Thursday, August 6, 2009

Super Cool Things You Probably Didn't Know

We picked up some cool facts that we got from the National Geographic Almanac 2010!

Here are some of the Facts we learned:

-Killer Whales are a type of Dolphin

-You smell better through your right nostril than your left

-You yawn to cool down your brain cells

-The Sand Cat is the Wild version of the Domestic Cat (They used to Sandcat to breed to get domestic Cats)

-The Word Nerd first came from a Dr. Suess Book

-Some cars can Run on used French Fry oil

-Theodore Roosevelt had more than 40 pets in the white house including
12 horses, 5 guinea pigs 5 bears a zebra and a lion!

-Abraham Lincoln was the Tallest US president and a little girl convinced him to grow a beard.

We hoped you enjoyed these cool facts!
This Is Neko and Teko signing out!

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