Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cheap People: Movie Night

How do Cheap People Have Video Game Nights and Movie Nights? We (Neko and Teko) Followed a Cheap Family called The Cheapokobas!
Here is how they do their Movie Nights:
Transportation: Walking so they don't have to spend money on gas!
Place: Future Shop in The TV Section, they set up these home theater sections!
With these couches!
How: They watch the Movie they are playing!
Snacks: Candy Bars from Cashier! (They steal them)
This is what it may look like!
They also bring Plastic Chairs! So, that's how cheap People have movie nights! Cheap People's Dance Party's are similar! Except in a Music Store, and Video Game nights are in a Video Game Store!
Now you know a bit more about Cheap people!
Oh ya Cheap People don't buy their own Copies of Cheap People Monthly!
They Steal them or find old issues at the Dump!

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