Friday, August 7, 2009

Chocolate Chip Warrior Monkeys

Chocolate Chip Warrior Monkeys live in the Valley of Really Bad Things. They are fierce beings made of chocolate chips. They are super fast and hard to get a picture of.
We decided to journey to the Valley Of really Bad Things to see if we could find any new stuff about them. This is what we learned.
Chocolate Chip Warrior Monkeys eat Coco and are The Prey of Chocoholics.
That's all we learned.
We watched as a Warrior Monkey was circling a coco bean plant. Crouching down ready for his Next Move. He Jumped on the coco bean plant but It was too late a net came down on him. There standing holding the Monkey by the Tail was The GASP!
Wolverine came on a screen which we had no idea where is came from and ate a chocolate bar.
The GASP! Is the Blue Guy's Cousin. All he does Is GASPS! *GASP* He got into a truck taking the Chocolate Chip Warrior Monkey away. "We have to follow him." Teko whispered. We ran stealthy into the rain forest following the tire tracks.
Soon we got to the *GASPS* base. The Base was a tent with a big neon sign on it saying.
THE GASPS BASE! We then rescued the monkey and returned him the the Valley of Really Bad Things! So, we didn't learn a lot.
And Guess what The *Gasps* Went to Jail and died and came a live again!
This Is Neko and Teko Reporting from the GASPS Base!

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