Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Mario CupCakes

At Exactly Two Am like this morning this kid named Justin Bieber! *Needs to Go through Puberty* That kid is 15 he looks like he is 11! Talking To Usher Who the Heck is he? *Hey Usher I am Playing Video Games SAY!* Why is everyone Obsessed with him he has one Song! After Screaming Fans Standing outside his little big house bigger than Teko's Neko's and George Washington's All put together! He was hit in the face with a Mario CupCake "YAY!"
"Don't Say that about Justin wustin!" Says Some Kid!
This Mario CupCake was rumored to be made of Scum Gum then Justin Screamed like a girl and turned into Harry Potter!
Then he turned back to himself!
Where does these good Music People Go? Like Fall Out Boy and EvanScape only to replaced by some high pitched kid? IT's Okay if you like him, He is just not my type!
Let us have some fun and compare? Shall We?
Justin Bieber:


Who Do you like Better Leave your Vote in a comment!
Sorry It's Not really about Mario CupCakes!
Better than Some Sites! Justin Bieber Exhales Every 10 seconds WE MUST BREATH LIKE HIM!
Ya... You See what I mean?
This is Neko and Teko reporting From??????? Where ever??????

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