Friday, August 21, 2009

My Contact With The Contact Lenses

Have you ever heard about someone who has lots of contacts? Is it Contact Lenses,
or people? Well, Neko and Teko are going to find out what it really means!
So, we interviewed many people and using the logical information of the Sham Wow!
Turns out the Contacts are people who you have contact with that have Contact Lenses or Make Contact Lenses.
Contact Lenses also can be weird.
We decided to talk to Dr. Diet Coke Guy who knows all about Yoda and His Bikini and all about Contact Lenses.
He studies Diet Coke, Yoda`s Bikini , and contacts.
He is also the Politic guy of the Rhino Party! (they didn`t like his platform, (It was to make the world a better place and lower taxes) yep)
He said how he thought we were right!
So, now you know what a Contact is.
So, Contact lenses are like glasses But more lensey and contacting.
Maybe some people will wear contact lenses to back to Gulp!
The S word. They say it`s cool, but it does drool.
The word is....
I hate that word. Summer goes by so fast! I think Summer should be much longer.
So, Enjoy the rest of your summer.
This is Neko and Teko reporting from Our Contact`s house!
Ps. Do you have any Contacts
We do!

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