Sunday, August 2, 2009

UnPlanned Vacation: Home at Last

A man shone his beam of flashlight on us. It was the man Teko took the money from.
"Uh...." Teko gasped. "Keep, the money, I know that you want to go home, So, I'm going to take you to the airport." He explained. "How?" Teko asked. "We are wanted." Neko chimed in. "Actually, not anymore, I cleared it with the police that I gave you the money and you didn't steal it." He added. "Thanks." We said in Synchronization.
Anyway, we got to the airport and got on a flight home. "How about we stick to the neighbour hood stuff from now on?" Neko asked. "UH, No way, I want to go to Florida next!" Teko relieved. "But, your right, thats enough adventure for a while."
Teko added.
"Mmmm, I want to go to a secret Samurai Temple!" Neko said. "That would be cool." Teko added.
"Next week. we'll go!" Teko said.
"Being a reporter, and an explorer you can never get enough adventure for a story!"
Finally, we saw the airport of Toronto.
Home at Last.
This is Neko and Teko reporting.
Home at last

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