Monday, November 2, 2009

Braces Are Cool

You Probably notice the girl above has braces.
Some people think Braces make Someone a "Geek" But they don't.
They give you awesome smiles. and Straight Teeth. Not to Mention In Canada most Teens and Preteens have Braces. In a Normal Grade 7 class In Canada, About Half of the students have braces, while some of the others are getting them.
So, Those who think Braces are not cool. Better Look around. Lots of people have them.
Braces are also a Fashion Statement. Like Clothes they come in different colors and patterns, Not to mention you can change them. For Example: Show some Christmas Spirit and Get some Red and Green braces.
Here is what Reader's Digest says about Braces!
An estimated 300,000 Canadian children are currently seeing an orthodontist, and the numbers have risen in recent years. The American Association of Orthodontists reports that the number of North American kids and adults getting orthodontic treatment nearly doubled to 4.4 million in 1996, from about 2.5 million in 1984.

Are our teeth getting worse? Probably not. But we are an increasingly looks-conscious society. And the availability of dental insurance has made orthodontics more affordable for some. As a result, orthodontists are making more money.

A study in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics found that the average net income of American orthodontists who own their practice rose to $300,000 in 1998, from $102,000 in 1980. That shows a 50-percent increase when inflation is taken into account. Read the full article at

So, IF you have Braces be proud. Another Fact is those who have braces are usually more brave. I guess it must be facing the pain. But, Once you get used to them. They are one of the greatest things ever made!~

Braces Are Cool. If they weren't how come most Public School kids Have Them?


  1. Braces sure are everywhere! Even for the over-18 crowd, they are popular - more than one million adults wear braces, and on teens hardly anyone notices anymore. There's good info on foods to eat when your teeth hurt at, from the American Association of Orthodontists.

  2. your just saying this cause your getting them thouth i agree

  3. Nice to know and your picture proves braces can be a fashion statement! That is awesome!

  4. I love braces. They may hurt but you will get use to them. I only had them for about a month and they are already closed the gap in my mouth. But they are so cool and 3/4 of my school either has braces, had braces, or getting them soon. Nobody at my school complains or makes fun of braces. They are just wonderful.

  5. More and more adults are getting braces. With the newest technology of Invisalign, you no longer have to get metal braces.. however only certain clients will qualify for Invisalign and hte more severe ases will use traditional braces. Check out the community for more info.


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