Saturday, June 27, 2009

Common Cold and Swine Flu connected?

Swine Flu and the Common Cold Connected?

We went out to Investigate! We met an evil scientist farmer dude guy!

We looked at some of his notes.

It turns out that he had a cure for H1N1 aka The Swine Flu.

You see he had a cure for the common cold and that cure can also cure swine flu!

So, people won't have to turn into purple pigs and be obessed with kraft dinner anymore! Right as you read this tons of the medicine is being prosseed but won't be ready until June of 2010. (It takes a long time to make) But, don't worry even though it smells really really really like farmer's ketcup mixed with smelly socks and pig liver and kraft dinner. It works, but all you who are purple pigs will probably not be living by that time so we have the recipe. (It's exculsive)

This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Evil Scientist Farmer Dude's lab!

Recipe Swine Flu and Common Cold Cure

( Results may vary)

You will need:

1 Pig Liver

2 boxes of whole wheat kraft dinner

1 container of your grandpa's socks

4 bottles of ketcup that is 2 years old

And a pinch of Pig Manure


1. Mix it all together until creamy

2. cook for 10000 hours at 450 degrees ( until scents mix)

3. Serve ( serves 3)


  1. Dear Neko & Teko,
    nice website! and any way i read this articsle and i tried to make the swine flu cure!!!!!! It stank sooooooo badly Mom throw it out! sorry!!!!

    From hedge66

  2. WOW THATS GROSS -graypawdeputy


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