Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dr Pep-Pick-Popper-Pickle-What?

Who is this Dr Pep-Pick-Popper-Pickle-What? Well, research shows that he is a scientist from the planet Jupiter. Born to live in the heat and gas of the planets surface, unlike many others he can live there.
But just why then is he sitting in your refrigerator at home, waiting to be drunk by a pair of thirsty lips? Why, when he can be doing experiments on humans instead of humans doing experiments on him? It's all because of CARL. The talk show lady's boyfriend who she talks about. Come on! Do we really care if Carl went to work or not? The truth is, she says he doesn't work because he really illegally goes back and forth from Jupiter, stealing Dr Pep-Pick-Popper-Pickle-What's friends and family. And they don't fight back because they know it is their duty. So, next time your think of drinking DR PEPPER, just remember their favour towards you. And drink Diet Dr Pepper instead. This is Neko and Teko reporting from the fridge.

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