Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Albert Einstein: A Long Tongue?

Why is Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out in this photograph? Well, we suspect he was put up to it by The Wide-Brimmed Hat Lady! She was seen in his time period emerging from his study with a tasor. We decided to give you a little info about Albert that might have caused the Wide-Brimmed Hat Lady ot act the way she did. Here it is:

UK researchers have said that they believe that Einstein was likely an example of
Asperger syndrome (the high functioning variant of autism).
What do Albert Einstein’s hands reveal about his suspect autism? The past few decades of scientific research indicate that a
‘low 2D:4D finger ratio’ could be one of the most significant hand features related to autism. And the high quality handprints of Einstein’s hands show that Einstein had a ‘digit ratio’ of about 0.93 – just below threshold which is often seen in the hands of people who have autism or Aspergers syndrome: digit ratio = 0.94 or lower. Confirming evidence for the UK researchers who believe that Einstein had autism.

By using this information just recently discovered, we can piece together this mystery. As new information, the police on the case of WBHL (Wide-Brimmed Hat Lady) have discovered by DNA samples that she may be a long lost relative of Einstein.

As even more surprising facts unveil, they find out that the WBHL is also autistic! That was not suspected for either her nor Albert Einstein, but after researchers found out about Einstein's possibly being autistic.

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