Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Muscles vs. Mush

Why is it that when you walk around, run, stand up, or do any other leg stretches, that your muscles in your legs get all hard? And when you just sit, it's all mush? Well, we, Neko and Teko, are here at the gym today where we are interviewing runners to see just why.
"When I walk, my Quadriceps (look at above pic. for italisized words) tence up and I feel more muscular. But as soon as I sit down, it goes all splat and is just like fat." ~a regular gymaholic.
" When I sit down, my fat pac is all squishy!~comments a young child drinking coffee who really shouldn't drink it because of the caffine in it.
Thanks. We tell the interviewed.
Well, I hope you learned something from that about fat and if you didn't, well, too bad for you. Now, as you can see, there are two pictures above, one is of a person with their muscles showing and all the muscle names labled, and the other of a very, very cute kitten. Now, the muscle one represents muscles(obviously), and the other, the one with the kitten, represents mush. I don't know why that picture was chosen to represent mush, but oh, well. Because it's very, very cute, we will pretend it is a kitty, not mush.
And there you have it folks. Muscles are very good to have, but don't worry if you have any mush, because this cute kitty is on here to represent mush, even though it shouldn't because it's too cute to be mush.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the gym.

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