Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Is For Abortion

unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being

Killing another Human Being who is not let born

Would you kill that baby you see at the top?
No! It's a human being like you, with equal rights right?
Here we have a serious article that states the truth. Read on. All of this is 100% true!
Using Facts from the Dictionary, Trusted Websites, and The Bible.
Shall we begin?

Abortion: What is it?

Abortion is killing a baby who is not let born, Because the goverment says it's okay to kill a baby because when it's not born, It's not considered a human!
ABORTION IS MURDER! Would you commit murder, to a little baby? Who did nothing wrong? Murder is against the law so shouldn't abortion be?
Now you are probably wondering why is it wrong? It's murder but we also have other sayings....
Read on.

How is it Done?

IF you read the above information: Is that so cruel? Just because someone was careless and decided to have sex but not wanting to have a baby! Sex is a way to make children, that's what is was meant for, It's for married people who put their love in each other to make a baby. Not for Careless Teens! Or adults who don't want to have a baby or are ready for children! Did that baby do anything wrong? No! So, why does it have to die for someone's careless actions!

Why is it wrong?

All these bible verses says Abortion is wrong

Rom. 1:16; 6:3,4; 10:9,10; Mark 16:16; Acts 17:30; 2:38; 22:16.
Abortion is murder! Is that not a crime?

Here is what bible.ca says about abortion:
The fact that the unborn baby is a human being, a separate individual from its mother. Therefore, deliberately killing it would be just as wrong as killing any other innocent human being.

Here is what a Yahoo Answers User says about it:

Why I believe abortion is wrong:

1. I had sex, I made the baby, its my responsibility to give that child a chance

2. I do not have the right to play God

3. It is not my choice to kill a baby, my choice was to have sex

4. Every living thing deserves a chance

5. There are so many women who want children who can't have them
6. Being able to have a baby is a miracle in itself (I have health problems and they told me babies weren't likey... proved them wrong!)
7. God is the only one who should decide to leave this earth
8. A child has no way to fight for its own life Just a few of MY reasons why its wrong. My husband and I found out we were pregnant about a month ago... I was devastated... we didn't want kids yet, AT ALL... but the more I thought of it, the more I knew that God gave me this baby for a reason, and it is not MY choice to kill it due to inconvience, thats Gods' choice.

But, The President and People say It's Right?

Here's to answer your question, Is murder right? No! So, The President is saying it's okay to murder! Are you going to be someone who says it's okay to murder? Even if your parents think it's okay, Doesn't mean you have to!

It's pretty amazing that there are huge fines for destroying a bald eagle's egg yet our society wants to be able to destroy a human life in the womb.Why is it all about a woman's rights? Why isn't it about a baby's rights?"
~Takeawalk Yahoo answer member

I'm just a Kid what Can I do to Help?

You Can raise awareness about Abortion, You can tell people about this article!
Do you have a friend or Your Mom's Friend who wants to do Abortion! Send her the link to this article! If the person is not ready to care for a child tell her to just give it up to an adoption agency! It's saving a life and cheaper than doing abortion!

Now you know the truth! Share this Truth with the world. Even though you may be a kid...
You can still try and do something to help.
Like a sunset, Life is a beautiful thing!

Written by Neko
of nekoandtekonetwork.blogspot.com

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