Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mini Pop Kids

You've seen them, When your watching your most favorite episode of Sponge bob, They pop Up! With Their Horrible Voices in your ears,
They may seem like "regular Kids" But they actually aren't singing, Their voices are made up as machines, Or they have other kids singing but they have braces or glasses and would be bad for their image, So, The Real Kids singing don't get the credit. Which is not fair, To the kids who have the real talent don't you think?
But, what are the Cover Mini Pop Kids Plans? You see, Their Uncle is Sham Wow Guy and their Grandpa Is Billy From Mighty Putty!
Oh and their Pet is the Ram from the Gum Commercial, They take The Mini Pop Kids and say, This is Billy GIVE MY NEPHEW SCOTT (sham wow guy) some more commercial time or else My Mini Pop Kids will sing! So, That`s why your see them on TV so much, because they use the Mini Pop Kids as weapons, Their Plan is the take over the world, Basically, have their commercial play over and over!
Comment if you think Different and you Think The Mini Pop Kids are the Best! Your Comment might appear in one of our articles!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from!

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