Saturday, August 1, 2009

UnPlanned Vacation: China's Barriers

"Oh My goodness, It's the great wall of China!" Teko exclaimed. We looked out at the wall. Teko took the laptop out of her bag and turned on the Laptop! "Wow, the Great Wall of China is 8, 851.8 km long!" Neko read over Teko's Shoulder. Suddenly, A fiqure appeared in front of them. "Who are you?" He asked in a harsh voice. "Uh, We are Neko and Teko." We nervously said. "Neko and Teko?" He said? "You mean the ones who wrote about Wolverine's Abs?" He asked. We nodded. "Come." He called. We followed him. We got to this door, it was a dark brown wood color. The Man openned the door.
A bunch of these People were dancing around, "This is the secret club where we celebrate the barriers of China," He explained. "HUH?" We asked. "We celebrate all things of silliness." He added. "We need to be going." Teko grabbed Neko's hand and dashed. Till we were far away. "Look What I found, I know It's wrong but I took a couple of bucks from that man's wallet." Teko Said. "Just enough for a plane ride back to Canada." Teko added. "Just one problem Teko..." Neko said. "Look, Now we are wanted..." Neko added. As signs were being posted on poles and benches.
"Boy news travels fast." Teko added. "A police Car zoomed by. They ducked. "We can't go to the airport or we'll be caught!" Neko exclaimed.
The sun started setting. "We need to find Shelter, Looks like a storm is coming." Teko said. "You Know Teko, We have never really been on a real adventure like this." Neko pointed out.
"Ya, But we want to make it out alive don't we." Teko snapped back. Teko pulled out the laptop. "Let's record what we have done so far," Teko headed to our site.
"Come with me Ladies." A voice Boomed.
To be Continued...

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