Monday, March 1, 2010

Canada Breaks Record

With a surge of victories in the final days of the games, including two more on Saturday, Canada has won more gold medals than any host nation in Winter Olympic history~

If you have been paying attention to the Olympics. The above statment should be of no surprise. Bottom Line: Canada Broke a World Record For the Most Gold! Canada scored more than Gold than USA! Canada Hosted The Vancouver 2010. This Moment has been a great one for Canada. Winning a Gold Medal is Incrediable. But Winning the most. That's not bad either.

Now Tis is sad. The Olympics have come to an end. But, with Glowing Hearts we will remember.
You now know about Canada's great triumph!

Bet you Didn't know:
That Torch Bearers have to have protection? Yes, there is people who try to trip them with Marbles and try to put out the torch.
That the Next Winter Games are in Russia in 2014
That Sumi The Mascot is in fact a mascot not for the Vancouver Games but for the Paralympics
That the Openning and Closing Ceremony cost $40 Million ?

Did you also know that the Vancouver 2010 had a theme song?
Called I believe By Niki Yanofsky. Niki has also sung songson the HSM2 CD.

The French Version sung by Anna Villeune

Did you Enjoy the Olympics? What was your favourite part?

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  1. cool try to find a song on you tube calle: oh...canada its pretty good


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