Monday, September 14, 2009

FireStar Vs. Human Torch

The Most Amazing Battle of The Century, Warrior FireStar Leader of ThunderClan fights the powerful Human torch who is obessed with himself! Firestar was not afraid,
"StarClan Will Lead me against this trespasser of Territory!" (You Can read more of FireStar's Adventures in Warriors By Erin Hunter) We were lucky to see this Battle.
This Is How it went!
FireStar came in, The Human Torch was looking at himself! In a mirror!
So The Battle went on guess who won? The Human Torch!

Just Kidding! FireStar this little Cat Won! How did he do it? He brought a Mirror!
Which he threw and The human Torch was distracted!
Then The Police gave us a call!
"WE KNOW WHO CARL IS!" They Exclaimed!
To Be Continued.....

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