Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Stone with Powers

This stone may look innocent, but it is on the Wanted List with many jails. From a town called Rocky Road in Colorado, this Blue Agate is searched for by the many sheriffs. Why are they looking for this stone, you ask? Well, lets zoom in and find out:

"So, Old Sheriff Stonewall, why are you and your other recruits looking for this Blue Agate?"

"Well, ya'see ere', I was minding my own besness, when 'long comes Blue. I as'im what he wans. He says 'Hum-de-ho' Then I got real scared and ased him to go 'way. He just repeats 'Hum-de-ho'.

"So, Just 'cause some rock goes humming, you put him on the wanted list?" we question.

"Exactly." he answers.

In the need to find out more about Blue, we look for eye witness accounts. So far, this is the information we have collected:

#1. Blue Agate is probably in league with the 7 dwarfs, that's why he goes 'Hum-De-ho'.

#2. This guy has super powers that he can control.

#3. He grew up along a river bed.

#4. He loves mustard!

#5. He is mesmerized by music.

#6. He has been seen dancing with a tree.

#7. He has no criminal record.

#8. Blue Agate is around the Timbuktu area in Africa.

#9. Further information is to come.

#10. The Old Stonewall Sheriff is crazy!
If you see the Blue Agate, give him mustard and alert the nearest authorities ASAP! P.S. Hide him from the Sheriff!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Rock and Roll Cafe.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

May The Forks Be With You

There is something out there.
What's Out There?
Something called the Forks.
What Forks?
A Force called the Forks That people can use to move items.
Isn't that called The Force?
No It's called the Forks!
No the Forks!
Why are you so calm?
I am not of the Dark Side of The Forks I can sense the dark side in you!
Man you are crazy!

This was what Happened at a Convention!
The Forks is a Force that can be used to move things! The Dark side of the Forks is black forks!
The good side of the forks are forks with pictures of Mario on them.
The Training Of Using The Forks starts at a young age.
Here is a young padwon thing using the forks to move things!

Why are you writing in black typo stuff?
Because I don't want to write in white!
Who is asking all these Questions?
You are. I can tell using the Force Of The Forks!
Now, If you want to use the Battle Of the Forks Answer these Questions and see if you can:

1. Are you over the age of Two?
a, Yes
b, No

2. Can you use a fork?
a, yes
b , no

3. You are at the mall and see a cute dress that you want to wear and you are boy because some magical thing turned everyone into a boy what do you do:
a, buy the dress
b, do nothing
c, go to the washroom and sob because you lost your lucky penny named Snappy!

If you answered yes to every single question you can use the force of the forks!
May the Forks Be With You!
This is Neko and Teko using the Forks!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Music To Rock Your Day


Godzilla Returns

Announcements: Classified Kids are Back On! Enjoy Womanizer in Music!

But, Something super shocking happened! In New York or Was it Japan? A Roar was heard and shoppers stopped to see a Monster come well, more like Destroy Stuff, this monster is known as Godzilla
? We were lucky and got some footage from a driver who had his video camera with him.

No One knows where this monster came from! Was it Paris or Japan! I think it happened in New York.
We Interviewed some people, Well, It was more like one Person!
It was a teenager who was wearing A ILoveNY Tee.
IT was so mod and cool I can`t believe how mod and cool it was! It was scary because it killed my boyfriend, but I took all his money and guess what I like took it again and bought this cute apple pie for $40 Which was so cheap for New York, I am so going to date GodZilla!
-Girl in I LOve NY Tee

Some People more like a Million Dollar Project has found out how to keep Godzilla away from you! Here is how to make your very own Keep Godzilla away from you pack!

Take a backpack and fill it up with this stuff:
Barney CD
CD with these songs:
Good Girls Gone Bad
Take Me On The Floor

Mouse from computer!

What to do if Godzilla comes after you:
Take out Barney Cd Throw it at Godzilla
Find CD Player and put cd with songs in it play at full blast
Call Wolverine using a Banana and call him for help
He will be drinking beer as usual and will come when you are probably dead to help
Use Computer mouse to contact Peter Parker and tell him to come over
Godzilla should be dancing!
These Intrustions should expand your life by 6.87Seconds! After you do all those steps!

If you see Godzilla Good Luck in Trying to Live!
This Is Neko and Teko Reporting From NOT NEW YORK!
Are you kidding you think we are going to risk our life to take a picture of Godzilla

The Best IceCream In The World

What is the best IceCream Ever? Marble Slab Creamery or Kawartha Dairy?
You Can read this then vote in the poll!
You Enter Marble Slab, You Get a cone (There are a few flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc.)and get to choose from tons of stuff to mix in with it! Like Smarties, KitKat Fudge Etc.
You Walk into Kawartha Dairy you can choose from a huge variety of flavors to have! Plus, it doesn't cost a lot.
You Have to go to both to know which you like better!
We have also interviewed many people to see what they liked better!

"Grr! Snarl Grrr"

That's all the people said.
So, Do you vote and see which will win!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movie Review By Real People

Attention This is a real People Movie Review made by real people! Like Miley Cyrus!
And The People behind Miley Cyrus on the billboard If that makes sense!
Not By Un Real People like:
This Guy Is Unreal because he is on a band-lad that's a band-lad right?
Anyway, It's a Movie Review By Me Because We are like real People not some robot guy who goes BEEP BEEP! Or are we?
Scary Music plays!

MOvie Review:
I saw a really cool movie it was so cool I decided To Write a Review On IT! I forget the name I think it was called SWAT or ER Or was it called Mrs. Poufffs Vacation?
It had cool lights!
That was my super cool Movie Review DO I GET A A+ YAY!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things You Should Do Before You Die!

Things you should do before you die!
................................................................... You are probably wondering why there is a picture of Obama! It's to make this post look more important like the president is looking at you himself and saying "Jim, You are a kid and vote for me!"
Kid "My names not Jim!"
Anyway here are Ten things you should do before you die!
1. Go To Olympics
Put your name down to be a passenger on the first tourist shuttle to the moon.
3. Plant a Tree
Spend a night in a haunted house -- by yourself.
Scuba dive off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
6. Visit Obama and Tell Him your Name is Not Jim
7. Go In a Hot Air Balloon
8. Fart in a crowded space right after eating a bunch of foods
Let someone feed you peeled, seedless grapes.
10. Read this Article and Become One Of our Followers :D

So, If You Have the Swine Flu, or H1N1 You can do these things before you turn into a purple pig!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Neko's New Pets

The Mom Abby! (Will post actual pictures soon)
Smokey (This is not really smokey it's a hamster that looks like it!)
Neko got some New Pets! Two Panda Bear Hamsters, One is the mother the other is it's child. They are really cute! The Mom's name is Abby, The Babies Name is Smokey!
She just got them today. Will post actual pictures of them soon!
Will write bigger article tomorrow! Sorry have been busy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Running to the Moon

Some people complain about running because of the famous reasons, 'I don't want to', or 'I can't'.Others complain about cramps. Cramps are when you are running and your stomach really, really hurts. You can prevent those by breathing properly through you nose and out your mouth.

Another reason you may not want to run is that your, feet, ankles, or knees hurt during your run and afterwards. Well, that's because you may not have the proper shoes. Ya, that's right. Sometimes, if your shoe is really used a lot, they can wear down and harm you. While running, wearing the proper shoe is very important. NEVER run while wearing crocs, flip flops, sandals, dress shoes, or pretty much anything other than running shoes.

This Nike Sports shoe is a good example of what to wear if running. They are made to fit a runners foot comfortably, fashionably, and are a very logical choice for all sports.

Even though a great fashion statement these are a great example of what not to wear while running. They could seriously damage the shape of your foot and are also very painful to run in.

These monkeys really have nothing to do with running or shoes, but they are so funny! Look at that one's goofy eyes! Anyway, you get the idea. The facts are, these funny monkeys change the shape of all shoes so watch out. They escaped from the zoo and can not be caught. Be on the look out.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the moon trying out our Moon Shoes!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cute Pictures

Sorry! Today Neko has a Big Fever and is not really not feeling well. So, She Couldn't go out and sadly write about the world. So, She Has so Cute Photos! OR Fotos! For You!

Enjoy the cuteness!

Contagious Disease!

As you can see here, everybody yawns. Whether its lions, or babies, or normal people like us.
In this picture of a baby, you see that it has no teeth, while in this lion picture, you can see all the way to the back molars. Anyway, lets continue on........
You may have heard before that yawning is contagious, but let us refresh you a bit with some gathered information before we really start this article:
What is a yawn and why do people yawn? Yawning has fascinated people for hundreds of years, and many superstitions and myths have been created over the years.
Today we know that a yawn is a reflex of inhalation and exhalation that draws more oxygen into the bloodstream. A reflex is a built-in physical reaction that people often do not have control over. A yawn is often associated with a person being tired, but this is not always the cause for a yawn. People yawn for many reasons including stress, boredom, emotion and over-work.
Have you noticed that yawning seems to be contagious? If one person yawns, this appears to cause another person to yawn. Researchers have found that 40-60% of people who see a picture of someone yawning will yawn themselves. Even reading the word YAWN can make people yawn.
Although this “contagious” yawning behavior is not understood, it has been suggested that this could be the result of an unconscious herding behavior — a subtle way to communicate group behavior, such as when a birds follow the behavior of one bird, and all rise together as a whole flock.
Maybe a yawn is a signal to the group that it’s time to go to sleep. Or if someone yawns when they’re bored, it may be a sign to change the topic of conversation.
Yawning is not limited to humans. Animals of all types yawn. If you have a dog or cat, you’ve probably seen your pet yawn several times. Even some birds yawn such as cocktail parrots, Adelie penguins and Emperor penguins.
Some of the more scientific explanations of why we yawn are caused by physical needs. One likely explanation is that the yawning reflex is triggered when our blood needs more oxygen. The deep breath helps replenish the levels of oxygen in our blood. Another common theory is that the yawn help regulate our body temperature. Other hypotheses suggest that the same chemicals in our brain that affect our moods and emotions cause us to yawn.
Some people think that yawning is rude and suggests that you are bored or uninterested. Superstitions about yawning have been around for hundreds of years and stem from the ancient Greeks. A common superstition says that a person must cover his or her mouth when yawning so that the soul does not escape through the mouth. Other superstitions say that yawning is a sign that danger is near. Today most people do not believe these superstitions and know that a yawn is a physical reflex.
-Article by:
As said here, there have been many myths and opinions on yawning and why we yawn. We, Neko and Teko, Believe in the myth that it is unconscious herding behaviour. In other words, we are all turning into sheepdogs that herd cows!
So, our advice if you don't want to be scratching fleas forever, eat your broccoli! We know its gross, but that seems to be the only cure so far.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the medical section of the store where we are buying flea repellent.

Monday, September 21, 2009

How Japan Promotes Movies

How Japan Is Way better than us at Tech! Here is how they advertised for the movie Water Horse!
Your a Japan Tourist walking down the streets with some shopping bags. (You couldn't resist that stuffed dog, Made in Japan =^.^=)
Then you stop to look at a pond, out of the pond made of water rises a huge loch ness monster. You Stop To Gasp, Other People just walk by, This is their usual Movie Advertisements! Who Cares if there is a huge 50 ft water creature made of water in front of you? This is how they do advertisements COOL EH? This calls for cool cat thing! I love doing it! =^.^= That's the mama Cat, Here's the Baby Cat =^.^= Here's the daddy cat =^.^= That is so fun! Back to Important Stuff!
It is rumored that the Water Horse may be more than just an advertisement!
Some Experts say it may be able to have a "Mind of it's own Because Two of the sprinklers are broken!" Which means it is now shut down for improvement how does that have any connection?
But What if? What If the Water Ate Scum Gum? Would it get powers?
Why Can't Us People who say EH? Or Hotdogs? Or PEKSDFI? Get cool Advertisements like that!
This the Commercials We Have:
Not as good as giant Water Things Is it?

This is Neko and Teko Reporting From Cool Stuff Place!
I just Bought a Stuffed Cat =^.^= YAY!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just For Fun

One Of My Fav Songs! Plus vote to decide if the Classified Kids are coming Back!

BreakSkate 8

Mini Pop Kids

You've seen them, When your watching your most favorite episode of Sponge bob, They pop Up! With Their Horrible Voices in your ears,
They may seem like "regular Kids" But they actually aren't singing, Their voices are made up as machines, Or they have other kids singing but they have braces or glasses and would be bad for their image, So, The Real Kids singing don't get the credit. Which is not fair, To the kids who have the real talent don't you think?
But, what are the Cover Mini Pop Kids Plans? You see, Their Uncle is Sham Wow Guy and their Grandpa Is Billy From Mighty Putty!
Oh and their Pet is the Ram from the Gum Commercial, They take The Mini Pop Kids and say, This is Billy GIVE MY NEPHEW SCOTT (sham wow guy) some more commercial time or else My Mini Pop Kids will sing! So, That`s why your see them on TV so much, because they use the Mini Pop Kids as weapons, Their Plan is the take over the world, Basically, have their commercial play over and over!
Comment if you think Different and you Think The Mini Pop Kids are the Best! Your Comment might appear in one of our articles!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from!

Mystery Creature

A week ago four teens playing near a creek in Cerro Azul, a community in the northern part of Panama City, encountered the creature, which they claim approached them. The teens threw rocks and beat the animal to death before returning to take pictures. The photos reveal a white hairless creature with clawed toes. Other than its lack of fur, the animal closely resembles a three-toed sloth, a mammal found widely in the Central American country.
Nevertheless the local media has played up the story, reporting that zoologists are unable to identify the "alien-like" creature. But DNA testing should soon confirm what most are saying: the animal is a sloth.
As a consequence of a slow news cycle towards the end of summer, August and September tend to be peak months for sightings of "strange" and "unidentified" creatures including unusual marine life, malformed animals and the mythological beasts like the Chupacabra, the Mongolian Death Worm, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster.
Embedded video from CNN Video

As you see here, many say that this creature is likely to be a sloth. Well, we, Neko and Teko, think otherwise. We believe that it really is an alien, come with it's whole planet to capture our jello!
Some ways to prevent them from taking your jello are:
-Hide it
-cover it with spaghetti (they hate spaghetti)
-eat it all now

Where are more of these hiding? We're interviewing Alientologist Mike Peters just to find out.

"They most probably live in holes with the ground hogs right now. But come February, they will go out of their holes to see their shadows and if they can't, they run to Brazil. There are ways to capture them though. One is to out a net over the right ground hog hole. The next is to close the borders to Brazil."

Mike gave us some useful information, but we can't use it until February 2nd. If you have any more ideas, leave a comment with this article.

This is Neko and Teko reporting form the nearest groundhog hole, waiting.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stuck at the Top

Have you ever been so determined to do something that you just go along with it for a while, but as you get closer to complete your task, you just decide you cannot do it?
Well, we interviewed some young rockclimbers at Camp Mini-Yo-We and discovered what they felt climbing up the outdoor rock wall which is a rockwall that was just created there, not man made. Here were there reactions:

"Oh my gosh! This is terrifying! I want to come down now!" cries a 12 year old girl who is almost halfway to the top.

"Whoo! This is awesome, dudes! I feel the adreniline!" Whoops a boy the same age almost to the top.

"I think I'm stuck!" someone panics, at the the top. "It's okay," comforts an experienced climber and bullayer( a bullayer is someone who holds the rope you are attatched to).

"Just sit back and relax. Keep your feet in front of you and gently push against the rocks."

The child refuses to and everyone is getting restless, there are still five more people to go and they only had half an hour left.

"Have no fear, Super Speller is here!" screams a creapy cartoon character from a TV show. "Let's spell a word that will help you get down. Courage, you will have the courage to get down. C, O, U, R, A, J, E."

"Hey! Thats not how you spell courage!" shouts the child, now, without relizing it is sliding down.

The moment she touched the ground, she punched the cartoon guy in the face and he flew away.

So, If you get stuck at the top, have the courage to come down and don't let a Super Speller get near you.

This is Neko and Teko reporting form the top of the Rock Wall.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Mario CupCakes

At Exactly Two Am like this morning this kid named Justin Bieber! *Needs to Go through Puberty* That kid is 15 he looks like he is 11! Talking To Usher Who the Heck is he? *Hey Usher I am Playing Video Games SAY!* Why is everyone Obsessed with him he has one Song! After Screaming Fans Standing outside his little big house bigger than Teko's Neko's and George Washington's All put together! He was hit in the face with a Mario CupCake "YAY!"
"Don't Say that about Justin wustin!" Says Some Kid!
This Mario CupCake was rumored to be made of Scum Gum then Justin Screamed like a girl and turned into Harry Potter!
Then he turned back to himself!
Where does these good Music People Go? Like Fall Out Boy and EvanScape only to replaced by some high pitched kid? IT's Okay if you like him, He is just not my type!
Let us have some fun and compare? Shall We?
Justin Bieber:


Who Do you like Better Leave your Vote in a comment!
Sorry It's Not really about Mario CupCakes!
Better than Some Sites! Justin Bieber Exhales Every 10 seconds WE MUST BREATH LIKE HIM!
Ya... You See what I mean?
This is Neko and Teko reporting From??????? Where ever??????

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scum Gum

Scum Gum, rumored to give it's chewers special powers! Is it True? We are going to find out!
Scum Gum is rumored to give you powers! We interviewed a Scum Gum Vitim! No Not Victim Vitim. It's A person who is a victim of getting cool stuff like powers!
We interviewed on of these "Vitims"
So, Tell us your Story!

"I ate Scum Gum well chewed it, The Next Minute I was a Butterfly. I yelled in a butter fly way they I just said in my mind Scum Gum for some Reason and then I turned but human, I said scum Gum and Turned into a Butter Fly again! So Awesome Powers YA!"

"SO, Butter Fly how do you feel how the government wants to get rid of your powers to test on you Etc?"

"How Dare There I will just laugh and fly in their Faces!"

This Case has happened to all those who chewed scum gum, One Vitim turned into a wolf, another a cat, the most awesome one Turned into a carrot!

So, the rumors are true! So, if you want awesome powers pick up some scum gum!

We have also found out the ingredients in Scum Gum!

wax, scum, gum and stuff and more stuff and scum and more gum and scum and magically altered stuff ya!

The Question Being Do you want Powers?
Eat Scum Gum!
This is Neko and Teko reporting From The Gum Store!

Why Reese Pieces Are Evil

Why are Reese's Pieces So Evil? When they are so Yummy? We have found out!
Here is what We have found out!
If you go to the ice cream store and want a blizzard and ask for Reese's They give you these things, instead of the Peanut Butter Cups!
"It's so EVIL! Why they don't know that Peanut Butter cups are better than These Piece Things!"
Says Mr. Meki
"Carl is behind this!"
Dairy Queen Worker
"I can't help it my hand it being drawn to the Pieces!"
Another Dairy Queen Person
"OMG! Scum gum is Behind This!"
Scum Gum Eater

Not Much stuff and info on this We know!
So, Stay Tuned for some Info on the Scum Gum!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Muscles vs. Mush

Why is it that when you walk around, run, stand up, or do any other leg stretches, that your muscles in your legs get all hard? And when you just sit, it's all mush? Well, we, Neko and Teko, are here at the gym today where we are interviewing runners to see just why.
"When I walk, my Quadriceps (look at above pic. for italisized words) tence up and I feel more muscular. But as soon as I sit down, it goes all splat and is just like fat." ~a regular gymaholic.
" When I sit down, my fat pac is all squishy!~comments a young child drinking coffee who really shouldn't drink it because of the caffine in it.
Thanks. We tell the interviewed.
Well, I hope you learned something from that about fat and if you didn't, well, too bad for you. Now, as you can see, there are two pictures above, one is of a person with their muscles showing and all the muscle names labled, and the other of a very, very cute kitten. Now, the muscle one represents muscles(obviously), and the other, the one with the kitten, represents mush. I don't know why that picture was chosen to represent mush, but oh, well. Because it's very, very cute, we will pretend it is a kitty, not mush.
And there you have it folks. Muscles are very good to have, but don't worry if you have any mush, because this cute kitty is on here to represent mush, even though it shouldn't because it's too cute to be mush.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the gym.

Carl Get's Busted

This is The Article That won! Now, This is what you have all been waiting for! Here we go Exclusive Info on Who Carl Really Is!
Loading File......
Synchronizing File.....
Commencing Information DataBase Procedure.......
I have no idea why I am typing this.......
Zebras are Cool......
I hate Salad.....
I am weird And Should Stop Doing this shouldn't I?......
Here we go.......
Had to get it out of my system.......
Okay Now.......
We...... Go......

This is "Bester Of Babylon 5 better known as "Carl""
He Made one Mistake, he Left a note with his name CARL On it!
He is so creepy.... Look at him. He used his Cup in the second picture to kill people.
He can read minds! (No Fair) So, He could always know when we were after him.
How did we get him? We swallowed Cat Litter and that seemed to work plus if you think gross stuff, They are more likely not going to read your mind. Neko was thinking of Wolverine's Abs Naked! How is that possible Aren't Abs already Naked?
How we caught him.
We got the Call from the Police as you know! He had gone to steal more Ber Which is pink beer!
Carl's Plan:
Was to steal a bunch of random stuff and sell it to The Thing to use as Moisturizer!
To try to moisturizer his rock skin!
We caught him when he was at the back of the alley!
How the Heck Did we defeat Him?
Here are our Weapons:
Loading File.....
Getting Photos.....
Making tea......
Going Washroom.......
Inside Defense........
Patting Pie......

We threw Lego X-men At him. Then he fell over and got taken by the Cops!
Now He is like in Jail!
Remember If Carl Escapes you can use Lego Wolverine's to defeat him!
Ending Transmit......
This is Like......
Neko and Teko.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

FireStar Vs. Human Torch

The Most Amazing Battle of The Century, Warrior FireStar Leader of ThunderClan fights the powerful Human torch who is obessed with himself! Firestar was not afraid,
"StarClan Will Lead me against this trespasser of Territory!" (You Can read more of FireStar's Adventures in Warriors By Erin Hunter) We were lucky to see this Battle.
This Is How it went!
FireStar came in, The Human Torch was looking at himself! In a mirror!
So The Battle went on guess who won? The Human Torch!

Just Kidding! FireStar this little Cat Won! How did he do it? He brought a Mirror!
Which he threw and The human Torch was distracted!
Then The Police gave us a call!
"WE KNOW WHO CARL IS!" They Exclaimed!
To Be Continued.....

Bouncy Bouncy Blues

Many things in this world bounce such as frogs, rabbits, tennis balls, basketballs, bouncy balls, and an assortement of other balls, and even the occasional kid. Well I bet you didn't know that hearts bounce, did you?

Indigestion is caused when the heart bounces. Many people hate to get it because its fairly hard to breath and when the heart bounces, it actually hurts. Well, here are 7 easy ways to prevent indigestion and to prevent your heart from bouncing.

1.Eat little and regularly to avoid an acid build-up in your stomach.(Bthat encourages your heart to bounce because excited.)

2.Eat slowly. It gives your digestive system more time to start working properly.

3.Cut out, or eat less of, any foods that seem to kick off your symptoms (because we don't need that.)

4.Keep a food diary to help you identify the foods that give you indigestion. Make a note of what you eat and when, and the times when your symptoms occur (so you can identify the problem.)

5.If you smoke, try to quit. Quitting smoking will help the opening between your stomach and oesophagus to function properly. (Smoking hurts your lungs which protect your heart. If those aren't working properly, then your heart is not protected.)

6.Ease up on your alcohol and caffeine intake.(That increases the rate that your heart is beating)

7.Avoid tight waistbands. Don't hunch up while you are eating, or lie down afterwards. (To avoind stopping food in the wrong places.)

Indigestion is really the cause of all 'Bouncy balls' known world wide. If you want your heart ot stop bouncing, Stop yourself from bouncing right after you eat a meal. Otherwise all your food (Now slop) bounces up and down inside of you and you can sometimes actually hear it!

This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Basketball court where there hearts are bouncing with the basketballs!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Biggest Ferris Wheel Ever

So, you think you could manage to ride this?
We couldn't to High! Enjoy!

The Fair

We went to the Fair, On an undercover mission of course! Anyway, we also got to do some fair stuff, What's the point of staying at the fair and doing nothing, So, We rode Rides, We rode the Ferris Wheel like 25 times, Got Candy DUH!
The Mission was uh To try to find out who Carl is. So Far we have not got any dish! So, Our Mission Failed :( But, We did get to have some Fun! :) But, Why would The Police Send us to the Fair What would Carl steal? Our Question got answered. While we were on the Ferris Wheel on the Very Very Top we saw someone run out with all the Cotton Candy, They had stolen it. But Sadly We couldn't see who it was and they were wearing a black hood. But, the Police Say that Carl is using this Cotton Candy to run some sort of Machine. What type of Machine. For Sure it must be so Evil! What could it be?
Here is what Neko got at the Fair, She won Whack a Mole and Got A Frog she named Slappy, She also got a bird named Cheeko which she got from a friend who went with her and Teko! She also got Candy $2 per Pack! Also, DO NOT BUY GUM FROM THE FAIR EVER! You want to know why? Someone Ate Gum at the Fair and they Turned into a Butterfly another man ate some and he turned into a Dog! The Gum was called Scummy Bubbles,
So, you should really stay away from it, The Men were tracked down and soon were returned to normal, except they could turn into the thing they turned into when they ate the gum at will.
More Info will be given about Scum Bubbles and The Powers they Give!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Peak of the Ferris Wheel!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Marshmallow Undercover

tetra sodium pyrophosphate - a sodium salt of pyrophosphoric acid used as a builder in soaps and detergents.
See this definition? Tetra sodium pyrophosphlate. Well, this stuff is also in all the marshmallows that you roasted over a camp fire this summer! Can you believe that the same stuff that is in detergent is in marshmallows, your favourite snack? Why is this stuff in there, we asked a local dairy farmer.
"'Cause the cows ain't fford to give ye milk for hem." he tells us in his slang voice.
What do you think of this astonishing discovery, son? we ask a little boy.
"I am never ever going to eat another one of those ever! he exclaims," I don't want to soap! he cries running away with his mother close behind him.
The manufacturers of all the marshmallow companies in the world have been contacted, interviewed, and interrogated(which means tickled until they gave an answer). We try to find out who is responsible for making us eat soap and we have come to a conclusion. Aliens! We suspect hat they are taking over the planet and feeding everyone slowly with their mind washing gunk!
Further information will come soon on this subject.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from Marshmallow World where the aliens are apparently taking over.
P.S. Don't eat marshmallows! Especially the kind with stuff used in soaps and detergents!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Biggest Wedding Ever

It's Sure to be the biggest wedding of the Century! "I though Susan Storms and Reed Richards Was!" Some News Guy Said!
This Is Neko and Teko On the Scene To bring you huge NEWS! Turns Out Carl is Not Willy Wonka! No one knows who he is....Some people rumor Him to be the Silver Surfer!
To the Top Story Shall we?
The Big Huge News is The Mona Lisa and The Silver Surfer are Getting married
"I though Susan Storms and Reed Richard's Wedding was the Biggest?" The Silver Surfer said. Yet again...
The Silver Surfer Wore no clothes.
Here is how the Wedding Went:
The Silver Surfer Came in on His surf Board, Him and The Mona Lisa Got Married,
A Huge TV Popped up saying their "Wedding Music Video" IT was the Theme Song for

It's in French For Some Reason? I guess the Silver Surfer Really Likes French?
Then After that they flew off into the Card Board Sunset! It looked Really Weird.
Back to Thinking Who Carl is:
It's so weird, Willy Wonka is not Carl for sure, You want to know that Willy Wonka was found dead with a not on him saying: "Give Me a Reason Give Me a sign GIve me a reason to walk the fire...ZUT! I have a song stuck in my head~BLAH BLAH BLAH I am Carl you will never get me!" Signed Carl We Know that Carl Watches the Unit Even though it was cancelled :(! So, Carl must be caught! The Police want to shut down Carl's Group! We are going to be with The Police 24/7 to see who is Carl what his plan was and who is in his group! Stay Tuned and you will be first to know!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zwipes My Password

Some of You probably Play CP aka Club Penguin! NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD! Hey we warned you Cream Soda! Here is what will happen! Rockhopper will come and Put you in a soda box you will get wired with explosives and you will die then be eaten alive then die, Then you make a new account and this progress is repeated over and over again! Now for Our Bigger Story:
Z wipes Binders are taking over!
Zwipes Binders are what all Normal Public Schools require you to have! You can use these binders to destroy evil rockhopper pirate penguins from CP also you can Zwipes your Password by writing it down and eating Juice.
Also you can do cool stuff with it by using it to hit people you do not like! YAY!
Here are people Opinions about Zwipes Binders and Evil CP Penguins!
I like them!-Someone
I hate evil Penguins-someone
Let's eat cheese-someone

Remember everyone to read our A is for Abortion Article and Comment under our 100th post for what you want one of our articles to be!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Zwipes My Password store!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Albert Einstein: A Long Tongue?

Why is Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out in this photograph? Well, we suspect he was put up to it by The Wide-Brimmed Hat Lady! She was seen in his time period emerging from his study with a tasor. We decided to give you a little info about Albert that might have caused the Wide-Brimmed Hat Lady ot act the way she did. Here it is:

UK researchers have said that they believe that Einstein was likely an example of
Asperger syndrome (the high functioning variant of autism).
What do Albert Einstein’s hands reveal about his suspect autism? The past few decades of scientific research indicate that a
‘low 2D:4D finger ratio’ could be one of the most significant hand features related to autism. And the high quality handprints of Einstein’s hands show that Einstein had a ‘digit ratio’ of about 0.93 – just below threshold which is often seen in the hands of people who have autism or Aspergers syndrome: digit ratio = 0.94 or lower. Confirming evidence for the UK researchers who believe that Einstein had autism.

By using this information just recently discovered, we can piece together this mystery. As new information, the police on the case of WBHL (Wide-Brimmed Hat Lady) have discovered by DNA samples that she may be a long lost relative of Einstein.

As even more surprising facts unveil, they find out that the WBHL is also autistic! That was not suspected for either her nor Albert Einstein, but after researchers found out about Einstein's possibly being autistic.

100th Article

Hey Everyone, If you read the title this is our 100th Article To Celebrate we are letting you choose the article we write in celebration! In our Poll You see Carl gets Busted, Mr. Snugs Little Slugs, Wolverine goes on a picnic or Other, give us your ideas in a comment under this article! You can leave your name and get credit or you can just do anonymous! Remember to have a blast to the past by going to achieves and checking out our older articles and also check out our very first article! If you think this is Big wait till May 2010 and that will be our One Year Celebration! That Will be Big!
Remember to check out our A is for Abortion article! Also check out our photos and video bar! Should we bring The Classified Kids Video Bar back? Say in your comment! Thanks for staying with us and enjoy our 100th Article! (THIS IS SO NOT OUR BEST ARTICLE!)
Neko would like to thank Teko and Teko would like to Thank Neko!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the 100 thing?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

De Blob

See this guy? He is very mean. He is destroying these inocent beings with his brightness that they are not used to. We will call these inocent beings the Carms. You see, these Carms are not used to this monstrosity of brightness. They are used to a normal, white background that they enjoy with their plain black friends.
You see, they are not used to this mishap, tremor in the force, monster, problem. His evil doings are too much for the Carms. Who is this monster? His name is........
'De Blob'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is he called that and what is he doing here? Lets tune in and find out.
"So 'De Blob', why are you here in this small town of the Carms?"
"I like juice! I like juice!"
"Um....Well, what do you plan to cause here?"
"I like juice! I like juice!"
" then are you called 'De Blob'?"
"I like juice! I like juice!"
Well, it seems we're going no where with this meeting so thats the end of it then!
So, the one thing good that came out of this meeting is that we know 'De Blob''s only weakness.......juice! If you ever come across this strange being just simply nod and hand him a glass of juice.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from a juice store. And just remember, he will add a splash of colour to your life!

A Is For Abortion

unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being

Killing another Human Being who is not let born

Would you kill that baby you see at the top?
No! It's a human being like you, with equal rights right?
Here we have a serious article that states the truth. Read on. All of this is 100% true!
Using Facts from the Dictionary, Trusted Websites, and The Bible.
Shall we begin?

Abortion: What is it?

Abortion is killing a baby who is not let born, Because the goverment says it's okay to kill a baby because when it's not born, It's not considered a human!
ABORTION IS MURDER! Would you commit murder, to a little baby? Who did nothing wrong? Murder is against the law so shouldn't abortion be?
Now you are probably wondering why is it wrong? It's murder but we also have other sayings....
Read on.

How is it Done?

IF you read the above information: Is that so cruel? Just because someone was careless and decided to have sex but not wanting to have a baby! Sex is a way to make children, that's what is was meant for, It's for married people who put their love in each other to make a baby. Not for Careless Teens! Or adults who don't want to have a baby or are ready for children! Did that baby do anything wrong? No! So, why does it have to die for someone's careless actions!

Why is it wrong?

All these bible verses says Abortion is wrong

Rom. 1:16; 6:3,4; 10:9,10; Mark 16:16; Acts 17:30; 2:38; 22:16.
Abortion is murder! Is that not a crime?

Here is what says about abortion:
The fact that the unborn baby is a human being, a separate individual from its mother. Therefore, deliberately killing it would be just as wrong as killing any other innocent human being.

Here is what a Yahoo Answers User says about it:

Why I believe abortion is wrong:

1. I had sex, I made the baby, its my responsibility to give that child a chance

2. I do not have the right to play God

3. It is not my choice to kill a baby, my choice was to have sex

4. Every living thing deserves a chance

5. There are so many women who want children who can't have them
6. Being able to have a baby is a miracle in itself (I have health problems and they told me babies weren't likey... proved them wrong!)
7. God is the only one who should decide to leave this earth
8. A child has no way to fight for its own life Just a few of MY reasons why its wrong. My husband and I found out we were pregnant about a month ago... I was devastated... we didn't want kids yet, AT ALL... but the more I thought of it, the more I knew that God gave me this baby for a reason, and it is not MY choice to kill it due to inconvience, thats Gods' choice.

But, The President and People say It's Right?

Here's to answer your question, Is murder right? No! So, The President is saying it's okay to murder! Are you going to be someone who says it's okay to murder? Even if your parents think it's okay, Doesn't mean you have to!

It's pretty amazing that there are huge fines for destroying a bald eagle's egg yet our society wants to be able to destroy a human life in the womb.Why is it all about a woman's rights? Why isn't it about a baby's rights?"
~Takeawalk Yahoo answer member

I'm just a Kid what Can I do to Help?

You Can raise awareness about Abortion, You can tell people about this article!
Do you have a friend or Your Mom's Friend who wants to do Abortion! Send her the link to this article! If the person is not ready to care for a child tell her to just give it up to an adoption agency! It's saving a life and cheaper than doing abortion!

Now you know the truth! Share this Truth with the world. Even though you may be a kid...
You can still try and do something to help.
Like a sunset, Life is a beautiful thing!

Written by Neko

Monday, September 7, 2009

Debating Cups?

We us, Mois, People, aka (Neko and Teko) Have another Opinon Thing like we did with star wars, what are they called? Debates? Or Calendars? OR were they called Fou? Here we go....

"This is Disgusting, I got the wolverine one, I was eating peanuts and I was forced to look at that hideous sweat pool he was in. Boy, He sweats a lot super gross!"
-Mr. Monk

"I lovvvvvvve Them so much, I dressed them up like dolls and Gambit and Sabretooth got married and they had a wolverine baby! I dress them and they play with my barbie, Wolverine makes an Excellent KEN!"
-Two year old who really likes barbies

"OH MY GOODNESS! I was so grossed out by these unacceptable American practices,
I was enjoying my tea, then that horrible breathed thing, sabretooth or whatever bit me leaving saliva on my chin, I WAS SO DISGUSTED, I am never going back to America, Who cares if they have big apples!"
-Guy from england

"*Flush* Swish, Guggle, gurgle, mellow!"

"I'm going to make you bend and break, let good times roll!"
-Fall out Boy

"One more night, one more time, Thanks for the memories!"
-Fall out Boy the Second?

"Harry Potter!"
-mewtwo person

"What ever he said!"
-What ever he said

-Person who loves everyone

So, There you have it! Who do you agree with? Are the Cups Cool or do they drool!
Wait, Here are Neko and Teko's Opinions!
"They are awesome now we can look at wolverine's abs whenever we want!"

"What ever she said!"

This is Neko and Teko reporting from...Uh? The Calendar?
Or the Debate? The Debate is where you can see movies right?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Worse Than Loose Teeth

Look at those Metal Circles, Okay, You've looked at them! Now Imagine Having those around your back teeth. Feel any pain. Just a second, That would hurt wouldn't it?
Except they would be thinner of course. Well, Some people have to live with those on their back teeth all the time, Of course they would be thinner, Like we said.
Of course you get use to them after a while. How does Neko know?
She has them.
Last Year Neko had to get them around her back teeth, you usually chew with those so eating food really hurt. Really Hurt. Now she's used to it. She's probably getting them removed in October but it does not end there. Then she has to get braces and a retainer, (Basically she has to live through feeling her whole jaw being moved outside it's limits, Owww! So all you straight teeth kids be thankful that you don't have to go through the pain of living with metal in your mouth and bleeding gums and really sensitive teeth.
Ps. You don't go to the dentist you go to the orthodontist!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from The Orthodontist office!

The Loose Tooth

Don't you hate having loose teeth? They wiggle. They jiggle. Sometimes you can't even eat because you're afraid you'll eat you're tooth! Sometimes having a wiggly tooth can be a pain, but other times it's good because you get a lot of attention, especially if it is your first loose one.
The real reason for loosing teeth is because the Tooth Fairy eats them for breakfast! Then she throws them up and gives them to The Bernstein Bears for their special Honey Bars.
So, If you loose a tooth anytime soon, remember to put it under your pillow because the Bernstein Bears need them!

This is Neko and teko reporting from the Tooth Fairy's castle.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Star Wars Opinions

"I hate Star Wars. What more is there to say without be very rude. I don't like fantasy. I think watching things that are not real is a waste of time. Its for people who don't believe in God but create a world to explain existence." Anti-Star Wars Freak.

"I don't get Star Wars. Nothing Else." Little Kid with no Star Wars knowledge.

"Star Wars sucks because its for boys!" Girly Girl.

"It's OK. Its not as good a Harry Potter but I don't care." Mewtwo (who runs as well as Harry Potter addict.

This is Neko and Teko reporting from watching Star Wars.
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