken Windows, No Fingerprints, Nothing. The Perfume has a really nice scent. But how could it be stolen? Suddenly, The King of Cheese... ( He is a really famous detective so famous we have never heard of him.) Stated..."Wait, Crick Me a Clue, Oh My Pickle Juice Jars of Evil Strawberries, It has a bird on top, what if the murder of fruit has a bigger plan in mind, maybe he took the birds on top of the perfume and used them to Fly away, I notice the sales went up this season, due to sweaty armpits, I think he somehow programed the birds to fly away with the perfume maybe he plans to sell them on the black market? I think they call him Carl, we must find his Real Identity and Find out what this has to due with the murdered fruit." He said in ONE breath. Boy, this guy is good.
We Neko and Teko, will try to keep your updated hopefully, this guy Carl will be brought to Justice. Anyway, Don't buy Aerie Perfume since it costs $40 a bottle just to have it fly away may not be the smartest thing.
We put together a list who we think Carl may be:
-Iron Man
Okay, It's probably not any of them...
Sorry, we are not very good at Detective Work.
Maybe... Carl is a certain person who doesn't like a certain Striped shirt person.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Scene of the Crime. (The Bird Perfume crime)

The Drowning Banana: Is it True?

We all know that bananas float. Well, this is Neko and Teko reporting from our local recreation centre, where the drowning fruit was spotted. Now since bananas are not living creatures, it is impossible for them to drown. Well, for some reason this banana sunk right to the bottom. "He is in a stable condition for now. On an IV dripfilled with apple juice." reports to us the nurse taking care of him at The Hospital for Sick Fruit.

So, how Blake the banana got there is yet a mystery, but many people suspect Carl, previosly written about in these articles. He has been taken in for questioning. because, come on, whoever tries to drown a banana and actually succeeds is a real criminal with lots of experience. All you fruit out there, BEWARE! For there is a criminal on the loose who wishes to murder you. All you people, DO NOT LET YOUR FRUIT OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR THEY WILL DIE!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the fruit bowl.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

World's Most Evil Toys

This is Exclusive, We, Us, Neko and Teko. Have put together a special report of the TOP 10 Most Evil Toys in the World. Warning: Before you read on, You may want to note that these toys are 99.9999901837% evil. So here we go.

World's Most Evil Toys: By Neko and Teko

In 10th place: Barbies
Barbies are evil because they are made of Plastic, Children can choke on plastic, their Dresses are used to kill people by wrapping it around their necks.

In 9th Place: Pokemon Cards
These Cards can be used to make Paper Cuts, Which is very dangerous, Because Paper Cuts allow dangerous chemicals that live on the Pokemon cards to enter the Blood Stream. Plus the Ugly Creatures can give someone a Heart Attack.
In 8th Place: Tamagotchi
These Annoying things Beep and can deafen you from their Greedy Racket.

In 7th Place: Toy Knives
You know why

In 6th Place: Toy Candy
Kids think It`s real and gobble it down and DIE!

In 5th Place: Bug Spray
It`s no Toy, but If you spray it on little kids that are Mosquitoes to you they will DIE and you will go to Jail and Die and then the Jail will DIE!

In 4th place: Club Penguin
Even though it is a Computer Game these Penguins can shot Red Lasers out of their Eyes causing KIDS TO DIE! Look at that little evil Penguin at work. Looking at it`s next victim...
In 3rd Place: Kooky Clickers
These Pens can be used to stab someone, yet the funny goofy faces hide their sinister plans...
In 2nd Place: Butter Milk
We have no idea what it is but it is the 2nd most dangerous toy in the world.

The world`s most dangerous and evil toy is.....
Rated the Worlds most safest toy (what a joke) Used as Military Weapons is....
This toy is used to kill people and they DIE DIE DIE
Look at its evil eyes.

Beware of these Evil Toys...
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Safe Soft Toys store filled with Evil Toys...

Dr Pep-Pick-Popper-Pickle-What?

Who is this Dr Pep-Pick-Popper-Pickle-What? Well, research shows that he is a scientist from the planet Jupiter. Born to live in the heat and gas of the planets surface, unlike many others he can live there.
But just why then is he sitting in your refrigerator at home, waiting to be drunk by a pair of thirsty lips? Why, when he can be doing experiments on humans instead of humans doing experiments on him? It's all because of CARL. The talk show lady's boyfriend who she talks about. Come on! Do we really care if Carl went to work or not? The truth is, she says he doesn't work because he really illegally goes back and forth from Jupiter, stealing Dr Pep-Pick-Popper-Pickle-What's friends and family. And they don't fight back because they know it is their duty. So, next time your think of drinking DR PEPPER, just remember their favour towards you. And drink Diet Dr Pepper instead. This is Neko and Teko reporting from the fridge.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Evil MacBook Of Doom

The Mac book is evil, Well, Not all mac books but this one. Okay not this Precise one but one that looks like it, One person bought a mac book from a store, The only thing different about it from the rest was It had a dark black X on the back. If you turn it on, all there will be is a picture of the Thing, No internet, no programs, just the Thing.
People are starting to think, that there are more defected mac books out there.
We just got a report that TWO minutes ago the Mac book called out doom and turned into cheese, then into a mutant burger. The Man poured beer on the burger and it disappeared. Is the Thing being framed? Is Reed Richards behind it? Because if you really think about it, The Thing is super dumb. Ewww, Reed Richards can stretch any part of his body. The Police went to his Lab to investigate. Sure enough Reed Richards had stored mac Books and Mutant Burgers, He planned to take over the world. I thought He was super smart. He still shipped out 10000 macbooks so is you see a macbook CALL THE POLICE.
This is Neko and Teko reporting From the Apple store.
Teko is looking at I-tunes Gift cards. (LOL!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Mutant Burger

This looks like a regular burger. But really it is a Mutant Burger with crazy powers. When you try to take a bite of it, it turns to metal and you break all your teeth.

'' Because of this beast, I had to get dental insurance!" complains a burger fan. "I miss my meaty flavor!" protests many more. The culprit recipe is not yet found, but many suspect it to be THE THING. COPS look into this subject as he is monitered daily. Not even the neighbourhood superhero, Wolverine, can destroy this monster! When will we get our favourite flavours back? "All in a matter of time" detectives on this case state.
So, until then you will just have to enjoy those hot dogs.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Meat Matters Central.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Thing Grunts

The Thing Grunts: It's all over the news, and on the 32 page of newspapers.
At 2am when the Thing was brushing his teeth and shaving, he just grunted for no odd reason. Then he grunted again the world went into chaos for 322seconds.
His Pants fell off, and were eaten by The Human Torch's Children (he married Britney Spears) They ate his pants, So The Thing that was his only pair of pants, so he had to go onto the street in no pants to buy more. He Grunted again. The Thing wanted revenge so he went into the Human Torch's Room, there he dressed the human torch into a skirt. The Human Torch just burned it off. Then he burned off the Thing's ears that's why he has no ears. He also took some of his Rocks for his Rock Collection. The Thing then when mental grunted like a cow and put on Johnny's Designer Underwear and His Wife's Designer Underwear. The Thing found out that he had mold growing between the plates on his Armpits so he bought cow poo deodorant. Which is actually a great sunscreen .
Then he grunted and fell on his Face.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Everyone has heard of Twitter,
Celebs do it, Cheese does it.
Even Wolverine Does it.
Twitter can be fun,
But It is soooo Annoying when people write Junk about their Lives. I mean Junk Like Who's Going to Care Junk.
For Example:

Bob Kid:
10:00am: Woke Up
10:01am Yawned
10:02am Went washroom
10:03am flushed toilet
10:04am washed hands
10:05am ate breakfast
10:06am felt breakfeast go down throat
10:07am digested breakfeast
10:08am went washroom again
10:09am Flushed Toilet
10:10am washed Hands

See how boring this is? Who wants to read that? What an exciting Ten minutes.
Mostly People follow Celebs on it.
Only One Person Follows Bob Kid. (Person Who follows every single person)
Anyway, This is What Wolverine's Twitter would look like!


10:00am woke up
10:01am drank beer
10:02am smoked while drinking beer
10:03am drank another glass of beer
10:04am drank beer
10:05am drank beer
10:06am got drunk
10:07am drank more beer
10:08am drank beer
10:09am typed all this Junk onto twitter
10:10am spilled beer on key board
10:11am licked beer off keyboard

Now that is actually worth reading. That's just sooo Exciting and meaningful.
Much Better than Bob Kids. Seriously Though, who wants to read about someone Going Washroom and Digesting Food?

This is Neko and Teko: Beware of Twitter addicts Like Bob Kid
Read cool Twitter people Like Wolverine!
Don't read the Blue Guy. Example: 10:00am - 12:00am ate a sandwich

Movies In Minutes: X-men Orgins Wolverine

This is Movies In Minutes Created by nigahiga, If you like this Video we have more made by Him In the Video Bar below Fred!
This is One of Neko's Favourite Videos

Monday, August 10, 2009

Missing in the Mountains

Wouldn't it be stange if 400 people from your town went missing? Would you wonder where they were? Well this really happened in Tawain after a mudslide so people were evacutated to China.
"The mudslide covered a large part of the village including a primary
school and many homes," said resident Lin Chien-chung. "A part of the mountain above us just fell on the village."
Would you be scared if parts of a mountain fell on your home? Well, if no one was in your school I guess that would be alright because you could skip school, but imagine if people were inside it. In situations like that, it's complete chaos! People screaming, helicopters buzzing, parents looking for children, children for parents. Many rescue workers helped evacuate scared young children.
So, although we love to slide in the mud with our fudge umbrellas, we'd rather mud to stay off of us!

This is Neko and Teko reporting from sliding in the mud. Oh, And remember to always dig in the mud to see if you can find someone's shoe.

The Dreadlocks Warrior

Have you ever heard of dreadlocks? If you've had them, you know that their a pain in the hair. Well, not anymore. Neko and Teko interviewed someone who goes by the name of The Dreadlocks Warrior. 'The thing is,' he tells us, ' is that dreadlocks, the war of the nation, is actually a cool sensation!'

He also tells us that all the celebrities are planning their new wardrobes and apparently the governement is releasing Fudge Umbrellas.

So, If you have ever had a horrible day when dreadlocks just would not go away, then you are in luck and prepared for this new, strange, horrible but cool fashion statement. And hair spray, a word of warning. GET OUT OF THE WAY FOR FROM OCTOBER THE THIRD, IT WILL BE ILLEGAL TO USE!

This is Neko and Teko repoting from the hair salon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jelly Beans: Role Models

This is Neko and Teko reporting from, The National Jelly Bean Convention. Where Jelly Beans gather and talk about Jelly Bean Stuff.
So, we tagged along.
We did Murder a few Jelly Beans though...
The First Activity was called Jelly Bean Toss.
The Jelly Beans would toss onto each other.
It looked like the Photo here.
There was a Speech that caught our attention. It was about the Greatest Role Model for Jelly Beans.
Here are the Top 3: In third Place: Big Foot Second: The Conservatives And First Place: Iron Man`s Beer. No not Iron Man but Iron Man`s Beer.
Yes His Cheese flavored Beer.
So, up hopped a glass of Beer, The Jelly Beans cheered. Suddenly Iron Man and Wolverine appeared. Two words: Crashing Through the Ceiling with Peanut Butter.
Okay that is 7 words. Wolverine started throwing Peanut Butter at Wolverine. I am too Cheap to buy my own beer. Wolverine yelled. So they fought over the beer...
Then If you`ve read our last post you would have known I said Weird Things happens with Cheese. I have no Idea How but the Cheese separated from the Beer. The Jelly Beans started Jumping up and down and Chanting. CHEESE IS OUR NEW ROLE MODEL. Soon, Once they stopped fighting over the beer.
Two Words: Peanut Butter Covers Beer. So they left.
The Cheese got evaporated by a strange Cheese Eating Jelly Bean force.
So, We left. Grabbing more Jelly Beans of course.
News is Scared in our town. So, Hopefully we will find some better news soon.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Jelly Bean Convention!
Jelly Beans New Role Model: One word: Cheese

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bananas Destroys Property

Bananas are fruit, they are very hard to find.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the genetically evil lab of doom lab. We found out that Evil Farmer Dude decided to set bananas on the lose to destory the city.
The Bananas were feared. Everyone ran from them. A scientist said to use that we were the town's last hope.
Next he handed us a Light Saber,
This is what you've been training for. "What?" We asked. All of a sudden we were dressed in Jedi Outfits. "This Nerd I found at a convention will be joining you, his name is BOB!" The Scientist said. We set off to the place where we were to battle the Bananas. The Bananas gathered. "The force is strong in you!" A banana boomed.
"I am Death of Ban!" He added. "Come On Bananas!" Bob dropped his wal-mart light saber and walked off. Suddenly we got the force and killed all the Bananas.
"That was so weird." We said.
"Awww, I don't have the Force anymore!" Teko whined.
Now we knew why the Bananas were destroying property!
The Bananas wanted Cheese!
There are a lot of Interesting things about Cheese....
This Is Neko and Teko signing out!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chocolate Chip Warrior Monkeys

Chocolate Chip Warrior Monkeys live in the Valley of Really Bad Things. They are fierce beings made of chocolate chips. They are super fast and hard to get a picture of.
We decided to journey to the Valley Of really Bad Things to see if we could find any new stuff about them. This is what we learned.
Chocolate Chip Warrior Monkeys eat Coco and are The Prey of Chocoholics.
That's all we learned.
We watched as a Warrior Monkey was circling a coco bean plant. Crouching down ready for his Next Move. He Jumped on the coco bean plant but It was too late a net came down on him. There standing holding the Monkey by the Tail was The GASP!
Wolverine came on a screen which we had no idea where is came from and ate a chocolate bar.
The GASP! Is the Blue Guy's Cousin. All he does Is GASPS! *GASP* He got into a truck taking the Chocolate Chip Warrior Monkey away. "We have to follow him." Teko whispered. We ran stealthy into the rain forest following the tire tracks.
Soon we got to the *GASPS* base. The Base was a tent with a big neon sign on it saying.
THE GASPS BASE! We then rescued the monkey and returned him the the Valley of Really Bad Things! So, we didn't learn a lot.
And Guess what The *Gasps* Went to Jail and died and came a live again!
This Is Neko and Teko Reporting from the GASPS Base!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Socks: The Evil Cat

I know it may seem how can a cat be evil.
You you think that you have not meet socks!
Socks looked like the Cat in the Picture.
Anyway, she started out as a great cat. Before a horrible thing happened.
She started treating the whole house as her litter box.
Then, she started escaping to play with the other Kitty Kats. They ate KIT KAT WITHOUT ME! Socks started to steal my kit kat too. The Next Day I started Eating Jello. The Rainbow Kind with Teko. I was enjoying it. Next Socks, had eat my rainbow Jello. But, the worst thing happened yet.
It turns out the Jello speed up her digestive system and Socks did her litter box thing on a bed.
But, It was no ordinary bed it was brand new and new sheets were just put on it.
So, I cleaned up the mess, and put Sock outside so she could learn a lesson. She played with her little kitty friends. Socks came back to the house injured.
The Vet bills cost a lot of money for an unloving evil cat.
One week later, Sock escaped the house and the neighbors were cleaning their RV with Jello, but anti freeze leaked everywhere.
Socks drank it and POOF she was Dead.
I don't miss her. Now I have a Dog named Dogzilla aka Daisy!
This is Neko signing out to play with Dogzilla!
Which would win in a cuteness contest? Dogzilla or The Cat that looks like Sock!

Super Cool Things You Probably Didn't Know

We picked up some cool facts that we got from the National Geographic Almanac 2010!

Here are some of the Facts we learned:

-Killer Whales are a type of Dolphin

-You smell better through your right nostril than your left

-You yawn to cool down your brain cells

-The Sand Cat is the Wild version of the Domestic Cat (They used to Sandcat to breed to get domestic Cats)

-The Word Nerd first came from a Dr. Suess Book

-Some cars can Run on used French Fry oil

-Theodore Roosevelt had more than 40 pets in the white house including
12 horses, 5 guinea pigs 5 bears a zebra and a lion!

-Abraham Lincoln was the Tallest US president and a little girl convinced him to grow a beard.

We hoped you enjoyed these cool facts!
This Is Neko and Teko signing out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

J-ello Mellow

I love J-ello! Do you love J-ello?
J-ello is way better than Cheese!
My fave type of J-ello is Rainbow J-ello because It is 4 flavors in one!
I don't like using - so I am just going to say Jello instead of J-ello!
Jello looks better than J-ello!
Today's top Story, We stuck to the neighbor hood stuff for a while!
"Mmmm, Today I feel Like Jello with whip cream on top!" Teko said.
"Then Lets go to The Jello Mellow factory!" Neko suggested!
"We are the Mellow Jello's bringing this to you, super artificial colors poisonous to fou...." Teko sang outloud. "You don't need to sing the theme song!" Neko interrupted. "What is fou anyway?" Teko asked. "I looked it up, It means Drunk!"
Neko said.
( So, We went to the Factory.
Lots of Jello!
"Oh My googles!" Neko gasped. "No, It's the Blue Guy. And the Sand Wich guy!" Neko added. "They are drunk!" Teko added. "Come on Let's get rid of them!" Neko chimed in. "Would you like some jello?" We asked them. They took the jello and died, then came alive 15 minutes later. By then we were outta there and guess what. We were sitting and eating rainbow Jello!
Ps. If you find the Fou (aka Drunk people) Give them some Mellow Jello!
This IS Neko and Teko reporting from The Mellow Jello rainbow Jello section of the Factory!
We are the Mellow Jello's bringing this to you, super artificial colors poisonous to fou!
Fou is a real word Just go to

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Super Chobots

This is A video we made on chobots!
Sorry, The quality is bad... Hey, It's hard to hold a camera and type at the same time!
Anyway, This video is soooo Funny!
It's called Super Chobots! Anyway Enjoy!
Boy, You better like this Video it took a long time to Upload!

The Modern Staircase

Modern Staircase: A stairs of a case that is modern.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Weird People who are obsessed with Stairs store.
We are going to tell you the horrible truth of the Modern Staircase!
The Modern Staricase usually has no railing. This one does. YAY! What We don't like about the Modern Staircase is it has spaces in between the steps. We hope you know what we mean.
Some steps are so scary We get horrified to even look at them.
Here is one Story about a horrible thing that happened to a man Known as the Green Guy.
The green guy had a modern staircase in his house, he had never gone to the second floor before. He was to scared to go up it.
One day he got the courage to go up the stairs. He went up and there was Mickey Mouse standing there. Mickey Mouse then Killed him.
The Green Guy lived after he was killed and told us the horrible story of the Modern Stair Case.

Scary Huh?
Here is another story that happened to The Green Guy again!

He moved from his house and moved to a place with lots of stairs.
His bedroom was upstairs so he walked up the stairs to his room. In the room was Yoda and he killed the Green Guy and the Green Guy died again.

Here is another story called the Magical Stairs.

The Green Guy walked up the stairs to the attic there standing was Yoda and Mickey Mouse, they had Fudge Umbrellas. They killed the Green Guy again and gave him a sandwich.
Then he lived.

The green guy now works at Stair Land. Where he sells magical stairs. Like the ones above. See Modern Stair Cases are scary things!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Obsessed People over Stairs Store!

Monday, August 3, 2009

How to Make A Fudge Umbrella

How to make a Fudge Umbrella?
I know I have a Picture Of Cake! I love Cake? Do you love Cake? Anyway, we are going to tell you how you can make your very own Fudge Umbrella!

You will need:
-A magic Ball
-A doll
-a green crayon

How to Make the Fudge Umbrella:
1. Take the Magic Ball
2. Put the Doll on it and tap it with the Green Crayon

Your Fudge Umbrella will be in China so Fly on over and enjoy!

History of the Fudge Umbrella:
-The Fudge Umbrella was invented by Neko.
-The Fudge Umbrella is what The Government spends their money on!
-We think Canada's Politics are easier than US's.
-Peanut Butter is weird

Fun Facts about Fudge Umbrellas:
-Fudge Umbrellas, think Dices are to controlling!
-We don't like cheese
-Please comment and vote
-Fudge Umbrellas are tasty

Hope you enjoyed are Instructions on How to Make a Fudge Umbrella!

Do you think we should write about Cheese?
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the.....
"Fudge Umbrella Club"

The Magic Pen

Games at - Magic Pen 2Magic Pen 2

Collect the flags with the red ball to complete each level.

Play this free game now!!
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