Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where is Your Vote?

Adults these days. All they talk about is the economy and politics. So, lets talk about it here. As many of you know, Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party is now Prime Minister of Canada. There are a few different parties. The Liberals, Green Party, the NDPs, Bloc Quebecois, and the Conservatives. Every once in a while, adults over the age of 18 who are Canadian can vote in the election. WHY NOT KIDS? That question is asked frequently by those children who want to have an impact on who leads our country by leaving their opinion. They are not allowed though because the government says so. The government is not always right though. That's a reason why so many people in Canada have lost their jobs. Why the economy is in a bad shape. They can also make good choices. The reason why kids aren't aloud to vote is because imagine what they would do! All right, fudge umbrellas would be a very good decision, but we can go without fudge dripping in our hair every night!

Anyway, each party is good for someones needs and that is up to that person to decide what is right for them. Don't let things on TV influence your decision when the time comes. One more thing; use fudge umbrellas!

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