Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fair

We went to the Fair, On an undercover mission of course! Anyway, we also got to do some fair stuff, What's the point of staying at the fair and doing nothing, So, We rode Rides, We rode the Ferris Wheel like 25 times, Got Candy DUH!
The Mission was uh To try to find out who Carl is. So Far we have not got any dish! So, Our Mission Failed :( But, We did get to have some Fun! :) But, Why would The Police Send us to the Fair What would Carl steal? Our Question got answered. While we were on the Ferris Wheel on the Very Very Top we saw someone run out with all the Cotton Candy, They had stolen it. But Sadly We couldn't see who it was and they were wearing a black hood. But, the Police Say that Carl is using this Cotton Candy to run some sort of Machine. What type of Machine. For Sure it must be so Evil! What could it be?
Here is what Neko got at the Fair, She won Whack a Mole and Got A Frog she named Slappy, She also got a bird named Cheeko which she got from a friend who went with her and Teko! She also got Candy $2 per Pack! Also, DO NOT BUY GUM FROM THE FAIR EVER! You want to know why? Someone Ate Gum at the Fair and they Turned into a Butterfly another man ate some and he turned into a Dog! The Gum was called Scummy Bubbles,
So, you should really stay away from it, The Men were tracked down and soon were returned to normal, except they could turn into the thing they turned into when they ate the gum at will.
More Info will be given about Scum Bubbles and The Powers they Give!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Peak of the Ferris Wheel!

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