Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pirating: Piracy It's a crime

Ok Pirating. It's not a YO HO HO! Or stealing treasure. Ok the Stealing Part is the only thing Pirating has to do with Pirates.
Pirating is Stealing.

Pirating Music:
Getting music for free. Using Sites to get free music. Why is this wrong? It's Wrong because the people who made the song put hard work into it. Then they don't make any money they should get. One of the most Common used programs for this is Lime wire. The FBI can't shut it down because it's run by millions of people. For example some people upload songs. Some people upload movies. See where I'm getting?

The same can go for movies:
Pirating movies:
getting movies for free. You can see the hint when someone gives you a dvd with a movie that is still in theaters. Limewire is used for this too. It costs millions of dollars. I'm not Kidding. It cost one million dollars a week to make a tv show. It costs even more to make a movie. Movies usually take a couple of months to make.

Pirating Games:
Ok, this form can be in something called R4. They are illegal to even be SOLD in Canada. It costs lots of money to make a game. Using an r4 may seem cool like yo! Free games! But, If everyone used R4s and stopped paying for games. Then the company wouldn't be able to make any games!

Lots of people pirate. It doesn't make it right. I can't stop you from doing it. But it is wrong. At least I warned you. Pirating is not cool Like FREE STUFF! It actually is quite bad. If everyone keeps pirating then the companys won't make any money than that means....No more music, movies or video games.
In my class of 30 kids only about 2 people don't pirate. Piracy it's a crime!

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  1. for r4 you acoully have game back ups on there you just cant download it and you have to buy them indovigoly not all in one


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