Monday, August 3, 2009

How to Make A Fudge Umbrella

How to make a Fudge Umbrella?
I know I have a Picture Of Cake! I love Cake? Do you love Cake? Anyway, we are going to tell you how you can make your very own Fudge Umbrella!

You will need:
-A magic Ball
-A doll
-a green crayon

How to Make the Fudge Umbrella:
1. Take the Magic Ball
2. Put the Doll on it and tap it with the Green Crayon

Your Fudge Umbrella will be in China so Fly on over and enjoy!

History of the Fudge Umbrella:
-The Fudge Umbrella was invented by Neko.
-The Fudge Umbrella is what The Government spends their money on!
-We think Canada's Politics are easier than US's.
-Peanut Butter is weird

Fun Facts about Fudge Umbrellas:
-Fudge Umbrellas, think Dices are to controlling!
-We don't like cheese
-Please comment and vote
-Fudge Umbrellas are tasty

Hope you enjoyed are Instructions on How to Make a Fudge Umbrella!

Do you think we should write about Cheese?
This is Neko and Teko reporting from the.....
"Fudge Umbrella Club"


  1. hey nice idea neko got this idea from my fudge

  2. neko stop taking off teko's spore creature or she will take off your stuped chobots traker

  3. Dear Bob the Hacker,
    If Teko has a problem, she will tell me.
    So, far I am getting the impression that you are jealous of our site, Plus, Teko wouldn't send you to tell me what she has a problem with. She would e-mail me herself.
    Plus, Harry Potter has a big nose.

  4. Stop it you two!
    I like the chobots tracker!


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