Saturday, July 3, 2010


We now have  a new "Share" section, (Located on the right side below the "Subscribe button")
This feature will allow you to share this site using popular social networking sites. Yes that means facebook and twitter.But what if you just want to share a certain post? Instead of sharing the whole site? 
Well then comes in another new feature! Now below all the posts titles is a Facebook Share button which you can use to share that certain post on facebook! If something catches your eye! Don't be greedy share it!

How to Share:
The Site
Came across  this site and want to share it with your buddies?
Scroll down to (right side) below the subscirbe button you will notice a "share" gadget which will allow you to share the site!

One Post:
You can share one certain post using faebook, below each title will be a share button for facebook, simply give it a click and BINGO!

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