Neko And Teko's Adventure Network launched on Saturaday May2 2009, It started as a simple as a fake news report about Bigfoot. When we figured out what we were writing was not contrubiting to the world, we decided to change our topic onto more "Modern" useful articles, It seemed to work, views increased, After over a year of experience we have learned a bit about ourselfs and that you can bascially be anyone to share your opinon,
We also sometimes use "Quotes." or content from other sites or sources, we always make sure to give them credit, we also have strong beliefs which we believe can be shared thourgh words.

Our site has gone thourgh 3 template changes, HTML adjustments to make it the best it can be! So to make it simple:
We are ordianry people who like writing.
We also put videos and music on, And we love comments more than you think!

If you would like to be a guest writer: Contact
with your article you would like posted, and name! 

Thanks for Visiting Neko And Teko's Adventure Network: EveryDay Is an Adventure

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