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OMGPOP! Is a online game site for teens. It's really fun. The site is made up of multi player games like Ballono. Draw my thing and others. Check it out!
You don't have to create an account to play you can go online as a guest!
Have fun!

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Private Dancer

Popular Kids

Popular kids: Everyone hates them except for those who are in the group. They talk about people and be mean. They are usually the "Rich" kids who go on vacations all the time and wear expensive designer clothes and who's parents buy them everything they want. What is it about these groups? -YahooAnswers answer to Populars Kids?
Below is an article about Groups like this.

At recess one day Madison's teacher found her sitting alone at lunch, looking sad and upset. She could barely bite the peanut butter sandwich that she usually couldn't wait to eat. "What's the matter, Madison?" the teacher asked.

Later that afternoon, Trey was standing alone by the basketball court after school. Trey's mom asked him why he didn't go play with Zack and Steve, who were shooting hoops. He told his mom he just didn't feel like it, so they walked home.

But the truth was, Trey and Madison were facing the same problem: They both felt left out, and their feelings were hurt.

Madison was so sad that she didn't want to eat, and Trey was so mad that when he got home he slammed his bedroom door. Kids who were their friends yesterday weren't their friends today. What happened?

What Are Cliques?

Cliques are groups of friends, but not all groups of friends are cliques. The thing that makes a group a clique (say: klik) is that they leave some kids out on purpose. Usually one or two popular kids control who gets to be in the clique and who gets left out. Kids may act much differently than they did before they were part of the clique.

Everyone feels left out by friends once in a while. Friends are people just like us — they make mistakes and usually we can forgive them (after all, we make mistakes too!). Sometimes friends fight and make up again.

But sometimes kids form groups that they won't let other kids belong to. A clique is a group of kids who hang out together and won't let others join in. Sometimes kids in the clique are mean to kids they think are on the outside.

For instance, Trey and Steve always played basketball after school. But Zack started pushing Trey out of the group, and now even Steve was saying mean stuff to Trey. Same with Madison and Allie. They used to have sleepovers all the time, but now Cleo was hosting the sleepovers and she didn't invite Madison.

Kids might form cliques in elementary school or in middle school. Sometimes cliques are made of kids who share an interest in something, like sports or computer games or music. Sometimes the kids in them want to be popular or want to belong.

Both boys and girls have cliques, though people who study these groups say girl cliques may be worse. Girl cliques are often meaner and more hurtful in the way they treat girls who aren't in the group.

Feeling Left Out

If you are on the outside of a clique, it can hurt your feelings. You might feel very frustrated, angry, or sad and want to cry or say mean things about the people in the clique. You might feel lonely if you're alone at lunch or after school, or even afraid if you feel that someone might pick on you or fight with you. You might be frustrated or upset because you don't know what to do. You might feel down on yourself because the group doesn't want you as a member. You might feel hurt because of the ways other kids keep you out.

Why Do Other Kids Join Cliques?

One of the hard things about cliques is if a person who was your friend joins one and starts treating you differently. Sometimes, the problem starts with an argument between the two of you. But other times you can find yourself on the outside of a clique even if nothing happened.

Sometimes you get left out because you look, act, or dress differently from the other kids. Or just because you're the "new kid" in class. Kids who get into cliques usually want to be popular and feel cool. Sometimes kids think that belonging to a clique will keep them from feeling left out. Some kids feel more powerful when they are mean to other people (like bullies).

Kids in cliques sometimes act differently than they would outside the group. They often go along with what the others are doing, even if they know it's not right — even if it means leaving out a friend. They might feel bad about it, but they can't figure out how to be cool and still be nice to the person who's not in the clique. This is no excuse, though. Plenty of kids manage to be nice to everyone — kids in and outside their closest group of friends — without being part of a clique.

Feeling Trapped in a Clique

Sometimes kids in cliques find that they don't really want to belong to it anymore. They don't want to be bossed around by the rules of the clique, and they don't want to leave others out and hurt people's feelings.

Sometimes they realize they are missing out on being friends with great kids outside of the clique. Some kids realize that they have to give up some freedom and maybe even change the kind of people they are or what kind of music they like or clothes they want to wear.

Even if no one is being mean to you personally, you still might find it annoying if there are cliques you're not welcome to be part of. Or you might be part of a clique, but are getting tired of being bossed around.

As kids get older, they usually outgrow the need to be part of a clique or they are more relaxed about who is "in" and who is "out." For some kids this takes a while. Most cliques have disappeared by the end of high school, making way for more fun and enjoyable friendship groups.

Who Can Help?

Parents, sisters and brothers, other family members, and teachers can help when someone is being left out or treated in a mean way. They might help by giving you advice on how to deal with mean kids. Sometimes they can teach kids that it isn't OK to treat others this way and show them ways to stop kids being mean to other kids.

If you or someone you know is being treated meanly or bullied by members of a clique, telling an adult is important. Adults can also help kids learn to play together, include each other, mend hurt feelings, and repair broken friendships. They can encourage kids to make friends and belong to a group without leaving others out. They can show kids how to be popular by treating everyone with respect and kindness.

What You Can Do

If cliques are upsetting you, what can you do?

  • Find friends. If you find yourself left out of a certain group, focus on other friends. Hang out with kids who aren't part of a clique. Sometimes this means finding older or younger kids to hang out with, or making friends outside school. Sometimes it means being open to kids who look or act differently than you do.
  • Speak up. If your group of friends has suddenly turned into a clique, speak up. It's OK to say that you want to invite others to hang out with you, too. Be prepared for the fact that the clique might go on without you. On the other hand, others might follow your lead and stop acting so clique-y.
  • Invite a friend. If you're on the outside of a clique and you want to be friends with someone who's in it, invite that person to do something with you. It might help if you can see your friend away from the other clique members. Maybe your mom or dad could arrange to have that friend visit at your house on the weekend. By spending time together, he or she might start realizing how silly it is not to hang out more often. But also be prepared for possible disappointment. Even if you have a great time together, your friend might still slip back into the clique when you're all back at school.
  • Don't take it out on yourself. Some kids feel they should try to change themselves — and that's OK too. Maybe you want to get healthy and fit or learn to smile more and be less cranky — it's great to work on yourself, but do it for you, not for anyone else. If some kids are mean to you because they think you don't fit in, don't let them make decisions about the kind of kid you are going to be. Decide for yourself and then get help to reach your goals. Ask a cool cousin or friend to help you revamp your wardrobe or get a new haircut. But only change yourself if it's something you want to do.
  • Look for friends everywhere. The most popular and well-liked kids are the ones who are friendly to everyone. Do your best to let everyone feel welcome to talk to you. Look for chances to meet, talk with, and play with plenty of different kids. Is someone sitting alone at lunch? Why not ask her to sit at your table? Or maybe you noticed the kid standing outside the fence while you're playing basketball. It's time to invite him onto the court. Who knows — maybe the two of you will really click (which means to get along really well). Now that's a much better kind of click!

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UnderCover Mom

A Mom goes undercover on Club penguin. She realizes that there's some "popularity
" stuff there as in Members are the "in" crowd. Do you agree? Read this Article from Good Housekeeping To See what Club Penguin is REALLY like.

Undercover in a Kid's Online World

What one mom learned in her journey through kiddie cyberspace — and what every concerned parent needs to know

By Sharon Duke Estroff

In the middle of a playdate with one of his best buddies a few months ago, my then-8-year-old came over and asked me how to spell penguin.

"Penguin?" I asked, puzzled. "As in Mr. Popper's Penguins?"

"No," Jake clarified. "As in Club Penguin. We want to play, but we can't get to the Website." And just like that, my third grader's age of digital innocence ended, as both of us dove headfirst into the junior cyber-social world.

And I do mean both of us. Because after Jake went to bed that night (giddy with excitement over the creation of his penguin alter ego — or "avatar"), I decided I needed to find out just what was going on in those millions of online igloos that have kids so addicted.

Aimed at ages 6 to 14, the Disney-owned Club Penguin may be one of the most popular kids' sites, but it's hardly the only one. These new virtual worlds, like Poptropica and Barbie Girls, are part social networking, part online game, part Saturday-morning cartoon — and they're everywhere. There are currently more than 100 children's social-networking sites either live or in development. By 2010, projects Nic Mitham, CEO of K Zero, a virtual-worlds consultancy firm, 150 million children will be members of one of them.

These sites generally sell themselves to parents as safe, convivial places for kids to play, learn, and make friends. But I wanted to find out exactly what Jake would be experiencing in this icy paradise. So I opened my own account at Club Penguin (I call it CP) and created my avatar, ChilyLily437, a bright-eyed, hot-pink go-getter with her own digital igloo and cyber hangouts — and even the potential to buy an online wardrobe. Via this character, I virtually sunbathed, snow tubed, and even picked up my daily cup of joe at CP's answer to Starbucks. And by typing in cartoonlike speech bubbles, I mingled with waddling hordes of other penguins.

During my two-week mission, I did find four serious surprises — both good and bad. Here's what you should know before you let your kids out into the cyber snow.

1. A Virtual Playground Is Still a Playground

Given the stats, I expected CP to be hopping, but I was awestruck at just how packed with penguins it was. After I logged on, I was prompted to select from more than a hundred chat rooms with names like Snow Angel and Polar Bear. Though many were full, I managed to snag a spot in Blizzard, and was teleported into a bustling cyber community. Scores of penguins surrounded me, and a mushroom cloud of cartoon bubbles hovered as everyone seemed to be talking at once. Some penguins were declaiming to the masses; some huddled in private conversations; some walked furry pet "puffles." Here's what ensued when ChilyLily approached three cheery-looking penguins.

ME: Hi, I am ChilyLily and I am KEWL


ME: Hannah Montana Rules


DANCING PENGUIN 3: we r going to a members only party

ME: Can I come?



DANCING PENGUIN 2: (angry face)

ME: (frowns)

DANCING PENGUIN 3: go away or I am reporting u

"Reporting" means telling the CP powers-that-be that I'd been breaking the rules, which would have been untrue, but nonetheless, I took the hint and slunk away.

Next: Why all play is not created equal

The Good

Since many kids today spend so little time with neighbors and friends, virtual worlds can give them a comforting sense of companionship — and not just in the digital realm. "Children make virtual friends, sure, but they also use these sites to meet and shore up their relationships with real-life friends," says Yasmin Kafai, Ed.D., professor of learning sciences in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, who has been conducting research on tweens in virtual worlds. So even on actual playdates, kids may end up playing together online, since that's the way they're accustomed to socializing.

And experts say social networking helps prepare youngsters for a lifetime online. "Young Web users grow up to be teen social networkers, IM users, and phone texters," says Anne Collier, codirector of "So the earlier they learn appropriate behavior, the better."

The Bad

But just how appropriately are these avatars behaving? It's true that Club Penguin, like many other sites, works overtime to keep the chat civil. CP filters out rude language and personal information, lets kids act as secret agents and report rule breakers, and provides monitors to discourage bad behavior. According to Lane Merrifield, cofounder of Club Penguin and executive vice president and general manager of Disney Online Studios, the filters are modified almost hourly to keep up with kids' changing slang. "We strive every day to improve and be the best, safest site out there," he says.

Still, I saw cyber-savvy kids come up with all kinds of clever ways to evade these precautions, like putting consecutive words in separate cartoon bubbles ("I" "DO" "NOT" "LIKE" "YOU"). CP's safeguards are updated so often that some of the talk and tactics I observed are already impossible — and probably more will be by the time this story is printed. But kids find a way. While many penguins were amicable, I was called "weirdo" twice and "nerd" three times, told to go away six times, and pummeled with snowballs and mean-face emoticons. (Merrifield explained that the site allows some words that can be negative — nerd, geek — if some kids identify themselves that way.)

"It stands to reason that bullying happens in kids' virtual worlds," says Collier, "because it happens in school and on the playground, too." But in the virtual world, the inherent anonymity compounds the problem. "Kids may be much more likely to say things through an online avatar that they wouldn't say in person," says Debbie Glasser, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Richmond, VA, and founder of While kids also misbehave on the real playground, in cyberspace, they assume they're anonymous, even invisible, and because the virtual world is "just a game," they don't feel the accountability — or guilt — they would in real life, where they have to confront their victims.

2. All Play Is Not Created Equal

During my time on Club Penguin, I became a regular at the local pizzeria. I liked the cliché Italian piano music, the cozy candlelit tables, and the brick oven; but mostly, I was fascinated by the friendly waiters who never, ever delivered my pizza.

I was initially stumped over how I could have given my order to 16 different penguins and not have even a slice. But then I realized that these kids were only pretending to be waiters and waitresses. And they thought I was pretending to be a customer. We were playing an old-fashioned game of "let's pretend" in a newfangled setting.

The Good

Playing make-believe is part of the magic of being a kid, and Club Penguin's fanciful locales, exotic costumes, and colorful avatars seem to invite it. From a parent's perspective, the site is an innocent, welcome oasis in an online wasteland of XXX Websites and potentially risky teen social-networking forums. From a child's perspective, it looks like a new, and highly accessorized, way to play.

The Bad

But unlike traditional imaginative play, CP and other sites generally don't let kids dream up places like the Italian-restaurant scene — graphic designers do it for them. Merrifield says his team's goal is to be the "stewards of creativity," and pointed to the play in the pizzeria as a positive example. But I'm not convinced. Kids' opportunities to pretend creatively on these preconceived sites seem sadly limited, as they did in that cafĂ© (which appears to be meant more as a hangout than a place to play food server: Witness the lack of pizza!). And the sites' games aren't fueled so much by children's imaginations as by preprogrammed, circumscribed choices.

"Creative play allows young children to digest life and make it their own. It's an outlet for their creativity and an absolutely critical part of childhood," states Joan Almon, director of the U.S. branch of Alliance for Childhood. But when kids spend hours in front of screens — TV, video game, or computer — they're just absorbing other people's stories and imaginations and not creating their own. "That's resulted in a steady decline in children's play," says Almon, "and will have serious negative consequences for kids' cognitive, emotional, and physical development."

Next: How kids can become virtual materialists

3. Kids Can Become Virtual Materialists

Club Penguin, like many similar sites, may bill itself as being all about collecting friends, but believe me, it's about collecting a lot more than that. Like the sparkly pink evening gowns (600 coins), wide-screen TVs (5,000 coins), and Ice Castle igloo upgrades "crafted from the finest ice on Club Penguin" (5,100 coins) that I saw during my 14 days of penguinhood.

Which is why ChilyLily437 decided to go to work. On CP, that means playing video games. Forty-five (excruciating) minutes of digital ice fishing later, I'd accumulated enough coins to get shopping.

But when I tried to make my purchases, a message informed me that I couldn't buy any of these items because I was not a member! However, I could become a member if I'd like ... for $58 a year (and I don't think they were talking penguin money).

The Good

As CP's Parent's Guide points out, virtual-world economies give kids a taste of financial realities and responsibilities, and learning that earning comes before spending helps foster a good work ethic. The avalanche of appealing, if imaginary, merchandise teaches children about making financial choices and even basic math. As a teacher and a mom, I agree that CP can help kids learn these crucial life skills. And CP does not run outside advertisements.

The Bad

"Parents should never forget that most of these sites are moneymaking ventures," warns Liz Perle, editor in chief of Common Sense Media. "The behavior they encourage — playing games to build up 'money' kids can't spend without paying real cash — is driven by commercial impulses."

So maybe I was naive, but I'm still not sure which part is most disturbing: (a) that Club Penguin is perpetuating such a materialistic mind-set; (b) that it's bribing kids with cyber loot to play otherwise pointless video games all day; or (c) that it's getting away with this bait-and-switch routine ("free Club Penguin account," my flipper!). Or maybe worst is that, despite CP's strict policies against it, so many kids have found off-site ways to cheat so they don't have to "earn" coins or rewards at all. Regardless, the result is to spur kids' materialism, both online (as penguins) and off (as potential paying members).

4. In Cyberspace, Kids Grow Up Even Faster

I'm not exaggerating when I say that at any given moment in any given location on Club Penguin, there's someone saying "Cute girlz" or "I like boyz" or "Will u be my girlfriend?" — which is exactly what a penguin whom I'll call Kingpizmo asked me one moonlit night in his igloo.

We'd met earlier at the pizza parlor when I'd answered his open call for available girls. By the time we got to Kingpizmo's crib (the Taj Mahal of igloos), we'd already swapped heart emoticons and "mwah mwahs" (kisses). We played a few rounds of "spin the fish" (a popular CP "kissing" game) before he popped the question, and I (trying not to think about how appalled Kingpizmo would be if he knew he'd just asked a married mother of four to go steady) accepted.

The Good

Try as I might, I'm having trouble seeing an upside here.

The Bad

Of all my virtual-world surprises, I found CP's sexual undercurrent by far the most shocking. Kafai was less surprised. "Flirting and dating are major parts of kids' virtual-world activity," she says. "The anonymity and lack of parental supervision make them favorite spaces for even tweens to act out sexual themes they see in the media and at the playground, even before they're ready in real life." But such cyber dating can actually hinder their ability to develop off-line relationships, says Marshall P. Duke, Ph.D., clinical psychologist at Emory University. "In the real world, people communicate in many ways — body language, facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice. Not so in virtual worlds. But kids may think they understand relationships based on online experiences, and that can be damaging."

Next: Smart rules for virtual play

Smart Rules for Virtual Play

Realistically, we can't raise Internet-free kids — nor should we. But here's what I've learned about helping your child find a balance between virtual worlds and the real one.

  • Be his copilot. Understanding your kid's virtual world is a must, even if it means going undercover yourself. Then go online with him as he explores the site. "You wouldn't put your child in a car, hand him the keys, and say 'See ya,'" says Perle. "Don't do it with the Internet."

  • Teach her how to act. Provide your kid with clear behavior guidelines for the virtual world, just as you do for the real one. "Before letting your child access a site, discuss how to be a good online friend," says Patricia Agatston, Ph.D., coauthor of Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age. And make sure she knows how to recognize inappropriate behavior from others (like flirtation, questions about age, bullying) and will tell you if it happens so that you can report the offender to site authorities.

  • Use parental controls and monitoring software. Protect your child while giving him the appropriate level of independence with Website parental controls (Club Penguin offers some excellent ones that allow parents to control when and for how long kids can use the site) and monitoring software (like those listed in the searchable database at Be up-front with kids from the start about keeping an eye on them.

  • Say when (and mean it). Common Sense Media recommends waiting until your child's eighth birthday before letting her join a social network. Once you do, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises limiting kids to no more than two hours a day of any kind of screen time. And balance it out with real face time with friends: These sites were never meant to replace going outside and playing.

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Music Manipulates?

Do you notice more and more people having intercourse at a younger age? Do you notice men looking at women for er, Body parts?
Is this a result of music?

Can Music Manipulate you?

Most songs (Top hits) That people listen to talk about Sex and Women's Body Parts. For example: So songs talk about women "Shaking that thing" And stuff like that.
So, The music is sending a message to men. "Women are only good for body parts or they make the girl better." It's happening. Lots of men are actually looking at girls that way and dating the ones with the "Bigger parts"

Also music (most music) Talks about Sex. Nothing bad about it. Just how wonderful it is. Don't you think that will influence people (Teens in this case) To have it? That's happening too. More Teens aren't finishing high school because they want to be with the ones they "Love"
Some songs cover the messages up.
The Song Just Dance has lots of "Sex talk" In it. As much as Love game. Except the difference is that Just Dance is encoded.
Doing a search on the Song facts site. *A site that has a list of songs about a certain topic.

Songs About Sex

Found 205 Songs. (For all songs

See there is over 200 modern "Top hit songs" about sex.
So Does Music Manipulate?

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Haiti EarthQuake

On Tuesday January 12, A earthquake hit the country of Haiti. Turning the Haiti Palace (above) To rubble.

"The 7.0 earthquake hit about 16 kilometres southwest of the densely populated capital Port-au-Prince in the late afternoon. Powerful aftershocks continued into the early hours of Wednesday morning, creating confusion on the ground and internationally as power and communication signals were knocked out across the country."~Globe and Mail

Red Cross Estimates that 3 million people have been affected by the earthquake. What Haiti Citizens and Leaders say is they need Money the most. Aid has been sent to Haiti to help them out in this Catastrophic event. USA has donated around 20 million dollars while Canada has donated 5 million and has sent some aid to help. Experts estimate that this has been haiti's worse earthquake to happen. Since it is rated on the "Danger/extreme" Level through 1 to 10. Haiti's event got a 7. Red Cross says. "Haiti will recover slowly though since many damage has been done."
Right as we speak tons of organizations including Red Cross has been donating and helping out haiti. Even Some Schools are having fundraisers for Haiti.

Many Damage has been done. But with Warm Hearts and organizations helping out. Haiti will make a recovery even if it's slow.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SpotLight: Vampire Diaries

We haven't done a SPOTLIGHT in such a long time. Well today in this SPOTLIGHT we will be talking about a new show that's gaining popularity every minutes: The Vampire diaries. The Three main Characters are (from left to right) Stefan, Alena, and Damon, Stefan and Damon are two brothers who are vampires. They both fall in love with Alena. Damon is the one who acts like he's supposed to going around killing people for food. While Stefan is an Edward type who feeds off animal blood. They both fall in love with Alena who looks exactly like the one who they loved named Katrine.

Katrine is the reason they are who they are. Katrine was a vampire. Here in this world Vampires don't get made by being bitten. They have to have their blood sucked by a vampire and then drink a vampires blood than die. . In this world too vampires are immortal and have the ability to control human minds, with the speed and strength included too.
Katrine is not dead though. She is trapped in a magical tomb below the remains of a church. Later on in the series Alena discovers that Stefan and Damon are brothers. The season ends off with Alena being attacked by a vampire.
The way a vampire can be killed is to be stabbed by a wooden stick. Also the season includes the story of Alena's Brother Jeremy who fell in love with a girl named Viki. Viki was turned (made into a vampire) By Damon and later killed by Stefan.

Actors include (IMDB)

Nina Dobrev ... Elena Gilbert / ... (13 episodes, 2009-2010)

Paul Wesley ... Stefan Salvatore (13 episodes, 2009-2010)

Ian Somerhalder ... Damon Salvatore (13 episodes, 2009-2010)
Steven R. McQueen ... Jeremy Gilbert (13 episodes, 2009-2010)

Katerina Graham ... Bonnie Bennett (13 episodes, 2009-2010)

Candice Accola ... Caroline Forbes (13 episodes, 2009-2010)
Zach Roerig ... Matt Donovan (13 episodes, 2009-2010)

Michael Trevino ... Tyler Lockwood (13 episodes, 2009-2010)

Sara Canning ... Jenna Sommers (12 episodes, 2009-2010)

Kayla Ewell ... Vicki Donovan (9 episodes, 2009)
The show is for sure more violent than twilight. It's recommended for ages 11 up. See the internet movie data base for more information.


Kesha's new song!
Rated number 2 on itunes!

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Advice That Is Anonymous

Now we will have a new feature on Neko and Teko's Adventure Network!
If you noticed the title. Yes we are going to have an advice colum. Need a problem that needs to be solved? Send your question in a comment or to
We then will answer your question in a post Anonymously! So send in your questions :)
Hey Neko and Teko, Or (Just Neko or just Teko)
I am having some problems with my BFF!
She's being mean to me....
You know questions like that? I Neko will probably be answering most of them since I have experience in this stuff since I've been to four schools so far. Or if you don't want to be shared to Say in your email SILENT PLEASE. That way we'll know!
So send em in ;)

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Pulse It

Do you like to read?
Are you a teen or preteen?
Do you love new books?
Do you love reading books for free?
Do you like writing reviews and blogs?
If so is a site for you!
This is an awesome site for preteens and teens. You get to read free books! You choose a book every month out of 4 or 5 and read it. It's on the site so you can read it for free and it saves the page for you! After you can have a chance to win books and write reviews. Also since this is made by the publisher company....You can also get the chance to talk to the authors of the books! Isn't that cool? Check it out!

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Friends are people who you trust in and will always be there for you. They don't be friends with you for your popularity. Or you don't dare dump your friends to become more popular, First of all usually Popular kids use you. Say you've been trying to get into one "it" group for several years. Your finally in. You think those people were eager to be friends with you? Or maybe they want to use you? They recall more people to the flock for some reasons:
Power, maybe you know someone or have parent who is in charge in a certain place? (School board, principal, teacher, etc.)
Opposite Gender, Ok maybe the boys or girls are chasing you and the Its are jealous because the boys or girls are chasing after them
Information, maybe you are close to someone they want to get dirt on.
Remember you should be able to tell if a Friend is a real friend.
Friends, I know from experience which groups are the good ones. I've never been popular. I've had the chance but I didn't take it. I would prefer to have Real friends than ones that just use you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take It Off

Kesha's New Single from her new animal ANIMAL In Stores everywhere!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Kanye West "Incident"

Doesn't Taylor looks so sad?
Notice the title? Why is there " quotations around Incident? Well, I know this is a bit late....
but this is about the Kanye West "Incident" And What really happened.

If you watched the VMA (MTV Video Awards) you may have noticed what Kanye West said to Taylor Swift.

This is the Quote: " Taylor, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!"
First of all, He's complimenting Beyonce. Nothing wrong with that? If you notice ONE of the best videos of all time! Maybe he was trying to say, That there's more than one best video?

Well, That's probably not what happened. There is a more logical exclamation for this.

Three words: It was planned.

Fact: Kanye West made more money after this incident. More Music was bought. People bought magazines covering the Story. (The Magazines were dieing to interview Kanye. Paying him lots of money...) More people visited his site. Watched his music videos. If you know the quote: There's no such thing as Bad publicity....Also usually every year an incident happens like this at the VMA. So, Maybe this was that incident?

The Bottom Line: kanye west made lots of $ From that quote. So did Taylor swift. They might have been in it together. Same with Taylor: lots of $ made! Yet again. Beyonce made $. First of all publcity, "She was so sweet to say those things to Taylor.." Some people say.
Could all three stars be in it together?
Taylor wouldn't have been hurt like that in real life.

In The real world.

Singers have to audition for Record deals. It takes tons of companies before they are accepted in. So they are USED to the idea of being rejected or having bad stuff said to them. I have had some experience in acting and been on a TV set. So, I know how it all works.
What do you think? Planned or Not Planned?

Planned is my vote! What's yours?

Fun Fact: More people in North America know about Celebrities than they do about History.
This is Neko. Signing off.
(Sorry, Don't want to sign Teko's name. Because this may not be Teko's opinon.)


Sorry For not posting anything. I will write an article tonight. It will be about my opinion of the Kayne west incident.
I was at Great Wolf lodge. It was so much FuN!
Hope your having a great day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Griffin Jackson

Everyone Has Talents. This Kid is really good at dancing! At around the middle He is really good!

Hamster Show

You've heard of dog shows and cat shows? But what about a hamster show? Well just for fun. We Neko and Teko are hosting our very first hamster show. We will not be awarding First Second and Third but write about the hamster and it's traits.
Hope you enjoy!
(We own the hamsters but the photos are not actually that certain hamster but one that looks close to it)
Teddy The Fluffy Teddy Bear hamster.
Traits: Lazy, Loves to sleep
James Bonds favorite pet. When this little guy gets out of bed he pulls James bond moves and is able to escape, Using his weight.
Patches, The Black Bear hamster
Traits: Sweet, Smart,
This little girl loves to give you kisses and sits in your hand. She is the youngest and sweetest of them all.

Abbey The daredevil
Traits: Adventorous Not afraid ever
This girl jumps off buildings and will face bigger foes for a single carrot.

HAMSTERS ARE AWESOME! Each has a different personality. All animals are unique just like us humans. Sometimes I think they are smarter than we are. They aren't the ones destroying their own homes.....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge
Today We will be looking at one of the coolest places to go on vacation.
Chapters We Will be Looking at:
-Tips for Getting There


Great Wolf Lodge is located at:


(Based on the Niagara Falls Location)

Canada Vortex

This thrilling ride features a 40' drop into a cannon bowl. Pair up with the kids, or send them solo.

Height Guidlines: Guests must be at least 48" tall to ride.

Niagara Rapids Run

This family water roller coaster travels 727-ft (some of it is even uphill!) and features a 52-ft. vertical drop.

Height Guidlines: Guests must be at least 48" tall to ride.

Wooly Mammoth

The entire family can share the thrill of the parks' largest slide together, all in one raft!

Height Guidelines: Guests must be at least 48" tall to ride alone or accompanied by an adult and able to hold onto the raft handles.


Please note that suites styles vary slightly at each Lodge, and may not exactly match photo shown.
Wolf Den™ Suite

The kids … er, cubs … sleep in the wolf den, an in-suite cave-themed area with a bunk bed. They can “rough it” with movies and Nintendo on their own 20" flat screen LCD TV. In the main portion of the suite, adults can sprawl out on a queen bed and full-size sleeper sofa. They get their own TV too, presumably for movies and Nintendo as well. This suite also features a private balcony or patio. Need a bigger den for the kids? Consider upgrading to the more spacious and equally charming KidCabin® suite.

Base Occupancy: 4 Max. Occupancy: 6

Suite Image
Please note that suites styles vary slightly at each Lodge, and may not exactly match photo shown.
Family Suite

Our suites are perfect for family time, with a semi-private living area with a full-size sleeper sofa in one half of the suite. Find two queen beds, a spacious bathroom and TV in the other half. This suite also features a private balcony or patio. Consider our themed suites, like the famous KidCabin®, for more Northwoods charm.

Base Occupancy: 4 Max. Occupancy:

Here are two rooms. Visit for more rooms~

Tips to get there

-Keep a lookout out for deals on their site

-save up toonies

-It's cheaper to go during the week

-Right after major holidays its less crowded. For example: the week after march break

Great wolf Lodge is awesome!
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