Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Huge Forest Fire in California

Was it really a natural disaster?
Or was it the work of Carl and the Hat Lady Thing? Or the Thing? Or All three of them together? Or cheese? Or Spongebob? Or Stars? Or warriors?
Was it flies?
Anyway, We need to tell you WHO WHERE WHEN and all of that stuff.
There was a huge forest Fire in California. The Fire was in the Forest and it was big.

People think that it's probably Carl? What is he up to? Something big? People think that he has contacts with contact makers and may be able to destroy the world using deadly force! Wheres wolverine trying to stop this? We asked. "Oh He's to busy drinking beer!" A man yelled. A another man, actually it was a girl dressed as a boy. Said: They have foretold us in the Warriors Series. What? We gasped? (Warriors By Erin Hunter) "Fire alone can save our clan!" The Girl screamed.
Anyway, The forest Fire is probaby the Work of Carl, and the Mona Lisa.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from
The Ashes that were once a forest.

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