Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fire and Water?

Fire and Water are always mad at each other. Why? We are going to find out! So, we think Carl may have something to do with it? But, Probably not! So, anyway, this is what fire said about water:
"That little Water, I am going to kill him! He took my favorite teddy bear!" Fire blazed.

We also talked to water:
"Take his Teddy Bear , Why would I want rubbish like that? I am the victim here, he sent me a letter saying I looked Ugly!" Water said. "I can't see how he could write letters since he is fire?" He added.

"I know who wrote the letter!" Teko yelled!....
We brought fire and water to the same place and Teko explained it all.
"I know who stole your Teddy Bear and wrote that letter!" Teko explained.
"THE BLUE GUY!" She yelled. "Him and the Sandwich guy were in it together! They wanted you to get into a fight so they could make sandwiches without you knowing, I have no idea why they wanted to do that?" Teko said.
Case Closed.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from The Forest and the Lake?

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