Monday, June 15, 2009

Cry about Rae

I cried today, yes, we cried, why?
You know how Rae got blasted by Ottawa?
I can't believe we found out the real truth on what happened.
You see Rae is related to Orange Juice,
We don't know how that is physically possible.
But anyway, He planned the whole Orange Juice attack.
So, absurd came and drank Orange Juice so Rae got mad, then he made Ottawa mad and so on so on, So, Parliament,
Which in this case was Ottawa, blasted Rae out of the "cool" group, so sadly Rae does not get to drink cocktails anymore or wear $6000 suits. Politics is confusing, they always have to use big fancy words! So, instead of drinking orange juice, we must eat kraft dinner before we attempt to drink orange juice to be on the safe side. (See Orange Juice articles in archives ) Anyway, orange juice is full of vitamin C and stuff like that.
For some reason, I think Orange Juice has some connection with forks.
This Just In
Neko and Teko reporting from another confusing case of politics.
(I don't really know who Rae is.)

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