Friday, September 4, 2009

SpotLight: Music

Hello, and Welcome to Spotlight! In this Episode we will be looking at songs. Some you may not have heard of but check them out because they are really good and may be better than all those songs that repeat on the radio! You Belong with Me By Taylor Swift is playing TOO MUCH! It's a good song, But when you hear it every 5 seconds it does get annoying!

First Up,
We have the Song: Bring Me to Life By EvaneScence. Funny thing, That songs in the Music Video bar. CHECK IT OUT! We would rate it 5/5.

Next, We have Thanks For The Memories By Fallen Out Boy.
Check it up on Youtube, It has a weird intro in the music video, but it's really good!
We rate it 5/5

Next up we have Paparazzi By Lady Ga Ga,
Okay you hear it alot, But, It's a good song! Papa-papa-razzi! We rate it 4/5 Just because they play it on the radio to much! (lol)

Next We have the Song: Romeo and Juliet By Toybox!
It's a really good song, Check it on youtube!
We rate it 4/5!

Last but not Least, We have Money Honey by State Of Shock!
You probably heard it before, It's a good song! Aren't all of these!
(Funny Story, Neko used to think this song was by Nickleback, That's when she didn't have the car that says the name of the songs on the radio :P)
This concludes our Episode of SpotLight!
This is our 98th post!
Ps. Hope you enjoy all these songs! Check em out!
Pss. In this weeks Video Bar you can Listen to Bring me to Life

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