Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Curse Of the Mushy Mushroom

The Curse Of the Mushy Mushroom?
The Mushy Mushroom is a Mushy Mushroom? Right?
Well, we don't know so we are going to find out,
We spoke to Legends Expert: Dr. Legends Expert! He told us what the Curse of the Mushy Mushroom really was.
The Mushy Mushroom, grows on rotton trees, It is told through legend that if you mush it and the insides are liquid then you will have a good life ahead of you, if the insides are solid you'll be given a sandwich by the blue guy.

That's the Legend? That's It? A big Fuss for THAT?!?
"Oh, I though you wanted the legend not the curse!" He said. "I do not expert in curses so you'll have to go to Dr. Curse Curse." He suggested. So, we took a taxi to Dr. Curse Curse. "Hello!" He cursed. "We want to know about the Curse of the Mushy Mushroom!" We said.
He took a breath and began.
The Mushy Mushroom is Poisonous and if you eat it you'll die and have your insides eaten by the Blue Guy!
That's It? So, We were mad because we spent $20 on a taxi to just be lectered to not to eat a mushroom! Come on!
This is Neko and Teko reporting from Eating Pizza WITHOUT mushrooms!

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