Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stuck at the Top

Have you ever been so determined to do something that you just go along with it for a while, but as you get closer to complete your task, you just decide you cannot do it?
Well, we interviewed some young rockclimbers at Camp Mini-Yo-We and discovered what they felt climbing up the outdoor rock wall which is a rockwall that was just created there, not man made. Here were there reactions:

"Oh my gosh! This is terrifying! I want to come down now!" cries a 12 year old girl who is almost halfway to the top.

"Whoo! This is awesome, dudes! I feel the adreniline!" Whoops a boy the same age almost to the top.

"I think I'm stuck!" someone panics, at the the top. "It's okay," comforts an experienced climber and bullayer( a bullayer is someone who holds the rope you are attatched to).

"Just sit back and relax. Keep your feet in front of you and gently push against the rocks."

The child refuses to and everyone is getting restless, there are still five more people to go and they only had half an hour left.

"Have no fear, Super Speller is here!" screams a creapy cartoon character from a TV show. "Let's spell a word that will help you get down. Courage, you will have the courage to get down. C, O, U, R, A, J, E."

"Hey! Thats not how you spell courage!" shouts the child, now, without relizing it is sliding down.

The moment she touched the ground, she punched the cartoon guy in the face and he flew away.

So, If you get stuck at the top, have the courage to come down and don't let a Super Speller get near you.

This is Neko and Teko reporting form the top of the Rock Wall.

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