Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's a source of life? Wait, Water isn't a living thing? Or is it? I know Yogurt is a living thing! I typed this in on google! This is what I got!

Water is not a living entity in and of itself. On Earth, as far as known science is concerned, the basis of life is the presence of chemicals knowns as hydrocarbons, consisting of hydrogen and the all-important carbon. Water does not have carbon. In addition, the definition of life is that the entity exhibits growth, respiration, reproduction, and digesetion. Water does none of these. Water is a chemical molecule necessary for life to exist on Earth, but it itself is non-living.

I found that on wiki answers!

Now it's September (WAHH! or BOO!) So, School soon... or now..... Why do people start selling back to school stuff in June? When school isn't even out! That annoys me. School is good, You learn stuff so your super smart! (LOL!) But, It should end at 1pm instead of 3pm don't you think? And we should have longer weekends!

Todays top book series is: Warriors by Erin Hunter

This is Neko and Teko signing Out!

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