Monday, August 24, 2009

Quest For the Golden Socks

Legend has it that if someone has the Pair of Golden Socks they will have the ability to wish for one wish!
Not much people go on quests so we decided to go on a journey with a couple of people who dared to try to find this pair of Golden Socks!
On the Quest were Three people, A wizard named Washy, a black smith named Paul, and a kid named Spare, We all rode horses, and Spare just played Spore the Whole time. There was 3 main areas we traveled in. Zelda Land, Pock Land, And Golden Socks Land , In Zelda land their was jumping Zeldas in Pock land there was Lots of Pockets, In Golden Socks Land, Their was the Golden Socks, Washy and Paul had done all the work, Spare was royalty so he had to come along. After trying to dodge tons of Pocket Monsters, The 3 Explorers finally saw the Golden Socks sitting on a stool. Spare jumped off the horse and put them on. "Wait, we did all the Work we should get to make the wish!" Paul called out! "I am royalty you obey me!" Spare defended. "Oh Boy! I wish my parents were here!" Spare Said. His Parents appeared. "There goes the wish!" Washy said. "Wait, Can't you just use your magic to get us what we want?" Paul asked. Washy looked at her wand. "Your right! Let's go to the Beach!" She waved her wand and POOF! We Were at the Beach, Of course we did not bring Spare along! So, we enjoyed the Rest of the day at the beach! The End!

In Truth, I saw all of that on TV! This is Neko and Teko reporting from the Big Screen Tv! POOF!

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