Friday, September 11, 2009

The Biggest Wedding Ever

It's Sure to be the biggest wedding of the Century! "I though Susan Storms and Reed Richards Was!" Some News Guy Said!
This Is Neko and Teko On the Scene To bring you huge NEWS! Turns Out Carl is Not Willy Wonka! No one knows who he is....Some people rumor Him to be the Silver Surfer!
To the Top Story Shall we?
The Big Huge News is The Mona Lisa and The Silver Surfer are Getting married
"I though Susan Storms and Reed Richard's Wedding was the Biggest?" The Silver Surfer said. Yet again...
The Silver Surfer Wore no clothes.
Here is how the Wedding Went:
The Silver Surfer Came in on His surf Board, Him and The Mona Lisa Got Married,
A Huge TV Popped up saying their "Wedding Music Video" IT was the Theme Song for

It's in French For Some Reason? I guess the Silver Surfer Really Likes French?
Then After that they flew off into the Card Board Sunset! It looked Really Weird.
Back to Thinking Who Carl is:
It's so weird, Willy Wonka is not Carl for sure, You want to know that Willy Wonka was found dead with a not on him saying: "Give Me a Reason Give Me a sign GIve me a reason to walk the fire...ZUT! I have a song stuck in my head~BLAH BLAH BLAH I am Carl you will never get me!" Signed Carl We Know that Carl Watches the Unit Even though it was cancelled :(! So, Carl must be caught! The Police want to shut down Carl's Group! We are going to be with The Police 24/7 to see who is Carl what his plan was and who is in his group! Stay Tuned and you will be first to know!

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